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the years. It was interesting to see how much work we'd actually had done, now it would be equally nice to know how much we've spent and whether or not it would be wise to continue putting money into the van. It's a...
now at 184K miles, mechanic is saying they need to be replaced again? How often do these gaskets need to be replaced?
It is intermittent, and comes on only after 30+ mins of driving! at speeds over 35 mph.. 2) same van.. Door ajar light is on, back hatch is shut but not showing it is closed, how do I find switch to check, where is re...
I took it to a place to get new brakes put on and now I have no heat at all just cold air
I have changed it all,even the coil, it still sputters. We recently had new valve seals I'm chasing a ghost,I can feel it but can't find the cause. Some help please
Every time I drive the van ABS light comes on where can I check to fix problem?
When I start driving the brake indicator lamp comes on and every time its a different speed, sometimes it dosen't come on. I have changed the brake fluid resovior, changed all the brake pads, checked emergency brake s...
high pressure hose how long does it take
p0135 p01071 p01074
popping sounds when started. we removed intake and fixed a minor flaw with nol resolution to popping sound
Engine sputters and shakes when accelerating, check engine light is on and says cylinder 1 misfire. I have changed the coil pack, spark plugs, replacing injector 1 made it worse. replacing grommets as one was broken. ...
what do I need to make sure gets done at the 135000 mile service?
Will the van suddenly jerk while driving, Kinda like its missing,It's already been tuned and coils replaced.
the engin light has been on for over a year and the car runs ok? ?
We'll it came back with the EGR, o2, CAT, HTR, EVR bubbles flashing. But also it read 4 codes system to lean bank 1&2 which I assume has to do with emissions. The other two codes were intake manifold runner stuck op...
Car makes loud knocking noise and smoking from back. Engine light and oil light on. Car died twice to work. So I put oil in and it still doing it. If it has anything to do with engine is their any way to fix it withou...
Can't reach it from the front nor from the bottom there's gotta be a better way I hope
Last time I replaced them I had to get some one taller with longer arms but some one said that maybe if I took the panel off where the wipers are at that I could get to it but he doesn't know much about cars
No fuses are blown. Ground to rear module is good. Wiring at both front and rear ecm looks good. Only light on dash is airbag light. Anti theft light is off.
2000 windstar won't turn over. New Battery & starter. Checked all fuses and All good. When I try to start it in either park or nutral, I get power to all the interior functions and the starter solenoid energizes,...
there are long and short bolts that go in cylinder head on 3.8 need to know where the long one go top or bottom?
working on 3.8 need to know if the long bolts go on the top or bottom
this did not fix the problem, what else could it be? my e-mail is mintiatlight@yahoo .com or right now
after changing the battery I noticed holding the key 2-3 seconds longer to start the car. then it took 2-3 attempts then the car would start. then it took holding the key for about a min or more. headlights and interi...