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When I put fluid in it runs out the bottom. not sure it its reservoir or attachment. how do i access to determine?
After I shut it off and wait a couple of minutes, I can restart it and use it the rest of the day. Turn it off, restart and drive for hours with no more trouble.
The gauge for oil pressure shows the usual 40 but the light with the wrench next to it stays on for 20-53 seconds after starting the vehicle then it goes off. Is it urgent to get this checked or can I wait a few days?...
I replaced fuel pump fuel injectors distributor & major tune up& map sensor i noticed air intake hose was missing u can hear the vacuum sound i replace the hose in my van it ran for a cpl hrs & wouldnt start back up i...
Battery won't start van when turn ignition on
All the paint just flakes off on the entire vehicle causing rust. Ain't cool at all.and this is on all the gmc savana and Chevy express. It looks like the manufacture forgot the paint hardener.
like a roar but it drives in 2nd gear fine
If you push or pull the turn signal handle the lights will come on for a sec. if the handle is pulled towards you the lights stay on. how may i fix this issue? PLEASE! When i have my 79 year old Mother in the van IT G...
it seems like the hose that is on the bottom goes straight to the water pump not the thermastat
i have van GMC Savana 1500 8 cylinders with shaking wen its getting hot,i used diagnostic computer, it give me gasket intec i replaced it and still have the same problem,i nee to know where the oil switch is valve is...
I have adjusted the steering gear box (remanufactured)as much as possible with no effect.
the engine tries to start,really almost dies,jerks, and tries to start again,but won,t. temp gauge started jumping like crazy a few days before.
Changed fuel pump fuel filter an crankshaft sensor drives great forward but I put it in reverse an dies an also when I turn it dies what else can it be
It starts sometimes but not at others. Battery good lights on but just decides to go dead every now and again. What can I do to figure this out and trouble shoot. Cannot safely take it anywhere with the kids and tur...
The heat works fine and the blower blows in the Pro Air system. It seems that something is not telling the ac to come on in the system.