When I go to flip the seat over, the latch doesn't work

Gmc envoy 2006
Light , Windows, locks , and radio not working but it's drives great.

I replaced gas cap wit a new one. Also, the gas cap indicator will go off and the check engine light comes on. Eventually, one or the other indicator lights will come back on. Sometimes, I go days without any indicator lights on.
Any help?

My envoy hasnt had 4 wheel drive for about 7 months i replaced the 4 wheel drive axle housing disconnect and axles everything works fine but today we had some snow i put it in auto and on take off it started to wobble till about 25mph then quit could this be a frozen u joint because it hasnt been used it doesnt do it in 2 wheel drive.Thanks

I started the truck turned it off now it won't start. It sounds like it's kind of cranking over but will not start not sure of the engine size. What could the problem be?

The battery goes dead if I do not remember to check all electrical items such as radio, fan knob, etc. when exiting my car. These used to turn off automatically. what is wrong?

my car has a service engine light on and i get the code p0780. how do i know what it is.

To release,so it go in drive or any other gear

I do have a overhead DVD player. How can I troubleshoot? Are there known problems.

I have an 03 Envoy the check 4wd light comes on when in awd. If I go back to 2wd, and restart the vehicle the light goes off. But back on again it awd or 4wd is used. The drive system seems to be working fine.

Vechicle front end while driving ride's rough. It's like front suspension gone.

volt meter runs at 14 when running the engine, had charging system checked, alternator ok, did notice that when this happens the rpms. is also moving up and down. When the rpms are at normal everything is ok, when rpms drop down so due the dash lights and volt meter. Any ideas?

After the parts are tested and ran a full diagnostics on, the mechanic clears the codes and after driving 95 miles the check engine comes back on and I go back to get the codes and it throws the same codes. I'm not able to pass the emissions test to drive my car. What can I do to resolve this issue.

Was driving and gas petal stopped working you could hear it being pushed but wouldn't go