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It smells like something is burning right before the belt breaks. Please help im a single mother.

It hesitates when I press the gas pedal. It's almost like it has a miss to it

The 02 windstar has a low speed miss and shuts off at low speeds, when it shuts off it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds to start back up. We have replaced the spark plug wires, the spark plugs, the coil pack, and the cam sensor but still no luck. It still has the miss and still shuts off. Does anyone have any ideas what else it could be to fix this problem? Any and all suggestions would and could help, please and thank you.

1 month ago replaced p/s pump and high pressure line and pressure switch yesterday pump went bad replaced again and switch now hard to steer at idle only no codes rpm are 730 pump is quiet also

brackets. Any idea what that might cost me - hopefully less than the van is worth. The van is and has been running just fine.

just the converter is hanging way low. I think the straps could be replaced without costing more than the van is worth. What might this cost me?

Already changed the idle air valve and the camshaft position sensor after both parts were codes shown on computer diagnostic

it also whistles I can pinch the vacuum hose from the throttle body to the purge valve and it will quit what might be the problem it did not do this until I changed it

When driving on a rainy day & I hit a water puddle, I lose all control to the power steering. Squeals for a few seconds then comes right back.

I've replace 2 batteries in about a years time. (Diagnostic said bad battery) once again, dash light are dim, radio cuts off & on several times. Weak crank when starting, if it'll turn over & start at all. Checked battery connections, both are tight & good! This has been a continuous issue for over a year now. Suggestions?

Power Assisting steering oil fluid esape, since rubber tube where this oil runs through is getting appart. Something to do with pressure. Even we connected pipe with more stronger hub, it still getting out of the tube and oil leakes. Please help what to do?

is there a local place to buy premade brake lines
Vehicle located in Hampton VA 23669.

Information for my brother

I have driven 2 different 2003 Ford Windstar vans since I have been on my job and both have had this issue as well as interior lights blinking for no reason ABS and Brake lights stay on, check engine light stays on, electric doors and windows work half the time and not half the time as well as the door locks. Hate this mini van with a passion. Told my boss if he buys another one when this stops running I'd quit, thats how frustrating this van is.

I would like to fix temporarily so that I can drive 150 mi. home or bypass security permant;y.

my ford windstar had a problem with the trans shifting out of 3rd. we replaced the trans and the only part reused was the gear position sensor. when warmed up the problem still occurs. could the sensor be the problem.

I drove my van thru a creek and water splashed upon it and it lost power to pull and it started a clunking/knocking sound somewhere underneath towards the front. Noise lessens as it idles down.

and it stinks like rotten eggs. what could this be?