Regulator for right front window

I started the SUV and all gauges quit working.The battery light and airbag light are also lit.They were all fine before.I checked all fuses and they are fine.Am'I looking at possibly The body control module or else.Need help!!

it started with me noticing the air was not very cool so i bought a recharge kit and rechargded it and noticed my compressor was not cycling so i replaced the switch and had no effect on cycling. is there something else i can check

you can turn the switch but the a/c only blows from the bottom

After running for about an hour the vehicle turns off I attempt to restart it but it does not start until about a half an hour later after it cools down a bit the check engine light came on I took it to the mechanic they checked everything that can possibly find I change the throttle body and that turned out not to be the problem I have spent an arm and a leg trying to solve this problem I keep getting different answers from different mechanics I was told it's probably the computer which I picked up a used one from the junk yard and replaced and the problem still occurred

My vehicle was parked after a brief trip, and all of a sudden the entire car was full of smoke. The entire wiring harness shorted and melted the insulation on the wiring without ANY of the fuses being "blown". The wiring is "fried" all the way from under the hood, through the firewall, under (inside) the dashboard, and continued to the fuse block under the rear seat (driver's side). Are there any recalls for this type of incident, or has anyone else experienced this ? Please note that I'm not a mechanic and my vehicle is now "torn apart" at the shop. Any help would be sincerely appreciated !!!

This just started, but have been having issues where the Radio does not shut off after I exit the car. Also, the inside lights are not coming on when the doors are opened.

Replaced the sensor and still won't shift out of second gear. Fluid looks great no Burt smell or anything any other suggestions on what to try?

I had the fan clutch replaced because it sounded like a jet engine all the time. Now that it has been replaced it still sounds like a jet engine when you first start it after it has been sitting -- like overnight or all day at work. It only lasts for about a minute then goes back to normal. Is this something to worry about? Did I get a bad fan clutch?

The blower is erratic and sometimes doesn't shut off I think its the blowerrelay. Any ideas

trying to get a picture of this motor were the oil pump is and how to take it off

Truck off whenever you turn. Also dims the front drivers headlight till truck shuts off. Of you pull either fuse for turn signal. It stays running like a champ. Any ideas would be helpful. New to this site

the temperature gauge shows 260 degrees but engine is not hot, AC starts out cool then goes hot, exterior temp will say it is 50 when it is 90, the mirrors work sometimes, loud roaring like a big truck or a plane taking off (mechanic says that is fan clutch). Took vehicle to parts store and had diagnostics done. Showed several codes and the employee said it probably needed to be upgraded computer. How much to have it reprogrammed? Is this a recall?

Blower only works when I don't need it :/ Doesn't always kick on. Checked relay. Don't know what else to check.

Electrical? Also wiggled connection to no avail. Might be having electrical a/c problems too.

What will happen if I do not get fan clutch replaced? How does it effect my Envoy other than being having a loud engine? Am I safe to drive it as is? Does that have anything to do with the AC blowing hot air? Trying to research as much as I can. My husband is a disabled Veteran and this is the vehicle that is equipped for his disabilities. Any advice appreciated

engine decellerated suddenly e driving. the harder i stepped on gas the higher engine revs and no pickup. had to stop turn off engine wait a few minutes and start up. went into drive for a ew miles and then the same decelleration. when idle engine runs smoothe but won't pick up on acelleration. what can i do? fear is transmission failing.

I had the front differential repaired. Ever since then my Envoy sounds like the transmission is not right. When I first start out it sounds like it is straining and it changes gears differently. Oh, the shop also replaced the front axle at the same time as the differential. Is there a way I could check the transmission fluid and if it is not low, what should I do next? I cannot afford another 600 dollars this month.

When stuck in traffic and not moving with temps in the 90's, the engine over heats because the electro-viscus clutch will not spool up even with the engine revved up. This clutch has been replaced twice by an independent shop. The last clutch had the same part number as the GM oem part. I have no problem in ordinary city traffic; only when stuck on the interstate for 20 minutes or longer. Is there a kit available that replaces this clutch with a thermostically controlled electric fan? Is there any other solution to the problem? I was told be one tech that I will have to buy a replacement clutch from a GM dealer at a cost of $700 or$800.

some time it will and sometime it will not