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It smells, I am afraid to drive it. What do I do to have that go away

Where is my VSS located I took the wrong one out of the driver side. the head gaskets are leaking there's water in the oil. It runs great when it's cold but when it warms up it knocks.

Had diagnostic done, results were R&R upper intake (Gaskets and isolators) clean EGR ports, replace spark plugs and spark plug wires. Cost 700.00.

Why would the Idol fluctuate ?


I have a Ford winstar 3.8L with 204k miles on it. The front pump seal was just replaced and when put back together it's grinding bad then spews transmission fluid from the transmission. The best guess is the transmission front pump went out. Now I do have a crate 2002 Ford Taurus 3.oL transmission will that work in the winstar?

2000 Ford Windstar
Running van stalls loose dash lights but the head and tail lights remain on even with key off. It turns over but won't start.

Where is it going I do not smell it burning was told the motor was replaced with a new one but I've only had it 3 months and its loosing oil somewhere just can't see where its going only knocks while in drive I can sit in park with it running and no knocking totally confused plz help

There's a half tank of gas in it, the lights turn on so I don't think it's the battery. I don't have a chip in my key so it can't be registering it as a thieving attempt. I'm at a loss. I'm a single mom with 2 kids and this is my only mode of transportation. I need help figuring this out

I put in a new fuel filter new battery new starter new alternater haven't checked codes next I'll change plugs and wires but the lights dim out and engine stalls out I checked the alternator and it's good .

The Diagnostic code is p-1506 how do I fix it?

Chk eng light came on, car was running rough p0171,p0174 came up,everything pointed to maf sensor being dirty..i cleaned it. Car ran good 2 days. Lights back on ,same codes