Worked fine than resistor went out now the air won't blow out vents I can hear the door opening and closing fine can't figure out if there is something else that controls the vents or not don't know where to go from here any help will be greatly aprecated think you

It says to put in auto,but that don't work

No green light on right side of mirror next to emergency button. Unable to figure out which fuse to check so I have checked nearly all of them on the left side of the dash as well as under the hood. Bluetooth phone feature does work but On-star does nothing at all.

Dealer says several hundred to "troubleshoot" before any repairs or anything which I feel is kind of ridiculous.

Vehicle will not start nor will it come out of park but it's like it is in neutral you can roll the vehicle back and forth

my gears is shifting.

car sometimes cuts off

rear access window keeps popping up every time i take off the alarm or i open the back door

changed crank and cam sensors checked coil packs new plugs checked injector plugs for power and tested injectors with tester all fire disconnected cat converter pipe incase plugged up engine cranks back fires every once in awhile then cranks on no start out of ideas help

Hoping to disable the passenger side airbag on my 96 GMC Savana Explorer. Is there a switch somewhere? Can I just pull a fuse?
Hoping to do it without taking to a mechanic.

when Gona drive off frm the stop wants to shut off,runs good on a kind run.just when coming to a stop.

This works sometimes but at other times, I hit the biggest bump I can and it doesn't start blowing. The air is cold enough when it does blow. Doesn't always blow hard when it blows but much better than not working, at least in the front seat

The unlock sounds like it's working , can't find anything to manually open gate

I hear this crackling sound almost like a rustling sound coming from the dash close to the engine. When I slow down it stops when I get back up to speeds of 35 mph and higher it kicks back on what could that be?

My 1992 GMC JIMMY Vin letter Z will start fine and run beautifully fist thing in the morning but after driving it a little bit and outside temperature raises the vehicle starts to chug and then shuts off like it's out of gas. I noticed that during it doing this there is no fuel coming from injectors and if I let it sit a few hours it then will spray fuel out the injectors and start for a small period of time. I replaced the fuel filter, the fuel pump and fuel pump relay with no luck. I dont know what else it could be please help.

I want to adjust my seat settings myself and they not move or change settings when I get out of auto.

Push the peddle and no power.

Is it an evaporated emission system need more details. It started with check fuel cap and than this happen . Can some one let me know more details on this

Okay so my brake lights aren't coming on with my led taillights. But they do come on with my lights set to auto however they do not with my lights fully on or with marker lights on... if I also changed the bulbs all to incandescent and everything works as it should. So what the heck is up with that? Lol also they have worked in the past up until now which tells me the led taillight might have faulted?

At times my car will start and run great. But sometimes it wont start acts like battery is dead, if i keep key turned over it eventually will start at least most of the time. Others i have to sit and wait few minutes then it will turn over.

Also for sometime now locks go crazy....she is 70 and don't need to get stranded..... will this cause truck to die....I thank you

Changed the battery in the remote one it will only open the drivers door

My trans is fairly new rebuild .It is slipping and the speedometer bounces up and down and some times dont work .I can manual shift in 1st and 2nd but no 3rd or overxrive .I was told it may be a vss .Vehicle speed sensor .If u can please give me ur opinion which will greatly appreaciated.Thanks Ken

Cold or hot it happens.it only has 115000 miles on it.had it hooked up to a code reader and it says tps but it's brand new.replaced 4times to make sure I didn't have a bad one.

80% of time

The original shield has broken off in the top front corner.

It makes a grinding, louder than if it were pads it also feels like something is a loose and wants to fall from up under the car when I drive it

Will a power steering pump from a 89 Chevy Silverado work in my 96 GMC Sonoma

will restart but kill again. after sitting a couple of hours sometimes runs great again. code reader came up egr decel fail. no other codes. runs great when it runs.

And it say reduce engine power what does this means

Checked fuse and relays still no low beams