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Trying to replace the tubeline, is there a certain way to take out? It is leaking.
The van did have a misfire that was felt when idling at a stop light. My Husband changed the spark plugs and wires last night and now this is happening. What could it be? Any help would be appreciated!!
Green greasy leak underneath front end.
the mc has been changed, the calipers are changed also, when the van is cool the brakes work fine, but when they get hot the front brakes lock up...can someone please help me!!!!!
I have a 2001 ford Windstar. My engine light came on and I took it to auto zone to have the codes read. It came back with u1009 b2477 b1318 p0156. Can anyone tell me what they mean and/or what repairs I'll need?? Plee...
1999 Ford Windstar...When the AC is running, the car labors on a grade sometimes. Last night, while the AC was running it started to make a intermittent noise and the whole vehicle locked up. I was in an intersection ...
this happened to my wife two days ago, happened again tonight, finished our trip fine after restart.
Where will the problem be. We have cleaned the EGR valve .
Just really hesitates at idle, when gas is depressed, the van runs fine. Put in drive and hesitates. Did not mess with any vacuum lines but one and double checked it. Any ideas?
I need the high pressure power steering hose replaced on my 2002 Ford Windstar. From what I've seen the hose can be purchased anywhere from $25-$50 & it appears to be easily accessable, so I wouldn't think that they l...
have several codes c1155 lf speed sensor input circuit fault c1236 lr wheel speed sensor input missing, c1235 rr wheel speed sensor input missing, c1235 rr wheel speed sensor input missing, 1233 lf wheel speed senso...
Running rough and shaking and slugish
It only knocks when appling the brakes and not every time. it is a knocking or thumping noise. we just replaced the rear brake drums 2 weeks ago but its been fine until now.
I need to know where it at and if its hard too get too
I don't know what a "CV Boot" is so I'm flying blind on this and have to take their word that it's leaking.They say the best thing to do is replace the whole axle assembly at a cost of $500..never had any problem with...
I was moving the van forward and thump sound came on when i tried to go in reverse after that the trany stays in neutral in every gear i change the transmission range sensor but still the same.
I put a used transmission in the old one had no forward. Everything was working fine until I took it on the freeway. At about 60mph the O/D light started flashing I could feel the overdrive coming on and off. RPM ...
The driver control switch for the front passenger window won't let me close, but can open, the front passenger window.
Rear vent windows won't open or close. Is it electrical or a fuse?
changed oil and noticed smell of gasoline and the oil was thin motor sounds like someone flicking aluminum can at valve covers
sounds like most noise is coming from valves is this fixable or is this sign motor is blown?
Every time I come out to start up my car the batery is completely drained and I have to get a jump. The battery is good, what else could be causing this problem.