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we replaced all new parts but it still blows hot

Car will crank but won't start. I checked the fuel relay and I don't hear the fuel pump running when I turn on the ignition.

when I'm driving at one speed engine sounds fast and loud, then goes to a lower sound at same speed

new steering ravk,new steering pump, new brakes and new rotors but when i am driving on a road curving legt i van hear n geel grinding from frnt left tire

So it didn't turnover.So I waited for warm weather then it started.Now it's cold it happen again now I got a loud ticking noise like a thron rod sound.

I recently got my brakes and rotors done on 5/18th and now my O/D and engine light is on while I'm driving?

Had alternator and battery checked both test good but the information center still says check charging system and battery light is on

When take off its like it not getting gas through each gear it spit an sputters an lose power an will do it ever gear it goes through I changed spark plug an wires

but preasur blows off one of the hoses , is it clogded ?

How to replace oil panel gasket

I need it cleared to pass inspection. Is there any other way to clear besides driving it long miles?

Radio panel and clock lights out?

When I turn on my ac is automatically on and even with heat..I have to manually turn ac off?

Van is misfiring

I can put my van in park. Park is reverse, Reverse is neutral, Neutral is drive and so forth. In order to start it it has to be in neutral because park has shifted so far out to the left that I can no longer lock gear in park. Its been going on for a while now but when it first started you could lightly shove the gear in park. Now I can do that at all.

doors want lock when you put it in gear

no pressure registers on the guage. My ac is on but the compressor does not kick on. What can be the problem. The can says that it might take half a can of the refridgerant before it kicks on, but I do not believe that it is accepting the coolant.