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my power locks do not work as for my power seat does not either.but everything else is fine.cannot open the doors with the power switch on the inside anyone no why.
Go back to normal after few minutes.
i am not sure if it is a fuse or the motor because we have had trouble with the driver side not working before but not the passanger sid if it is a fuse do i need to replace it and where is this fuse box located
YesterdY the car was running, when I went to put it in drive it wouldn't shift ,I turned it off for a minute, then it also wouldn't restart. Or shift at all
this just started and doesnt do it all the time, wondering if it is the rear end going out or could possibly be something else?
Do you check the transmission fluid hot or cold?
I do not here fuel pump and throttle positioning valve makes noise and 15 pounds while trying to start
How do I take a part the rear axles just to replace the seals? By dismantling the wheel, or through the differential? With some detail please. Thanks in advance!
I thought it was the relay, I've never heard of both bulbs going at once. Ground is fine. The guy at the part store said bulbs, but they are fine? Thanks, DJ
the door to the drivers side got stuck icoun't open the door after the door was repaired the anti theft system kicked in and shut douwn the computer. i cant start my car
Last year I replaced front and back brakes. The next week I hear the ABS motor when braking going around turn. The shop checked out the brakes and said that noise was normal. I took it to a different show and they re...
Had trans rebuilt a year ago, now having trouble pressing in button on shift to shift out of park when cold. Some noise from front end started around same time. When checking, I also starting hearing some noise from ...
it seems that the door won't open to let the heat into the vehicle. I put new control in but I think it is a vac. problem. How do you check if you are getting vacume.
Having a few problems that started and need advice! What to deal with first & where to go? 1. For about a week or 2, I can't shift out of park for a minute or 2 when it's cold & has sat for a few hours, then it's fi...
just trying to figure out what might fix the problem? is it a big job ? expensive ?
I use Mitchell 1 DIY service and no where in the manual and procedures on line does it refer to this sensor. Especially not in the Electric Component location tables. Is it the same thing as one of the O2 sensors? ...
how can i fix that with out costing both arms and legs
it's a 1987 GMC Jimmy. The fuel pump has been replaced 3 times w/i the past 4 months. Checked fuel lines. Replaced fuel filter, also.Could it be a short somewhere?
After jumped & vehicle runs for about 15 minutes & is charging at 13.5 volts, it will start the rest of the day but when vehicle sits all night, have to jump start again. Help!
I am unable to turn my air conditioner on after noticing that I also have no second gear in my automatic transmission
when it runs ok you hear the a/c compressor kicking on and off
How much would the new or used transmission front pump be for the GMC 2000 Jimmy SLS 4.3l and where could I purchase one?
stop cooling come on but keep stopping
and my gauges will go up and down. when i lose power i can have the gas pedal floored and it still loses power. I have replaced all my o2 sensors, distributor cap and rotor, ignition control module, ignition coil, idl...
replacement of bearrings on the ring and pinion gear.
The smoke comes from where the air conditioner buttons are, and the smell is like burning rubber. the small heater was replaced about a year ago and i didn't have any problems for a year, now i can't touch the air but...
It maybe the air trap control or it maybe wiring had major body work done 6 months ago it worked fine and heater stopped working when radiator was fixed way before the body work was done like a year before the heater ...
just had my 2 front tires replaced and had it aligned