I replaced oxygen sensor, and fuel filter which were the only codes showing but no change can anyone tell me what to check next????? it happens when i try to accelerate or pull a hill. it sounds like fuel pump but dont want to replace unless necessary.

It seems to be flooded. Will start after giving it gas and trying multiple times.

so I bought a new battery for it and when I turn the ignition switch to turn the vehicle on it doesn't want to start the battery voltage is good a little pressure is good but the vehicle itself will not turn over

The overhead console used to show the gas mileage & temp,etc,
no longer displays anything.
The garage door open funation still works and shows red when the appropriate button is pushed.
I would appreciate any assistance.

Changed fuel filter, fuel pump, camshaft position sensor,spark plugs, wires, distributer cap, new battery. I have fuel in tank, spark but still won't start and my door locks continuously click on and off. Please help me someone.

There is no smoke out of the exhaust.

have replace all ball joints top and bottom control arm pitman basically a whole front end even adjusted the steering gear box which has no leaks and both wheel hum assemblies and new shocks if anyone has an answer please reply.

When i turn the knob to the off position on the A/C it wilnot stop blowing no matter what

Also, a lifter starts to knock. What could be the problem? This happens everyime it is driven.

Randomly will not upshift and revs high. will max out around 80 kph and rpms at 4000. No real pattern or logic to it. As well when accelerating at times it will bog out. Almost feels like its not getting enough fuel or flooding. Happens at both high and low speeds randomly. Again no pattern leading up to the problem.

am getting fluid at wheels but no brake action. abs unit has been bypassed but still no brake pedal. should not such a bypass produce standard power brake systeme

I know that it's possibly a fan or radiator but before I panic just wondering if low coolant can cause overheating while idling. Sorry if it seems silly question, just have very general knowledge of cars here

works better after it warms up;what do I need to do to make it work better?

When the normal daytime running lights are on, the radio LED lights are on, but when the automatic headlights turn on, the radio LED's turn off, the dashboard lights stay off, and the tail lights don't turn on. When the manual headlight switch is turned on, everything else turns on, as it should. Is there a separate switch for the auto headlights that may have failed?

I was going to repair the seat belt myself, but the retractor is locked and I do not know how to unlock it.

Took off again to see if was seated properly and it was.There is no cracks on intake or engine block,used proper gasket and sealent. What could it be?