I really just want to know if it is normal for a starter to go bad in less than 3 years?

Can i bypass the system or can i get a actual wire diagram to this sysem. I dont really know which type system it is but says chapmans security system. Car was running but isnt able to right now. Itsmy friends car. It was already appart. I hooked it up it ran i told him to pjnch the gas it stoped now it wont start i took it appart it was burnt so i trhed to solder it back but have not tryed to start it yet.

This was first time. All electronics like radio did not appear to have not been affected like they would if the battery died.

Five months ago I realized that I was getting very few miles to a tank of gas. Motor began to idle roughly, but was ok stoplight to stoplight. But eventually motor began to stall at each stoplight. O2 sensors were replaced with Ford O2 sensors. But the motor began to run more roughly. I found a split manifold vacuum hose and replaced it. Then found that the MAF sensor had gone bad (tried to clean MAF sensor with no improvement). (Motor ran better with MAF unplugged). Replaced the MAF sensor. The motor idles and accelerates well. MPG is great. I just need to complete two of the four monitors. If you know how, please help.

The car has been leaking for over a month now I also need a oil change and sometimes a jump to even make the car crank...it actually cut off on me in the middle of driving and didn't crank back up until I charged the battery. It has ran hot before and smoked a little. When I took it to get looked at I was told the code pointed to the gas tank however when they ran another diagnostic on it they said I need a new engine all together because of the leak. I don't want to replace a new engine when I feel the leak can be fixed.

My car has always started and ran just fine. About a week ago, I got home...turned the car off. About 10 min later I tried to start the car, and it wouldn't. After waiting about an hour it started perfectly, but when I tried to leave my driveway going uphill it chugged and cut off. I coasted back and was in the downhill position. It started up and as soon as I started going uphill it cut off again. It is nearly full of gas, so I know that's not the issue...but I can not drive the car because it will not make it out of my driveway. What should I check? I am completely baffled.

radio can be controlled from steering wheel. The defrost is blowing high

We flush out the heater coil still no heat

Once I try to turn the key to start the dash will light up bUT it want turn over. It just make a buzz noise. The horn, radio still works. Is there a recall anywhere on this

i have new thermastat and heater core the pannel and defrost and floor settings still blows out cold heat when i feel the heater core it is nice and hot so the fluids are circulating correctly through it so why do i still get cold air

could it be the catalick convertor?

Automatic door locks are locking and unlocking while the car is moving, interior lights stay on and when parked, theft alarm comes on and off. Battery drains during this