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Did I do something wrong or is that I need to start it up to get the hydraulic fluid flowing

Hestation rough idle for 5 to 10 seconds. Eventally check engine says o2 are reporting a Lean condition. Replaced pump and regulater. Smoked the intake with no leaks found fuel pressure at idle is 52lbs. Swapped out a maf sensed from junkyard still same thing. Replaced both up stream 02's still no change. Driving me crazy. Lol

Truck failed emission test at the smog. I replaced the rotor cap, spark plugs ect. But still has a problem. Put a new Egr in. Nothing changed. Truck has a crack before the o2 sensor, timing is off by 10 points. Was wondering why im still having a problem trying to pass smog. The smog people told me that my car is burning "Rich".

I know that the tensioner only goes in one way

Is there something I have to replace to make the belt fit

on the fuel tank gauge not reading right.

got stuck in snow 1-31-17
lotta spinning to get out.
2-1-17 took off from red light, normal acceleration, noticed
hesitation in drive line "lash" and
heard a clunk, return to normal
operation, no further problem

Truck shook a little and died and now turns over and tries to start but won't! Fuel pump? Has 120000 miles on it! Worked perfect all day! First time in 5 years it wouldn't start! 2012 model. 5 cylinder

I parked it shutt it off then ten min went to start but all it dif was click like the battery is dead so charged battery complete nothing same click cluck. I went a grabbed a heavy duty with charge also same click it's very important cause I live way out I need it bad for daughters.. Would it b thestarter by chancey

if actuator is suspect ...where is it

All 4 electronic door locks quit working one day after I got a jump start though the rear hatch still works and the fuse is good (neither the actual switches nor the remote will lock/unlock any of the doors. almost seems as if their not getting power (though when i remove/re-insert the fuse the doors automatically lock)

This has only happened twice. It seems to only happen when I hit speed bumps. After I go over one, I'm not able to steer not accelerate. No engine lights come on or anything. I try to put it in park then back in drive but nothing happens. I have to turn the ignition off to drive normal again.

Both heater cores in a 99 gmc savana van wear are they located

Runs like a champ but intermittently runs rough, stalls. Code initially said multiple misfires. New Dist, cap,rotor,cam,crank. Same results...

I turn it off, try again, it may take 2 or 3 times then it will start normal. It sounds like the starter is cranking, but it either doesn't start, or it starts, runs rough for a second, then it runs fine

The old one rumbled for awhile. Then started to make a high pitch noise. Eventually stopped working at all. I put a new blower fan in. There's power to the unit but still doesn't work!

Replaced the starter in my truck after it wouldn't start, but now the transmission is not shifting properly. When I started the truck, it was automatically in reverse, but not sure if shifter was in park or neutral. Gears appear to be off by one position?

Is this a recall fix 16v502000?

Heard a small bang or crack when putting truck in reverse and then reverse was gone and now 1st gear takes too long and uses too many rpm's before switching itself into 2nd gear (truck is automatic), but otherwise truck drives fine so far. Incident occurred yesterday, minimal use of vehicle since.

writing from Italy . typhoon 1993 .electrical problems after replacement of engine of my typhoon in 1993: before dismounting it was all right, now the water temperature indicator rises slightly and comes light on the engine problems after a few seconds. We changed all temperature sensors, thermostat, but nothing changes. the engine ,cold or hot goes in motion, but cold if you switch it off after 1 minute, switching on again if seems flooded. tester says that water temperature is very low. we no longer know what to do. Thanks if you can help me

where is the knock sensoe located on 2001 gmc yukon

It comes on and off while driving and while driving you a noise that sounds like the brekes are scrubbing

Into a 2001 GMC 1500

My truck doesn't have a 4.3 vortex but the blazer does

Seems to get worse at turning... really bad as you turn it up

I have changed the bulbs taillight bulb board and nothing. When I turn on the left blinker it blinks double and the reverse light on the right side blinks. Is my problem in the swicth or where?

It will only go into auto 4wd or 4wd hi. When I push the 2wd button it blinks then goes back into 4wd auto

Did tune up. Checked fuel. Everything is good just won't start

Transmission will not catch gears

i have to kill the ignition to get them to come back on. Also wwhen i engage the window switch or turn on the rear defroster it does the same thing even kills the radio. when i bought the truck it had an after market alarm without a remote so i removed it