Not consistent

Can you give me a sequence?
How do I support window and frame?
How does the motor gear install ?
How do I keep Reg. spring engaged?
Any other tips?

The window stopped 1/4 up but after cooling down it again works. I have the new motor to install and have the panel off.

is there a fuse

Trying to fix my ABS breaking system. I need a schematic.

The CD will not eject.

My truck doesn't bounce all the time, only over certain bumps in the road, in certain areas.

It doesn't grind all the time and doesn't seem to happen at any particular time. Random.

doors will lock and unlock going down highway. what is going on?

Turn switch to lower speed abs and brake light come on.can you help

Engine cuts off only if I turn on my a/c. Voltage gauge on dashboard fluctuates. A/C does blow out cold air. When air is not on voltage gauge stays at 14 like always. I can run radio, heat, etc. and everything is fine. Battery is brand new, just a few months old.

The noise happens when turning, parking and backing up. Seems noise is around torsion bars.

If I mess with the vpedal they might release

After stopping at red light or stop sign when I take off my car will stop suddenly and then jerk forward and go again. This seems to be happening more often. I am very worried thst I am going to get rear-ended. I took it to GMC and they said the motor mount was broken. That has been fixed I have had car back for 2 days and it is happening again. Sometime the check engine light will come on after this happens, and On-star said the code was for engine propulsion system. Any ideas what is going on. I have seen others complain about this but jave never seen a ansewr to tje problem. Please help! Thank you.

Replace fuse two times cluster fuse

I have read that the baffle needs replaced and is a common problem in the vortex engines. How much does it cost to repair or is it time to trade?

While driving down the road, once i get to about 58 mph my truck will start shaking. It increasingly gets worse up until about 70 mpg it dies down. Around 62- 63 is definitley the worse. I just got brand new tires, replaced the pitman and idler arm, its been alligned, i dont know what else to do with it.

It started acting up all of a sudden. It has 205K miles on it. I changed the fuel pump 50K miles ago. was working fine then all of a sudden when I put the car in gear it just hesitated. I was able to drive it home but when I pushed the peddle to the floor it would stall. It hesitates to start but once it does it idles fine but when I press the peddle down it stalls and some times it sounds like its choking or back fires.

I have a lot of problems with my engine, and I'll make all the reparations myself. Please help me with a service manual. Thank you

Can use the manual release button to shift out of park but pressing the brake doesn't release the shifter.

need replacment

car stalls all the time , starts back up but stalls out as soon as i take foot off the gas


Dealer is quoting possibly 3gs

While I was driving on the freeway, the engine started to smoke. I pulled to the nearest gas station and the engine wasn't overheated (I checked and it was half way) the oil spit out to the side of the right tire and towards the underneath of the truck. Even got on the tail gate and inside the back of the truck. Filled the engine with nearly 3 bottles of oil. Checked to see any leaks and started the car, the engine was not leaking. Started it up just fine, drove barely a mile and it stalled on the freeway. Car still turns on, didn't blow the head gaskets. Just the oil leak. The oil splattered on right side of the vehicle underneath by the tire. How can I fix this?

On 2002 4 door Sonoma . And where is the fuse for transmission

What could be causing my coolant to leak out, could it be a hose? How do I get the hose out?

I was at a gas station and my truck died with no prior warning. Had tried to jump it off with no results. Had it towed and new battery put in. $124 batterty. Now It wants to stalll out at light with air on and lunges just before it comes to a cimplete stop. Help!?!