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I have replace the control module so that the ABS light is not on all the time but when I hit the brakes hard the brakes can grab or at high speed lock up in the back brakes - changing the electronic control module didn't make a difference except no light on now.

How do u change r adjust rear brakes on a 1997 gmc saffari van

Here rescently when i had the main fuse loom bypassed the repair shop used about 3 sealed fuse links by the battery where the fuse box comes out from the firewall and ! of them had gotten corroded from being next to the battery . So i replaced with a flip top fuseable link wire rated up to 30A using a 30A fuse in it , But every once in awhile it wont start not even dashboard lights come on at all everything is totally dead so i will have to change fuses out with another one thing is the fuse dont blow out. Im wondering is the 30A im using the reason its doing this? Cause i dont know what the other 3 wires that i mentioned even have fuses in them or what. What could the major problem be causing this ?

She dosent turn all the way

What is needed for me to begin driving the van again. I know charging the battery, putting gasoline in and air in tires. However do I have to change any fluids or anything else am I missing? Thank you.
It has over 200k miles but runs great.

2003 GMC Safari

is stuck in all wheel drive and I need to replace it. What is the name of the part.

What could be wrong with my 2000 GMC Safari Minivan,2 WD? It has a PO175 code and a PO300 code from time to time. I have replaced a lot of things, but it still runs poor cold, better warmed up. Will drive down the road 80mph + but sputters, spits and bucks like a wild mule from 0-40 mph.

Tuned up engine then P0420 code

Cost to repair back door handle

Service engine light is not on?

My key is stuck in my ignition and I can turn it of so my car stays on and I can not turn it off. It won't go down and it's stuck period please help!!

I have a gmc safari check engine light is on. I can get through 1st and 2nd gear no problem but it get stuck in 3rd so please any help

Since this is a common problem has anyone fabricated or made available a handle that is stronger?

started out of the blue and is loping more than not???

When I turn the key to start, the engine races so fast that I have to turn off the key to keep the engine from blowing up. Immediately leading up to this condition driving home, I noticed the car continued to accelerate when I applied the breaks, and I punched the accelerator pedal to try to "un-stick" it. It worked twice, but now there is no control with the pedal. It's as if there is no pedal, just open throttle. Could it possibly a broken throttle cable (if there is such a thing)?

The Dome lights work but the Digital Display is out..what (if any)
fuse would this mention of fuse for this in Owners manual!

Turn the key and there is always lights, dome light, radio and heater...but there is absolutely no sound from the engine. Can go back several hours later and it might start. Have changed the distributor and coil. Wonder if it might be contacted to the security.

I have the same problem as everyone else with a '02 Safari van. Door locks clicking all the time. Pass anger window won't go down and the air goes off when accelerating. Anyone ever solve these problums?