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fuses are good, but not receiving power from fuse outlets. Could the circuit breaker need checked? I've taken the glove compartment apart, found some more fuses, but nothing that looks like a circuit breaker.
My bf took the spark plug out and did w.e to test it and said it had no spark. For awhile if it would rain I would have to spray the injectors and the distributor cap and area around it with brake fluid and wd40 to dr...
I know which post is which on the battery but I don't know which clamp is which on the car.
The old battery was removed and the new battery shows which is the positive post and which is the negative post but I don't know which one is which from the car?
this started as a crank/no start .had bad dist/cap high ohms & a bad coil cracked . replaced them now this. Repl. T/belt, crank sensor, spark plugs ,fuel filter ,& pump. Have tested TPS no gliches . No codes will set....
it started scrapping at first i would have to rev the engine for it to go into gear now it just scrapes
Hwy traveling ac works fine; seems like its revved up higher; and when idling, or after sitting in heat in shopping center for an hr. and starting, then blows hot air.
the cable snapped the other day when I pulled the lever to try to pop my trunk. How can I repair this?
I have a 2000 prizm, which I love, however the driver side window stopped working, What would cause this? it used to go up or down slowly and I could get it back up when I first started the car but now would work at a...
i already changed the egr valve and gasket but im still getting a code for egr flow restriction...
The dealership wants $700 to fix this. Right now I have to enter the car from the passenger side and crawl over to the driver's side. I have read that the door panel has to be removed and the door needs to be open to...
1.8 engine no sound of fuel pump working where is shader value located
the engine lights, battery, and oil lights go on also. The car will start when I shut off the air. please help, dont have lots of money to repair
how do u set the timing on a 1.8 motor for a 94 geo prizm and what is the firing order
The brake lights are staying on even when the car is turned off. I have tried replacing the fuse but they still stay on. This has only been happening for one day. I have removed the fuse when not in use to conserve th...
Obviously I have never let it get to the letter E even tho it is full on the F
it goes away after maybe 20 seconds or so. I've had numerous people tell me its everything from the tensioner to the power steering pump to the belt tightness.
My car is stuck in park and it seems to be the shift lock solenoid. I am having trouble getting to it through the console. Any advice would be great. 1994 geo prizm
im ok with tha but dosent shift tell 55 again and have 2 let off gas for it to shift
1994 GEO prism vapor canister was leaking gas. Plse refer to original question
I repaired the gas tank for leaks. Gas was leaking from the line when the tank was reinstalled. Fixed it-after putting gas in and driving it-when I parked it gas was leaking from the vapor cannister. Took off caniste...
What is the problem? ive replaced the tranny seals where the axles come out of it and the axles.
i have replace the temp sensor and the fan relay but still the fan doesnt come on
there is a new radiator in the car it doesnt show the car is overheating but when checked after about 200 miles of driving the radiator has lost between a pint and a quart of antifreeze... there is no visible leak tha...
im replacing wheel bearing on prism,,want to no if can use wheel spindle off metro..are the splines for cv axle same? is the wheel going to ride same? sit iin or out the wheel well at same measurments? etc/
car died- belts came off wobbling waterpump pulley and it overheated. starts fine
the engine feels like it wants to stall while sitting at a stop sign or while in reverse stopped waiting to get out in to the traffic also I sometimes have a bit of a jerk forward when first taking off it feels like m...
A mechanic told us that that's the reason he thinks it dies on acceleration. Thank you.
clutch is out leaks fluid but i don wanna spend money on cluth if transmission is out