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I have checked fuses and the lines to front windshield i blow thru line both ways there was a little black piece plastic which I couldn't blow thru I blow into tank and I got air to go so line is clear so. What do I d...
The vehicle was starting before the battery change. Temperature outside was about 15 degrees. I did get a jump before driving it. When I cut it off after reaching my destination, it would not restart. I call road se...
I have manual dual control and I did replace the sensor but it still says OC on my rear view mirror
Keyless remote worked, stop opened gate and it would not open or close after this,, interior lights stayed on,remote worked on doors only. Looked up on line how to manually open rear gate, did this and it opens and cl...
had a tune up and oil change but the check engine light is still on what else can I do. I had it all done about 3 weeks ago
It's a very faint knocking noise, sounds like it's coming from rear passenger wheel well.
it works as should at 70mph but not at 75.
The indicator light shows the shift, but it remains in 2wheel drive. What should I do to correct it?
Changed fuel pump relay switch had wiring & crankshaft repaired by GMC DEALER it work for three weeks now it want start
What could be the problem? And, approximately how much to fix?
How do we fix it. All other windows work fine. We push it up by hand n stays till we start driving again
It is the entire ceiling that opens so the SUV can be used as a truck. Could this be a fuse?
is it a fuse that could be out.
At first I thought I had a motor mount gone, causing the fan blade to hit the fan shroud as the engine lifted up from a bad motor mount. The noise was very similar, and was coming from the same location, but I narrow...
The oil pressure guage is pegged at 80, even with the engine off. Is this just a sensor issue, or something else?
warning lights are coming on for stabilitrac system. we have observed it happnes mostly whenever we get the car washed or when it rains.
My car leaks when it rains if it is on level ground. If I park uphill it doesn't leak. Water comes through the onstar buttons or the driver visor screw.
Mistakenly told it was rack & pinion. luckily transmission fluid almost ran out before the repair date. So the leak was trans fluid not steering fluid as diagnosed. What line is leaking?