There is a knocking when my car is in gear but idoling. It goes away when i give it gas.

Whenever I stop at a light or a stop sign or when I first start off, my car will "stutter" and jump forward a bit before accelerating. I checked my oil, and trans fluid and they both seemed good. Any ideas what it could be?

drivers seat belt not working (the shoulder belt that moves as you turn key)

Will turn over but not start. There is a disconnected hose but don't know where it goes.

Is there a way to bypass the park safety switch for the shifter ?

will I have to pull the dash to fix this? what kind of part will i need?

trying to replace the control panel. the power thing plugs in fine but what are the other wires for? they are connected with some kind of gel type substance. Does it have to do with the transfer of air blow location. vent, floor, defrost etc.?

Today changed blown fuse for interier lights & radio, started car closed door ( by now the automatic seat belt shouldve harnessed over my shouider, but did not) checked all fuses & relays

im getting fluid from one side but not the other,not the most further away. any suggestions? thanks

where is thermostat located on a ford tempo

trans won't shift out of first gear. Speedometer does not work, both started at the same time. Already replaced throttle position sensor and it did not help. Also replace the driven gear just outside the trans that is attached to the speedometer cable, still no change. This is an automatic trans.

Hello, I have a check engine light and the engine is of course running a bit rough - where is the computer or where can I check the codes?


replaced starter relay now i'm not sure where wires go on each terminal

ignition key will not turn. key goes in but will not turn. Steering wheel does not appear to be locked to the side. Sometimes it will start working, but now it will not turn.

need to replace clutch

where can i go that will tell me how to replace my thermostat on my 1993 ford temp and is it something that i can do myself relatively easily? Any special tools I need?

need to remove wheel spindle and replace it

brake lights work but signal don't

i need to replace the timing chain. Any advice would be great. Is it difficult to replace? What reading should you get when you put a timing light on it?

blower fan, signal lights and tail lights are not working. Trying to find an electrical diagram to help trace the problem. Can you help me find such a thing?

i need step by step on removing transmission

Alternator belt tears 2-3 tmes per week. Had bracket replaced. A/C does not work, would seized condensor cause belt problem? Any other ideas??

my heater only works on LOW, not high. could it still be blower motor resistor? they told me at auto parts store that's 99% what it is so I ordered part. Where is part located and is it difficult to replace?

the heater was working but blowing cold air so i shut off the fan and tryed to turn the fan back on but there was notihng

Does my car have stored trouble codes? If so how can i retreive them,also i was wondering could a bad strut cause the check engine light to come on?



what's the cost of repairing a stuck valve?

hi my 1994 ford tempo jerks when I reach in between 45 to 50 mph, it somtimes feels like it wants to die at these speeds, and just in the last couple of days eveytime i put in reverse it acts like it want to die on me and had it die on me a couple of time when i put on my brakes to turn. can anyone tell me what might be happening? I already checked for loose or damaged hoses but there wasnt any.

hello, i recently noticed the heater blower switch under the dash gets hot after turning on the blower and I even saw sparks at the base of connection. I am assuming I have to repalce the harness switch all together? I found out about this after noticing a faint cable burning odor while air was on. i wonder if this was a factory problem?