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also, no fan while radio is on or when i apply the breaks. blinkers work outside, but not inside. Just a little confused.HELP!!!
so i was driving about 2 weeks ago and my car just stopped running. all the lights and radio were till on and the engine just shut off. we pulled over to the side of the road and after 2 minutes it started after about...
When I HOOK Freeon Guages Up To My Car Should The Car Be Running Or Not
I changed my driver side brake light last night & this morning I started my car and it won't come out of park.
It is not in the oil, not on the floor, not coming out the exhaust, not coming out the heater, and under the engine is dry. I am using at least a gallon every week and I only drive it a couple of times a week (locally).
I replaced hazard flasher, but the turn signals still do not work. Hazard flasher WILL work if I HOLD the button down, but the turn signals will NOT work under any condition. Fuses are good. HEEELLLP!
ya que en mi pais no las necesito.y haci ahorro gas y la vida util de la bujia
while the car is in reverse the engine vibrates hard and a lot: when the car is in park the engine vibrates alittle then stops,while im driving an I stop the engine idles high not the normal way it does.
I've started the car after I put the new ECU ECM for about a 2 minutes.the black wire coming out of the distributor has no power coming out. Have power everywhere except coming out of the distributor put new distribu...
Had a battery replaced due to some failure to start events. After 2 weeks, now won't start, even with a battery cable jump start. But it WILL start, if you roll start car on a hill. Turn key to on, one click or no cli...
Im unable to figure out what wires are what and go where on the new stereo there is no wiring harness and im unable to figure the wires out
I got behind the glove compartment and loosened the cover, but can't get the cover off to remove the filters.
Worked before I parked it the day before, but when I started it today and tried to back out I couldn't but I sure can go forward. If anyone has has this happen or has a suggestion on what I should do please let me kno...
When speedometer is cold, as below 50 degrees, the cable or speedometer makes an annoying rattle or growl sound. How do you fix it.
I bought a brand new Alternator battery did a tune up etc n now the battery keeps dying n the check engine light now goes on help me plz wut could be wrong
when it is cold out, under 60 degrees, the noise is rather loud. when it warms up, the car, it is quiet.
I was thinking maybe the re manufactured distributors I was getting from auto zone were junk but a handful later I'm finally convinced there's something more wrong with my car so I need answers please. My car has been...
Just bought this car ~1 month ago. A week after that it stopped accelerating. Got it towed to mechanics and the catalytic converter replaced. Now it accelerates but I've noticed a grinding sound when coasting. When th...
The light is out that show what gear you are in on my 1996 geo prizm. Or could it be a fuse? If it is a light how do I change it?
Have looked and can not find which fuse it might be.
Where is the fuel relay fuse located at on a 90 Geo Prizm?
After changing the ignition the car turned over only twice and it was hard to get it to do that. The battery is fine, can't reach the starter to check that.
Fuel gauge is going from full to empty and back and forth and in between. It has a full tank. Could it be a sensor or what?
already checker the gas tank fuel pump fuel filter and cat converter
Have replaced fuel filter, fuel pump, distributor cap rotor, spark plugs and wires. The car has spark and fire but will not stay running. Do you have any suggestions please!
faster than car when taking off but once you get going there is power but also a noise when you step on accelerator. When you have to come to a stop again it dies and doesn't want to start again. Have replaced fuel fi...
Sounds like metal clanging together but when driving around the noise goes away.
Have put new Plugs, Wires, Distributor, Rotor , Fuel pump, Fuel filter , Throttle Position Sensor, Crank Sensor - none which fixed it. When it cuts out and back on, it feels like you have been rear ended. The check...