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I want to be able to seat another person in the van

I read somewhere that it could be the cap.

Position. Because I hear a grinding noise when the engine is running, when I press the brake pedal the notice stops, how do I fix that. ?

Leaking oily like fluid and steering wheel top points to the left but vehicle drivers almost straight

when approaching a stop light my car started sputtering and hicuping like it wanted to stall out. and engine light came on. has been hicuping a few times before this. just had the resonator replace.

People say it mihht be mass air flow sensor

Check engine light keeps going off code P300 & p0172 & 175, I have replaced the spark plug wires, coil and spark plug for the number 3 cylinder. The light stayed off for about a week, which is the longest it has stay off in 3 months so I thought I had it fixed, but this morning it went off again. Same code

just looking for stater

It in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or reverse. How do I fix that problem.?

There's no heater blowing in the truck. When u turn on the knob no heat but there is sound but no heat comes out

For past few days I observed that the truck dropped its rpm by 500 and idling at 500 onl;y even at 80 miles/hr the rpm suppose to be 2200 but its running with 1700 and the vehicle feel some grinding noise from the bottom, vechile feels rough not smooth.

I checkd fuses but radio want power on light on. Radio is out & no sound but the eject button if pushed makes sum kind of racket liket its getn power

Also left window not working & gauges action funy

its a 2 wheel drive ext. cab

door locks not working

Install air shock and air pump

The car can be off and the lights will just come back on

Greatly appreciated, thank you and it's hard to shift into gear

Every single time I turn my steering wheel there is a continuous popping sound coming from the rear end of the passenger side rear axle, what does that mean exactly I am not a mechanic needing some help if possible.

The passenger side is throwing cold air, but not the drivers side (in Front) just started doing this, does the climate control have a fuse for each side??

Problem started after iPhone call wouldn't sync over blue tooth (phone has been paired for over 2 years) and call had to be answered by hand-held...have since reset factory defaults to radio, deleted only iPhone pairing to car radio.

I had to replace the intake manifold and gaskets.and got it to start and reset the timing and then it stalled. Now it won't start. No crank . No nothing

i replaced coil, distubetor ignition coil im getting spark, fuel from fuel pump but injectors wont pulse ran a ground check from ecm and ran a hard ground to one injector and it sprayed but wide open , it wont pulsate please help. its actually a 1987

i replaced coil, distubetor ignition coil im getting spark, fuel from fuel pump but injectors wont pulse ran a ground check from ecm and ran a hard ground to one injector and it sprayed but wide open , it wont pulsate please help

I put gas in it a few gallons I don't know whether as much fuel pump relay or a bad fuel pump or just air pockets in my line

Got the "service 4wd" light, the lights on the switch wouldn't work, also stuck in 2wd. I replaced the fuse, the actuator, and disconnected the battery to try and reset it. The switch still won't work, and still stuck in 2. Probably just need a new switch too? Kinda broke tho and don't want to drop $$ for a switch if it is something else.

Who ever did the tune up last ended up cross threading the spark plug cylinder. Trying to find a tap big enough but need to know the pitch

new plugs wires new coil new fuel pump assymbly

i cannot find out definitely if i can use platinium replacement spark plugs in my 2004 gmc sierra 1500 5.3L engine. is it ok to use platinium plugs as opposed to iridium?

I stopped at a stop sign and the clutch went to the floor, I figured it was fluid. So I filled it up and pumped it till got harder! I asked my wife of she was ready and I went to take off.. And the truck wouldn't move! It goes into every gear but when I let off the clutch.. Nothing! It won't move! Before I go spending all this money on shit I probably don't need..I really need just a little help on what it could be.. Or preferably what it is!! Please help me!