My car was knocking so i found a rocker arm loose on cylinder 6. The nut was tight to spec, i tried tightening to and did not change anything. I put a washer between rocker ball and rocker nut and tighten to and it worked, i could still move rocker arm from side to side slightly. Now it runs really rough and gives me code P0306. What should i check for. Thank You for ur time.

the tail gate window open,the tail gate door won't open went i push botton on the door.please help.

Weather related? Began after an intense, Ohio Spring downfall. It hasn't rained in a few days and it is still running rough.

transfer case has been replaced since then,all u joints good too

I was driving down the highway and was about to get off an exit when the steering wheel got hard to turn, the ABS light went off and the low fuel light went off as well. i just filled up my car an hour before this. I put it in park and it turns off. I tried starting it up. It'll try but won't turn over. Tried putting in more oil since that was low and that didn't work. Any ideas?

There are two line's is one a return and only leaks while running

I bought this with no rear brakes,after checking things out I replaced the master cylinder,(I bench bleed the new one)now I have no pressure in either the front or rear lines.Can't bleed the system,any suggesstions what could be wrong?

i have the dash out i cant find all the bolts to take the heater core black box out off of the firewall so i can change the heater core

i recently changed the fuel filter in my 1997 gmc jimmy and now the fuel leaks out of the quick connect fitting there
supposed to be o-rings inside the fitting?what would cause this to happen

i just replaced my fuel pump 10 months ago.

Could it be stuck in 4 wheel

Had to cut the tabs on firewall. Now, after installing new heater core, I cannot get the bolts to line back up and thread in correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to re-align to install box back in front of new heater core?

I do not know what controls the vacuum for the actuator to pull the cable. Has a new actuator so that is not the problem. The transfer case engages the front driveshaft so all that is left is that front deferential not getting locked in. I cant find any vacuum leaks either.

I just got this '99 Jimmy and am not familiar with it. However, the 4WD buttons push in and light up ok. It's just the it doesn't go into 4WD.

The light comes on when flipping the switch but the window does not heat up. Not sure where to start looking for the issue. Does this work through a fuse?

I've replaced cap and sprayed lab on cap+wires+plugs and problem still there. Truck is in shop now and there telling me it's my timing chain and gas is going into the oil. They said to fix problem it will cost $1900...ughh does the sound right?

When at a stoplight

When it is running, it idles rough. Any suggestions?

Service engine soon light is on. Car starts fine and I can reverse. Once I go to avcelerate, the Jimmy crawls. It'll crawl at 10, 20 mph and slowly kick into gear. It "bucks" when it kicks into gear, like it's running out of gas. There is a loud knocking sound and a "swooshing" sound, like water. The odometer won't go above 3 rpm. Once it kicks into gear, the car drives fine. This happens when I first start the car and start driving. I have no shifting problems once it kicks into gear 2000 Jimmy, 193,000 miles on it. Could it need tranny fluid?