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My 2003 gmc envoy has 220,000 miles on it and hasn't had any major problems runs great and still has original breaks but the Number 5 on the AC doesn't work.

It only leaks when it's raining real hard the fabric never gets wet an it also leaks from the speaker box where the garage an sun roof button is! Battery also goes dead randomly when nothing is left on

There are 4 round air vents on the dash that blow air on the driver and passenger. I installed a new battery and now they don't work. All the other positions on the switch work but it seams that some actuator inside is not functioning to open the vents. What happened and what needs to be done to repair this function.

is there a fuse

The CD will not eject.

doors will lock and unlock going down highway. what is going on?

Turn switch to lower speed abs and brake light come on.can you help

Engine cuts off only if I turn on my a/c. Voltage gauge on dashboard fluctuates. A/C does blow out cold air. When air is not on voltage gauge stays at 14 like always. I can run radio, heat, etc. and everything is fine. Battery is brand new, just a few months old.

If I mess with the vpedal they might release

Replace fuse two times cluster fuse

Can use the manual release button to shift out of park but pressing the brake doesn't release the shifter.

I was at a gas station and my truck died with no prior warning. Had tried to jump it off with no results. Had it towed and new battery put in. $124 batterty. Now It wants to stalll out at light with air on and lunges just before it comes to a cimplete stop. Help!?!

I changed my water pump 4 days ago and my girlfriend drove about 400 miles yesterday now the blower motor won't shut off even when the keys are out of ignition and when idling if A\C is on it acts like it going to die bogs down real bad

trying to replace starter but can get old starter out

slight noise going around a curve

Same problem as many - there had to be an easy answer

Air bag suspension going bad. What would it cost?

the positive lead to the resistor block stays hot unless I pull the fuse

i replaced the heat/air acurator and climate control after heater/air was blowing only at my feet. Now that i have replaced these, it's blowing hot air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side. What's the problem?

Sluggish in drive shift down into 3rd n g goes but won't shift