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Usually comes on when cruise control forces speed up to climb a hill. Always resets when switch is turned off and back on.
i replaced my water pump and thermostat on the truck and tried it out yesterday when i replaced them. and i still have the same problem. does anyone know what it might be. my catalac converter isnt plugged either
when brake lite on dash comes on transmission will not shift if and when lite on dash goes off transmission shifts fine.brake booster seems to be leaking.
350motor,700R4 auto trans,4whldrv, used to be a farm truck.wires torn out all over,replaced fuses but still nothing. Is there more disable links or an inertia switch idkbout somewhere?
I've got a 95 GMC with 5.7 TBI with a bad motor, I'm looking at a 90 missing the starter as a donor, and want to know if the stater I have will work or if I'll need to get one...
to the right. Disconnected the battery, checked fuses and still stuck. Any answers as to why, please help.
truck is running fine after about an hour or so then the check gauges light comes on and then truck starts running not so well
bulbs and fuses are good but I have no back up lights
Left rear brake lite out, swapped bulbs with working bulb from right set up . will not work here. try new bulb, will not work. Return old right bulb to it socket, works fine. Harness or wiring bad ??? Boat Trailer ...
driver side window will not do anything
new starter cant hook up posative battery cablle to battery cus it trys to start an key is off
I drive the truck is normal and run good , the moment the light check gauge start to com out the truck drop from the gear 5 to 4 , high rpm and the speed aiguil rub out and go to Zero and same thing for the rpm , and ...
Been told it was probably the freeze plug, if so how hard to replace?