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The two fans by the radiator quit working and when i drive long distances or in stop and go traffic, there is smoke that comes from the hood on the drivers side
when looking at the motor its covering the transmission pan. covering the starter. its losing two quarts of oil only driving like 35-40 miles. its showing signs of oil accumualating on the dust cover of the transmissi...
My winstar has the airbag light on if i take fuse out will it deploy?
p0302. changed coil, plugs and wire so far
what would make my van stall while in idle or park heating up, also it chugs when driving at a steady spead and wants to cut out when i step on the gas
it doesnt seem to have any screws to take it off but looks as if it might pull off if so how and with what tools must be used
Just bought this vehicle. It has been well cared for but it came with no maintenance history nor even owner's manual. Wondering about maintenance schedule repairs such as timing belt/chain replacement or other issues ...
this van has 2 clamps that seem to be after market. it has broken in half almost all the way thru. will they still fix this problem? it is undrivable right now due to the tires leaning into the van and rubbing severly...
And then comes on when idling, Would changing the oil sensor unit correct this problem
Had no problems with it just pulled in driveway and tried to turn around and I had no reverse or any other gea
Sputtering when taking off, smell of gas, higher rpm's when pushing on gas pedal.
will it bolt up?they r the same engine,bolth 3.8 fwd can this be done?and r their any differences.
New struts and shocks were installed about six weeks ago
My heat is not working, I would like to use 12 volt defrost/heaters.
a few weeks ago, the car stalled completely after a loud knock, i change my oil on a regular basis. so i checked the oil and the stick was dry, but i dont ever remember seeing any oil leaks anywhere and i had just ch...
After driving for about 10-15 minutes on cold (Less than 32 degrees), days, my heat gauge goes very high for a few seconds and then back to normal. It doesn't do this again unless the engine gets cold again. When thi...
CEL is on fuel tank cap light is on. P0455 & P0457 are the OBD2 codes I got when I connected my scanner. You can start the engine it will run for a while then it dies. If you try to start it after it dies it will not ...
The van will not accelerate and boggs out and eventually stalls out and the feul pump is working but weak