started car the backed out of driveway then put it into drive,car shudders like its running out of gas , i did get back into driveway . I did hear a hissing sound and found a vacuum leak going from the pcv hose.would this cause such a problem ? also put on new fuel filter last year . I know i need new hose , but would like some more info . Its been a great car and would like to keep her running . I am old school when it comes to cars but would like to fix myself if possible . Thanks

cool drips down toward back of engine and falls to ground between engine and trans. is it time to get a shortbock, or just run it :ntill she blows?

Car feels like it skips! Is it true that this Jag engine runs too hot and will continue to blow the coil packs?

I can't figure out why the right windshield wiper won't work.. the left one works perfectly fine. I don't want too be driving in the middle of winter with only one wiper. Also I can't afford too go to a machanic. Anyone have an ideas? Thanks!

Just drove a short difference. Had heater on. Recent weather change. No codes came up.

Just replaced water pump, and thermostat because my car kept overheating. Realized that my fan will not turn on even if I turn the ac on. I noticed that the 60amp fuse that controls the fan is blown, so I went and bought a replacement fuse. When I installed the new fuse, u turned the car on and when i turned th ac on the new fuse blew. any ideas on how I can get my cooling fan to work? And what would make the fuse blow like that?

dont know what to try next

Do I have to take both lines off

What to look for 1st,2nd,3rd?The brake pedal has gone to the floor once,I checked the fluid level,It was low,I added fluid to recommended level.No brake system failure since, but both lights remain on ???.I used a CarMD,I think the code was PO 174,

How do you replace dash light bulbs on 1987 Mercury Cougar Anniversary edition? Left of side of dash lights work other 2 sections don't.

The car was parked and idling with a/c on and started emitting strong gas fumes. then it started miss firing until it died. When I started it up again it would barely idle. Now when I start it up it seems to be fine until I turn the a/c on ,then the engine starts emitting a loud humming noise and bogs down and tries to die. The engine light has not come on once since this has happened.

don't want to stop it wants to keep going any help on what that would be?

flushed radiator,changed thermostat,oil change changed air filter and car still overheating really bad cant even drive when i run a/c it totally overheats what would be my next step to take. thanx in advance

everytime i reset to check engine light it will come back on within 5 min here in california a car will not pass smog if the check eng. light is on. I have taken it to a tranny shop and they said if it was a selonoid b it would not be shifting bottom line they said there is nothing wrong with the transmission.

I have been searching and searching and can't figure out why this car won't crank. The IFSS is working as it should. The fuel pressure is at 39PSI when the key is in the on position. There is fuel coming from the Schrader valve. I replaced the fuel filter. Checked all the relays and they all work. I used multiple batteries and they are all pumping out enough juice throughout. Checked the spark plugs, they are not fouled out. They are all in proper sequence. The MAF was cleaned. We even tried using starter fluid into the intake, and it will crank, but not stay running. The fuel pump IS getting 12V.

The intake manifold had been replaced here recently, and since the replacement, it has not ran. Another thing is the fuel looks almost a greenish color when we changed out the filter, so we drained more to check it. It is a yellow/green color. I am thinking the gas is old, and has lost its octane, but I am trying to not have to drain the tank. I am, unfortunately, trying to take the shortcut for now. What is next?

Loose wire? Head? I'm being told it's the head, but reaching under P/S of dash and wiggling wires makes fan come back on. Head is $400+. What is it?