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My right blinker works sporadically and the bulbs and fuses are ok. What could be up?
The outside temp has to be in the 20s before my heater will come on, and the defrost. I let my car warm up a half hour before driving it in winter
changed battery, light still on gauges dont work anymore car dont start anymore
More often than not, when I use my Right blinker, it will click like I turned it on, but it is either completely solid (no blinking) or it is not on at all. Other occasions, it works normally without incident. What ca...
It happens when I go forward or backwards feels like the tire is sticking abs and ebrake lite came on once only for short time
It's been taken to 3 gm dealers and each time they do something they say they have fixed it. This last time the dealership said they could not duplicate the problem so I should bring it back when it does it again, th...
I replaced the water pump, it wasn't leaking at the weep hole but put on a new one since I was in there. Refilled with antifreeze. It stared back leaking. I used a mirror and it seems to be on the cover itself I am gu...
I had the alternator replaced, and is doing the same, i hear a whine in the radio when i have it turned on. the alternator is a rebuilt. The mechanic told me it could be burning out alternator's.
Even when truck is turned off the blower is running at the top speed. I have removed the fuse to save battery.
some small leaking for months - then just like that no power steering
I have taken the vehicle to 2 repair shops. When they look at the code it calls out "small leak" code. Replaced gas cap and this solved it for a few days. Reset light again and it returned in a few days. Also got "...