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I got into a wreck and my car slid sideway over a curb and over a pole from passenger side. I can't drive it over 40 mph without losing control of the wheel. It doesn't make any noises and everything seems fine.

Fan is connected directly to fuse box

Has oil ,changed sparkplugs, put gas treatment in, and blew out the fuil filter

I no. . Have. T . Replac . The idle air
Contro . Valve an . The. Pcv. Valve
Can. This. Mak . It use more gas than

seems maybe a short somewhere.Radio stopped working and we have to take battery cable off when sits to keep from draining battery. Changed oil and shavings Please help.

What could be want stay started and has very little power

A few weeks ago the left turn signal start blinking more rapidly than usual. Visual inspection revealed what appear to be a faulty front bulb. However, the next day it was working again. Then I noticed the driver’s door lock was lagging behind the others. Now, it’s stopped working completely and my battery charge light comes on a minute or so after start. The battery test at 12.55v off and 13.86v running. Should I tear into the door and suspect the lock actuator? Or, is there other tests I should do first?

I have noticed oil leaking and when I turn on the heat there is an odor. Could this be a sign of a problem with the new timing cover/gasket?

Thank you!

Turns over can hear pump noise no pressure at test point where is inertia reset located

One of my belts squeal when it hits water or rains. Could that just be as easy as to fix my serpentine belt?

An my cars loud when I turn it on. an smells when i turn on heater or sit at a light sometimes.
Could that just be my exhaust pipe or a heater core leaking antifreeze? An if its just my exhaust could it just have a stuck valve instead or the hole in the exhaust pipe?

An i also want to get a tune up. How often should you get one done on your car?
I was told every time you buy a used car from a private owner you should always set aside money for tune up. That should be first thing to keep updated on if previous owners havnt had one done in a while. Plus a tune up helps with more miles to a gallon. If im planning on a oil change anyways why hundred more for tune up I'm thinking would be better choice.

A little about my car i got it a month ago. The smell was there when i test drove it. Its 2003 ford taurus with 143000 miles on it. It has Passed echeck. No engine light on. Sticker on windshield says it needs to have oil change when it hits 145.000 miles ... But just recently the engine light had came on. For a few hrs an started to act like it was going to stall. I had gotten out an checked Engine fluid an was almost 3 quarts. When I put Oil in 50 miles later engine light had turn off. an has been off for 2 weeks almost..
I dont think engine is leaking any oil. I believe they had not been 100% with the oil change or because car was sitting almost a year that had somthing to do with it or the exhaust. While it was sitting they did drive it one or twice a week just to have it running a little.

I put water and antifreeze in car about three times a day drive about ten miles and have to put more