The light is out that show what gear you are in on my 1996 geo prizm. Or could it be a fuse? If it is a light how do I change it?

Have looked and can not find which fuse it might be.

Where is the fuel relay fuse located at on a 90 Geo Prizm?

After changing the ignition the car turned over only twice and it was hard to get it to do that. The battery is fine, can't reach the starter to check that.

Fuel gauge is going from full to empty and back and forth and in between. It has a full tank. Could it be a sensor or what?

Have replaced fuel filter, fuel pump, distributor cap rotor, spark plugs and wires. The car has spark and fire but will not stay running. Do you have any suggestions please!

faster than car when taking off but once you get going there is power but also a noise when you step on accelerator. When you have to come to a stop again it dies and doesn't want to start again. Have replaced fuel filter. When you go to try and start it, it just cranks over and over and if your lucky it will finally start but when go to stop if you don't put it in neutral and keep the idle up it dies. Please help taxi cabs are getting expensive. Thank you

Sounds like metal clanging together but when driving around the noise goes away.

Have put new Plugs, Wires, Distributor, Rotor , Fuel pump, Fuel filter , Throttle Position Sensor, Crank Sensor - none which fixed it. When it cuts out and back on, it feels like you have been rear ended. The check engine light nor any lights come on.

Have put new Plugs, Wires, Distributor Cap, Rotor , Fuel pump, Fuel filter , Throttle Position Sensor, Crank Sensor - none which fixed it. When it cuts out and back on, it feels like you have been rear ended.

My starter wont disengage. Unhooked battery to stop engine from running. What next?

located, so I can replace it?
Thank you.

car has new radiator themastat taken out all hoses are getting hot some reason the car drives for about 10 min and everything comes out the overflow the fan is working and car is not over heating

Power steering pump very noisy on cold day startup. System itself is slightly noisy under normal operation though the steering operation seems fine. Our excellent mechanic has replaced entire system including rack, pump, and hoses. Still get noise on cold startup. Seems like there is a slow deterioration of the pump over time.

At wits end. Do the 1997 Prizm 1.6 have a chronic problem? (The issue with the pump started last year when a mechanic replaced one and then another and then another and finally also repaired a leak in a hose.)

The car has been very well maintained and is otherwise in excellent shape.

High mileage,leaks a quart daily, otherwise runs very well

Crank it you have to two foot it, its like the choke not picking up but once it warms up it is fine please help teenage daughters car


It's 10 degrees here didn't know if that changes anything. Haven't locked the wheel. If there's a way to start it and drive with the key and the wheel locking that could help to

Is this only a egr problem. It will start again after 20minutes. Please help. Thanks

Cold weather driving, had just gotten off the highway (70 mph) and felt a little "drag" at highway speeds intermittently. Got off highway into a town,stopped at a stoplight, and when resuming travel (about10-15 mph) wheels suddenly locked. After dealing with authorities for being rear-ended, continued to home (about 30 miles @ 40 mph) and healing a metal scraping noise the whole way. Changing over to standard, but curious as to why this happened..?

Replaced coil pack

always, how to lower this idle?

Has 1.6L engine.

for repairing the timing belt proper instructions

would this cause it to overheat and blow up my radiator? Or, could it be i have a blown head gasket? at first i thought it was the thermostat...but i took it out and it still blew up another radiator. i blew up a third radiator today! WTF I'm baffled. I put a new radiator in it and ten miles later it just blew up around the radiator cap.

my car died, it slowly just kept losing power. then the radiator took a dump and the car over heated....i changed the spark plugs to bosch from ngk. 3 days later the car sounded like it was running on 3 cyl. when i started it up yesterday. I went about half a mile when suddenly the car just died! I changed the rotor,and cap. Still no start..no spark at the plugs. i just got a coil for it. how do I change it?

I put new starter on but no change. It will start if I use a jumper wire on the starter. So not sure if it is a switch of some relay. Don't know where to start looking.

I would also like to know average repair cost as well.

Could the problem be the rod/piston. We want to sell the car but so far potential buyers are afraid to buy it because of the noise. The inside and outside is in very good condition. There is automatic transmission and steering, am/fm radio that works, airconditioning needs frion. Battery is one yr, old. Drives around area, 88000 miles. red four door sedan.

it runs on the old one when the motor gets warm it shuts down
when it cools down it start back up. if i cool the distuber down it will start up.