I would also like to know average repair cost as well.

Could the problem be the rod/piston. We want to sell the car but so far potential buyers are afraid to buy it because of the noise. The inside and outside is in very good condition. There is automatic transmission and steering, am/fm radio that works, airconditioning needs frion. Battery is one yr, old. Drives around area, 88000 miles. red four door sedan.

it runs on the old one when the motor gets warm it shuts down
when it cools down it start back up. if i cool the distuber down it will start up.

I just recently bought this car. The problem first began when the car began rough idling one day. It died and was hard to start back. It ran fine for a while and same thing again in a few days. And then one day it died but won't start. It turns over but that's all. I had a new fuel pump put on but it didn't help. It's also getting spark. Any ideas? Thanks.

Car cranked but didnt start the other day. Pulled to mechanic and a new coil was installed. Car runs and drives now. But now has this surging problem. It will do it usually from 2000 plus rpms, and can occur when getting on the gas or when easing up on the gas such as coming down a overpass. I have re-replaced the coil, thinking it may have gotten a bad new coil. Have done a complete tune up as well and still have not got rid of the surging. Would a bad fuel pump cause this. Ive done a little research and it looks like the fuel filter and pump are not easy to replace on this car.

engine surges at same RPM every time.Have run into simillar problem on Chyrsler prod.with bad cam sensors,this eng. does'nt have cam sensor,any ideas?

could upstream or downstream o2 sensor cause this problem

car surges under all driving conditions

Timing belt being replaced on a 1995 Geo Prizm, 1.6, and the mechanic is just now finishing up after 10 days of working on it, of course he hasn't worked solely on mine all this time, he's finishing putting on the water pump and all seals, he mentioned that he has to put a crank seal on, is that necessary when doing a timing belt? There were no oil leaks at all, except minor around the valve cover, before he started. The car has 140,000 miles, man. trans. and ran perfectly except for worn belts, and no missing or anything bad. I even paid $1000.00 more for the car than the book value, because it was in excellent condition with new tires, cold a/c, the only thing needed was belts replaced.

If I take it to 4500 rpm's then let my foot off the gas and give it gas again it shifts. my normal shift rpm's is around 3500. I have changed the fluid and it looked good. A small screw fell out of the pan.

I can't start car with key turned on,dash board lights up but car does not turn over no starting sound at all....

it lacks power mostly when i take off if i manually shift it it seems to run better or stronger but it lies to shake in
interminably as its idling or when i put it in reverse.should i scrap it


work great no slips just all of a sudden from a stop sign

Messing with the steering wheel helped and it started right away, a brand new battery and all the lights go on and radio just won't start, any help???

The car was running fine and then the temperatures went below 30 degrees over night and now in the morning it won't start. The engine sounds like it wants to start but won't turn over. What is the cause of this and how do we fix it?

car only has 50000 miles, good condition

fuses are good, but not receiving power from fuse outlets. Could the circuit breaker need checked? I've taken the glove compartment apart, found some more fuses, but nothing that looks like a circuit breaker.

My bf took the spark plug out and did w.e to test it and said it had no spark. For awhile if it would rain I would have to spray the injectors and the distributor cap and area around it with brake fluid and wd40 to dry it out to get a spark. Than one day my bf was driving it in the rain and got about 25 miles away from where he started the car and the car just bogged out and we had to tow it into his garage thinking after it dried out it would get spark well still no spark and there she sits.. Somebody please help me..

I know which post is which on the battery but I don't know which clamp is which on the car.

The old battery was removed and the new battery shows which is the positive post and which is the negative post but I don't know which one is which from the car?

this started as a crank/no start .had bad dist/cap high ohms & a bad coil cracked . replaced them now this. Repl. T/belt, crank sensor, spark plugs ,fuel filter ,& pump. Have tested TPS no gliches . No codes will set.I see you already have 2 similar questions and no answers

it started scrapping at first
i would have to rev the engine for it to go into gear
now it just scrapes

Hwy traveling ac works fine; seems like its revved up higher; and when idling, or after sitting in heat in shopping center for an hr. and starting, then blows hot air.

the cable snapped the other day when I pulled the lever to try to pop my trunk. How can I repair this?

I have a 2000 prizm, which I love, however the driver side window stopped working, What would cause this? it used to go up or down slowly and I could get it back up when I first started the car but now would work at all and is about 1 1/2
down. before i take it in for reason/price, does any one know what would cause this? thanks

i already changed the egr valve and gasket but im still getting a code for egr flow restriction...

The dealership wants $700 to fix this. Right now I have to enter the car from the passenger side and crawl over to the driver's side. I have read that the door panel has to be removed and the door needs to be open to do this.

1.8 engine no sound of fuel pump working where is shader value located

the engine lights, battery, and oil lights go on also. The car will start when I shut off the air. please help, dont have lots of money to repair

how do u set the timing on a 1.8 motor for a 94 geo prizm and what is the firing order