The battery goes dead if I do not remember to check all electrical items such as radio, fan knob, etc. when exiting my car. These used to turn off automatically. what is wrong?

my car has a service engine light on and i get the code p0780. how do i know what it is.

To release,so it go in drive or any other gear

I do have a overhead DVD player. How can I troubleshoot? Are there known problems.

I have an 03 Envoy the check 4wd light comes on when in awd. If I go back to 2wd, and restart the vehicle the light goes off. But back on again it awd or 4wd is used. The drive system seems to be working fine.

Vechicle front end while driving ride's rough. It's like front suspension gone.

volt meter runs at 14 when running the engine, had charging system checked, alternator ok, did notice that when this happens the rpms. is also moving up and down. When the rpms are at normal everything is ok, when rpms drop down so due the dash lights and volt meter. Any ideas?

After the parts are tested and ran a full diagnostics on, the mechanic clears the codes and after driving 95 miles the check engine comes back on and I go back to get the codes and it throws the same codes. I'm not able to pass the emissions test to drive my car. What can I do to resolve this issue.

Was driving and gas petal stopped working you could hear it being pushed but wouldn't go

Four wheel drive just not engaging

Started months ago,every once in awhile now all the time .

This sound started months ago, was occasionally, now is constantly whether driving or parked.

Started a few months ago, just occasionally now is constantly. It does it when I'm driving or parked. Usually twice and seconds later again and again, now it is doing it even more often.

replaced spark coil packs,(and plugs) map sensor,cam and crank sensors, cleaned intake,replaced intake gaskets(all), no codes other than p0300(random misfire), cleaned and replaced battery terminals(corroded). When cold started p0128(thermostat temp).Cleared codes and driven 200 miles. p0300(ramdom misfire)when cold started and always with service engine soon light steady, multiple misfires at idle and shows no codes. idle up to 2500 in park, with only slight misses. runs strong on road with slight miss when pulling away from light. Clear codes and runs good for 200 miles and then same symptoms.

im trying to figer out what is rong some tell me a bad grownd
ive checked all fues and all is good but doint understant why the tail lighs dome lights air and windo and the radio wouint worke they just stoped working going down the road if any on can
thanks and sorry about the spelling

Driver back heat works but not seat part. Same for passenger side.
Is there a do it yourself repair or replacement?