it's like something is getting hot and kicking off

Spark plugs been changed. Fuel injectors cleaned. Using premium gas. Tried sea foam.

Where on the manifold is the sensor located?

My battery died a while back, ever since I have problems with the way it runs. The computer was reset when the battery was jumped.at first it was the check engine light then the wrench. I went to my mechanic he set the computer codes that were off it runs good for a while then I go start it and it runs likes I said above.my husband thinks its the coils and plugs this car has 44.700 miles on it.I think its something to do with emissions.

While driving down road, rpms start to drop, car feels bogged down but doesn't die. Radiator is super hot. Any ideas what this could be. Intake Manifold has already been checked out.

my tranny is starting to slip an di just wonder if i can switch it out with a f150 with a 4.6 or a mustang with 4.6 or anything really

I have to start car with a screwdriver. Do I need to replace something

2 years ago Ford changed #8 coil and charged $1200. Didn't tell me then about extended warranty. Just had local garage replace all 8 coils - still a problem. They think changing computer is only thing left. Will this help? What is approximate cost for this?

I was a proud owner of a 2002 Ford TBird--not now.
My car has less than 30K miles. The check engine light came on. First thought it was fuel cap - no. Light was steady and felt engine missing.
Took to dealer who explain he had experienced similar problem with same car type and it may be a coil issue.
Sign to pay $120 to diagnose why the engine light was on. Got call they would like to perform a coil stress test for an additional charge of 1.5 hour + 1.hour diag to find sensor short. This is in addition to the $120 I agree to find out why light was on.
First problems thought that was why I agree to pay $120???
This is all Greek to me but it was determined "DLC will not communicate with the Data Link Connector found DPFE sensor VREF concern." Bottomline: All 8 coil sensors need to be replaced along with all plugs. Parts needed Coil Asy - Ignition (8), Sensor asy; all spark plugs. Cost: Parts 1251.64, Labor 1085.88, tax $112.65+ $2700. Wow...then learned this is a common problem with the T-B and owners were notified--10yr/$100K Warranty. I'm original owner and was never notified. What recourse do I have against Ford? Where can I get my car fixed without being charged nearly $3,000???

I've the thermostat changed on my t-bird now the fan stays on all the time. It has never done that before. The dealer says there is nothing wrong. I've had the car for 12 years it has never done this before.

Our check engine light has been on since a guy (not a shop) changed our transmission a couple of years ago. The smog guy said it has to do with a sensor in the tranny..... $1200 to drop, replace the sensor and replace the fly wheel. It won't bring up a code again.

Battery is good but wont hold charge something is draining it


Iam looking for someone to put it inn for me what Would it cost can you help me

I think maybe loose torque concerter

I have performed a diagnostic test which came back with a code of 30, which does not seem to exist anywhere.


? is should i change valve or valve and solenoid light comes on for an hour than i dont see it for days than again for an hour so on and so on

new alternator, engine valve cover gasket replaced, new spark plug cable and plugs installed, mechanic replace throttle postilion sensor and replace with a Ford 2007 crown Victoria's throttle