Occurs daily once truck is warm. Doesn't happen when it's cold or short distances. Stops squealing at about 1500 RPM.

Throttle Foot pedal goes to the floor and springs back with no problem. Removed the air cleaner and throttle works like it should.

Im trying to replace the radio (6 cd changer, bose, xm hookup) but when i took it out the panel, powercord seems to not be removable from the radio and feeds into the car. Does anyone know how to replace this type of radio? all the other online forums say it supposed to just come out

It will run ok on flat land. It seems to shift ok when in town. But if you throttle it to pass or climb hill, it falls and acts like it is braking and downshifts.

During the winter I had heater on low and all of a sudden it turned up to high by itself. I couldn't turn it off for like a week and a half and then it stopped working. I am wondering what the problem might be, I checked the fuses and they were all good.

Body type code?

Truck has 100,000 miles on it. Just a long trips. When Im idling the gauge moves.

Same problem as many - there had to be an easy answer

I start the engine, doors lock, but while I'm driving down the road the door locks click like they're trying to lock aagain.Also, when I shut off my vehicle the radio automatically shuts off instead of playing for 20 minutes or a door is opened. I'm trying to think of what might be wrong.

No voltage from the signal wire. Help Brad

my canyon is using coolant. I took it to my local garage they pressurized the cooling system to 17 psi he said it dropped to about 8.5 psi and held there. he could not find any leak, he checked the oil and the plugs and there was no indication of oil. does any one know what may be wrong.

Air bag suspension going bad. What would it cost?

I have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, the fuel relay switch, which gets really hot for some reason, changed the EGR valve. I took it into a mechanic and they thought it was a vacuum leak, and they said they checked it all and thought they found one. They called me and said it hasn't stalled and think its fine. Went and picked it up and I wasn't even a block away and it stalled as I was driving, had to pull over(keep in mind still has power, pulled over put in park then started it back up and it started. Drove it home no issues, drove it the next day and same issues..... Tried troubleshooting it myself again, looked at the vacuum diagram and it showed they had the hoses switch for the one going to the fuel tank. So I switched them, drove it for two days and it was fine. Then today it was back to same issues but much worse, just be driving along and rpm drop to 0 then it stalls out and have to pull over, sometimes it will start right back up, but today it just wasn't happening.... Any idea's, thoughts, would be greatly helpful, just don't have the money to take it into a mechanic, pretty good with vehicles and have worked on a few, but this one has me so confused.....

Ok I'm asking this yet again I am stuck in 4*4 low truck will not shift outta it I've changed the transfer case and all componets on the trasfer case , the transfer case control module, the inside truck switch which it is an electric shift 4*4 not vacumme I removed motor and can shift transfer case manually but why won't it shift with the buttons I've checked the actuator on the front drive shaft its fine checked all electrical its fine when the truck is off completely with key out of ignition you can still hear the transfer case trying to shift when trucks running and in n the transfer case sound is louder someone plz help.