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I have already changed wheel bearings,master cylinder,calipers,and I also changed brakes hoses 2 years ago! Any ideas please
gas is leaking through the fuel lines,lines are coroted
treaded ? Book says hold pump pulley then remove ,but how? thanks for HELP!!!
i was told that i could access it thru the glove box after cutting out the rear, i dont want to take the intire dash off, this is a sle model if it makes a difference
Fuse is good. Bulbs are good. Contacts are in good shape.
My plastic reservoir is full, when I drive for 10 min I get the eng light on.. Is it the water pump or radiator that needs replacing.. Also I have to put anifreeze in every week
The receiver/dryer is cold. Compressor working. But blowing hot air in vehicle. need to know how to determine why air not cold. Took off glove box and lower dash. All diaphrams that I can see are working, change ...
It will only blow on low.
we have replaced shocks,absorbers, balljoints and sway arm linkage. But it continues to do it.
1997 GMC Jimmy 4.3 V-6, all plugs,wires and coil have been replaced. after replacing 2 coils it stills acts up. if it cools it will start up run for a few minutes and it shuts off. Any suggestions besides blowing it ...
Replacement part BWD esc104. generates error 43 when it fails. manages the spark advance. Mine is jumping all over the place and set error code 43 and then turns on the service engine light. replaced cap/rotor/plu...
do I try to reach it under the dash or from another entry point
I replaced the plugs/wires/ cap/rotor. still after that same issue, firing orde is correct checked 2x. Turns over and nothing,,,i know you shouldn't use quick start but even then nothing...spark from coil nd at#1...bu...
I recently had body work done on it.
i have a trailer brake module on this it seems to be hissing by this module, brake pedal goes down slow, then after hissing stops, brakes work fine.
Hey guys, i just replaced my clutch, slave, and had my flywheel turned. Bolted everything back up and jimmy drives like brand new, however i just got a check engine light and went up to autozone to have it checked and...
replaced fuel pump, pump relay, intake manifold tuning valve relay, fuel filter, cranks over tries to fire sputters and dies. Cranks and cranks. Turn key off and on a few times and tries to fire again. Pump comes on f...
it does sound like metal hitting on metal when you accelerate. otherwise drives fine . no leaks or smoke . thanks.
bulbs replaced light still does not come on
Is this an easy fix or does it require special tools?
I did replace the tie rod ends but does not seem to help
the gear lever seems broken...replaced that on the steering column, but it still won't get out of park.
As previously stated,recently purchased,less than 50k mileage-about 2 weeks ago it doesn't want to go into reverse at all.I'm using the "bump and roll" technique whenever I can or just avoiding circumstances where I'd...
Brakes have been acting strange lately.Yesterday went completely out.Warning light came on.Recently purchased w/less than 50k miles.Unsure of how to check fluids (no manual).Tried googling w/too many results on everyt...
Is there away to turn 4x4 off! Pushing the buttons isn't working !?!?!?!?