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its a 2 wheel drive ext. cab

went to oreileys,three people searched the computers for two hours no luck went from 80s on up,trucks,vans,suburans,u name it they tried it still no luck,its 8 lugs a solid rotor not a floating

theres no power feed to the fuel pump

Truck won't idle. Stop sign have to have foot on gas & brake.

I have a problem with my 96 2500. Sometimes, usually shortly after starting, the engine runs a little rough like it's running out of gas and wants to die and does die if I don't keep the RPMs up. It is difficult to start right after it dies. If I wait 5 minutes, it seems to start up ok. Seems to be a fuel related issue. If I spray some starting fluid in, it will start right up. It runs ok after it runs for a while. 116K miles.

Cold or hot it only has 115000 miles on it.had it hooked up to a code reader and it says tps but it's brand new.replaced 4times to make sure I didn't have a bad one.

will restart but kill again. after sitting a couple of hours sometimes runs great again. code reader came up egr decel fail. no other codes. runs great when it runs.

The car is dropping transmission oil across the transmission

problem with brake pedal going all the way to the floor with or without power power steering pump when motor is on is on chat wines brake pedal chatters brake fluid and power steering fluid are full not under full or overfull hey what could do this? Thank you so much driving me crazy

i have replaced 25 starters and four flywheels sense the beginning of this year plz help

will not accelerate when you push pedal down all the way

turns over several times before starting


would not start will turn over but not crank I can hear fuel pump running

It was smoking on way home. Also, my truck is the 6L, not 5.7L. 6L, was not an option to choose from. I recently, last week, changed the spark plugs and wires.

Intake gasket. Funny how both sides happened at the same time. Do I have to pull distributed to Change intake gasket thanks

I have a 1990 GMC Sierra and I want to know if the bolt pattern will match onto a 1980 GMC . motors are both 350's

The only accessory that will not work is the elect door locks.

I have a 98 k2500 with the 6.5 diesel and a 5 speed manual the repair shop can't give me an accurate estimate without knowing if I have the nv4500 or a different transmission. the vin is 1gtgk24fxwz502196. Any help would be great as the estimate doubles if it doesn't have the New Venture. Thanks.

I have had a 95 GMC in the shop for 4 months and it still running the same. Had rebuilt transmission, replaced TPS sensor, reground all wires, replaced 4 wire harnesses, replaced Alt. The problem is Once in awhile the Check Engine light comes on and the truck wont shift into 3rd gear, unless I park the truck and wait a few minutes and restarted it. Any Idea's what this "Gremlin" is?

pedal gets real stiff ,

Has a knock and has white smoke coming from the exhaust. I know the smoke is from oil but the knock comes and goes after it runs for a min and gets warm the knock starts. Once the truck cools down the knock goes away. When the knock first happened there were metal in the oil. However I change the oil and still does the knock but has no more metal. I am stumped it sounds like it's coming from the top driver side of the engine.

My now old mechanic put the tir rod on backwars so how screwed am i ??