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This truck has side curtain air bags. Do I have to disable the side curtain air bags to R&R the headliner? How do I remove this headliner without damaging, setting off the side curtain bags?
wiper transmission came apart while using wipers .told manufacture no longer in business. gmc uses another brand and have to replace all of it . dealer wants $675.00 which seems insane
driver side assembly came apart while using .Told company whom made the parts no longer in business and they changed the design with the new aftermarket replacement. dealer wants $675 to replace the hole works
This vehicle has a 6 liter engine & 4 spd. auto trans., has 164,000 mi. on it. I purchased it with 75,000 from a dealer. Since that time I have had to replace the flywheel 3 times and it needs it again. The last time ...
van will crank, run on ether, no power to fuel pump relay coil circuit,security light not flashing, fuel pump works
what should the fuel pressure and flow be? The vehicle runs and idles but has no power. Does drive but hard to accelerate or maintain speed. Codes are p0101 (air flow) and p0300 (misfire) I have replaced the MAF hopin...
While I'm driving so often the entire van shakes, like clutch is not engaging correctly.or the flywheel is unbalance. Any advice?
put in NEW starter. let idle, started shrieking again. didnt blow any fuses this time. (old starter stunk, wiped out.) pulled alt. no "bad" smell / feel / sound. no restart after driving 2 miles. sounds like starte...
At first it would come on here and there but it no longer comes on now but the fan that runs the heat to rear passenger seats work fine
I've replaced a lot of the electronics and I was told its the body control module
is out. When engine is warm the light goes on and the transm goes from low to high gear. car will not go over 35mph when light is out
The 5.7l threw a rod on the freeway. It's history.
I've checked all fuses relating to both the lighter and the hazardous lights under the hood and under the seat and all are good. There are no other lights, warnings etc. coming on. I am at a loss, what else should I b...
When i am driving my diesel gmc savana, it does push the gas looks like i am pushing the gas but not me. When i am on neutral position it does shake also sometimes iy feel like engine will stop.
checked fuel pressure...power to the coil/icm/cam sensor/switch the crank sensor with a working spark from the coil.any help...looking in to changing the computer
Gages come on when water temp goes to 260