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My front left tire pressure sensor had malfunctioned and is not reporting the pressure. What steps are required to replace the sensor?

Service engine soon light constant. Just tuned up, oil change, fuel pump replaced.
85000 miles. SLE 4wd

where is the temperature/coolant sensor located on the 2008 GMC Envoy

I got a 95 vandura with a 5.7 that won't Crank i think the problem is I can't get power to the starter. Power stop at the other wire that come out of the battery. Lights work just fine just wonted to see if anyone else has had this problem and know a good way to fix it?

When the steering blocks it also shut down the engine

The problem happens everytime i drive it. The battery goes dead fast . Maybe it might last 2 to 3 weeks. It also makes a sound like a transformer [ like the cartoon when they change into something else. When making a sharp turn it shakes . It doesn't matter left or right. There are 24 inch rims on the vehicle. Thank you.

the actuator snapped in two inside the steering column

I was shifting gear to back up and suddenly was not able to shift gear and the gear shift lever seems loose and will not shift to any other gear and seems to be stuck in drive

Have to turn radio off for 2 to 3 minutes then back on for the scanning to stop

My gauges are not reading right and it loses power if I run any accessories. Its not the alternator or fuses.

Everytime I push on the brakes my car revs up a little bit and then it almost killed it what is my problem?

2005 Yukon XL Denali is losing power once t/c light comes.the problem occur between the speed of 45- 80

The engine still runs but nothing else electrical works, everything shuts down. Everything. If I accelerate at less than 2800-3000 no problems.
First gear shifts hard when cold.
Sometimes engine turns hard (like early timing) sometimes turns fine and won't start, but stop cranking and then start cranking again it fires right up and runs fine. Any clues to these exciting challenges anyone?

My speedometer isnt workin either

it seam like half of the fuse box is n ot working im not get power to fuses

no fuse panel cover to indicate location of brake light fuse

Ran diagnostic and these where results: 1. P0654 ENGINE SPEED 2. P0758 2-3 shift 3.P 2761 TCC/ PCS solenoid 4. U 0107 lost communication 5. U 1041 lossEBCM/EBTCM 6. C0035 LiFT fr SPEED. Had another test run and was told it needs throttle body, & may need more repairs. At estimated $700 or more. Now I'm broke down 800 mls from home and low on cash I need help

I have an orange 4 wheel drive inop light on the dash... If I turn on the fan/air/ heat blower switch in any position except off, I get the antiskid and brake lights on??

It is going back and forth between red and green... Still blowing warm air... Should I dump Freon and start from scratch??
Please help it's a challenge working out of this truck in one hundred degree heat..ANY info greatly appreciated

My GMC Envoy has been working fine and I drove it earlier today to run some errands and parked it at home. 4hrs later my wife gets in to use it, starts it up fine, tries to go in reverse and the car doesn't move. The engine revs up but wont move forward or reverse. Its almost as if it its in park. One thing I did notice is that when I shifted the gear its was a lot smoother when transitioning from Park to the other shifts than any other time. On the dashboard the vehicle still says Park when I shift the gears and also when I shift it isn't allowing me to push my vehicle, its almost as if it is stuck in park even after shifting. My car has 153000 miles. My car has a manual transmission and the transmission oil is good

I have a problem with my 96 2500. Sometimes, usually shortly after starting, the engine runs a little rough like it's running out of gas and wants to die and does die if I don't keep the RPMs up. It is difficult to start right after it dies. If I wait 5 minutes, it seems to start up ok. Seems to be a fuel related issue. If I spray some starting fluid in, it will start right up. It runs ok after it runs for a while. 116K miles.

I also hear a thumping noise when driving like a broken belt in one of the tires, but was told that it might be the wheel bearings.

gas flow ? will not start?

Okay, so this is the third forum I've tried, so hopefully third time's the charm. My problem is this: My 1996 GMC Yukon 4x4 selector lights (push button) all come on, including the Neutral light (even when the vehicle is not in Neutral). I have checked the fuses, I even swapped the 4x4 fuse for good measure. The buttons do nothing when pressed (no change in lights, no sound from underneath the truck, etc., so I'm thinking that this may be an electrical issue rather than mechanical).

Any help or at least a push in the right direction would be appreciated. I plan to turn this Yukon into a project mud/offroad truck, and obviously wouldn't get very far without 4x4!

My car all of a sudden started to shut off while driving then won't crank back up for 30-60 minutes. Lots of codes will come up after it does this. I've read so many different things from throttle body , fuse box, ignition switch ect . I'm a single mom and trying to go to college and now this happens :( I need guidance or help with anyone who may have some PLEASE !!

It is about 10 inches long has a yellow head it;s a female 3 prong and it is a wire. It is wrapped in some kind of tape for heat protection. It seems to be connected to a small bolt in to the frame to the right of the oil filter about 5 inches back.It wasn't hanging down the last time I checked. Can't find what is is suppose to be plugged into

Replaced fuel pump and still won;t start.

AC blows on floor and windshield but does adjust to chest level.

Worked fine than resistor went out now the air won't blow out vents I can hear the door opening and closing fine can't figure out if there is something else that controls the vents or not don't know where to go from here any help will be greatly aprecated think you

It says to put in auto,but that don't work