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At times my car will start and run great. But sometimes it wont start acts like battery is dead, if i keep key turned over it eventually will start at least most of the time. Others i have to sit and wait few minutes then it will turn over.

Also for sometime now locks go crazy....she is 70 and don't need to get stranded..... will this cause truck to die....I thank you

Changed the battery in the remote one it will only open the drivers door

My trans is fairly new rebuild .It is slipping and the speedometer bounces up and down and some times dont work .I can manual shift in 1st and 2nd but no 3rd or overxrive .I was told it may be a vss .Vehicle speed sensor .If u can please give me ur opinion which will greatly appreaciated.Thanks Ken

Cold or hot it only has 115000 miles on it.had it hooked up to a code reader and it says tps but it's brand new.replaced 4times to make sure I didn't have a bad one.

80% of time

The original shield has broken off in the top front corner.

It makes a grinding, louder than if it were pads it also feels like something is a loose and wants to fall from up under the car when I drive it

Will a power steering pump from a 89 Chevy Silverado work in my 96 GMC Sonoma

will restart but kill again. after sitting a couple of hours sometimes runs great again. code reader came up egr decel fail. no other codes. runs great when it runs.

And it say reduce engine power what does this means

Checked fuse and relays still no low beams

I lost my power brakes and power steering why would that happen

At times they'll come on for a quick moment and then shut off and I have to use my high beams.

The truck dies a lot in the summer. It just dies.

Purchases vehicle used and previous owner snapped the antenna off. Now radio is all static. Can't get the mast off because it's bolted down in such a way that I can't figure out how to remove it.

From Day one (8/15/05) my Selector switch has given me problems. 2 switches, software update, TCCM replacement (warranty finally) and now I'm being told that my transfer case needs to be completely replaced!!! I'm done! This has been the only consistent issue with this truck and GM will not acknowledge the issue. HD's and Diesels do not have this issue, I have asked anyone and everyone who i see that has this style of truck. Looks on the Silverado 1500 page with this issue and its crazy!!!

Occurs when towing 15,000 lbs. Let truck rest 30 minutes and it recovers but problem recurs. Replaced turbo and sensors but problem persists and is very dangerous when hauling on interstate.

I went to the store yesterday I turned off the truck and when I left the store to get back in the truck the truck was dead but I could hear a humming sound coming from the engine

my daughter has a 2000 gmc sierra 1500 4.8 ltr 4x4 . at first start up engine has a knock sound for 2-3 min then is gone for the day. No check engine light visible doesnt burn oil tune up piugs/wires with in 3 mos. . sounds lower end noise not top end. what do i check and how. is it a knock sensor possibly?

I live in s.Fl. Which is the kicker

Found none at company. Checked air bags, they were leaking. Put new airbags on. He had trouble getting right ones but finally did? 26 miles later we can't keep airbags air up. So far it has cost $500. What now. Help

and it still is misfiring what do i look for next

My 2003 gmc envoy has 220,000 miles on it and hasn't had any major problems runs great and still has original breaks but the Number 5 on the AC doesn't work.

It only leaks when it's raining real hard the fabric never gets wet an it also leaks from the speaker box where the garage an sun roof button is! Battery also goes dead randomly when nothing is left on

so if im at the stop light going to take off goes to 35 if i try to go faster it wont and bogs in and out

The check engine light flashed a 44 code. Van has been hard to start and when driven right away it will accelerate for a split second then stall, then accelerate and so on. Fuel pump? Oxygen sensor? HELP!!

I change the spark plugs, the wires and ignition coil but still having problems I remove one hose from the intake and stop the problem once I plug in back the problems start

My purge valve keeps getting stuck open! A new one lasts a couple of weeks and then it gets stuck open too! I've been through 5 in the last few months! What could be the problem?

Wheel bearings are bad and need to remove the front hubs