Replace fuse two times cluster fuse

Can use the manual release button to shift out of park but pressing the brake doesn't release the shifter.

I was at a gas station and my truck died with no prior warning. Had tried to jump it off with no results. Had it towed and new battery put in. $124 batterty. Now It wants to stalll out at light with air on and lunges just before it comes to a cimplete stop. Help!?!

I changed my water pump 4 days ago and my girlfriend drove about 400 miles yesterday now the blower motor won't shut off even when the keys are out of ignition and when idling if A\C is on it acts like it going to die bogs down real bad

trying to replace starter but can get old starter out

slight noise going around a curve

Same problem as many - there had to be an easy answer

Air bag suspension going bad. What would it cost?

the positive lead to the resistor block stays hot unless I pull the fuse

i replaced the heat/air acurator and climate control after heater/air was blowing only at my feet. Now that i have replaced these, it's blowing hot air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side. What's the problem?

Sluggish in drive shift down into 3rd n g goes but won't shift


When I go to flip the seat over, the latch doesn't work

Gmc envoy 2006
Light , Windows, locks , and radio not working but it's drives great.

I replaced gas cap wit a new one. Also, the gas cap indicator will go off and the check engine light comes on. Eventually, one or the other indicator lights will come back on. Sometimes, I go days without any indicator lights on.
Any help?

My envoy hasnt had 4 wheel drive for about 7 months i replaced the 4 wheel drive axle housing disconnect and axles everything works fine but today we had some snow i put it in auto and on take off it started to wobble till about 25mph then quit could this be a frozen u joint because it hasnt been used it doesnt do it in 2 wheel drive.Thanks

I started the truck turned it off now it won't start. It sounds like it's kind of cranking over but will not start not sure of the engine size. What could the problem be?