would not start- got out of car -h2o forming puddle under car- checked h2o resevoir - still h20 present -but all eventually leaked out-trailered car home- engine oil leaking also- appears all over engine-could be tranny fluid or? what happened? charged battery car started removed cable car died-figure alternator but why all leaks?Help Please!

Light came on last week car began running and idoling extremely choppy when i press gas it sputters slowly gains speed low power. I noticed coolent almost out so i initially filled. Next day light off car normal. Since then when i turn on AC the car begins to idol choppy loss of power. Today light back on car running and idoling 10xs worse. Once again noticed coolent almost out so again initially filled. Almost didnt make it home running poorly sputtering gaining power very slowly and idoling choppy to the point of almost dying. HELP ME

My tank will not accept over two gallons of gas at a time. Engine in great shape,runs well. I will do repair if easy fix.

I replaced the rotors and put new brakes on it within the last 3 months at high speeds a 45 miles an hour and higher I can feel movement and shaking shaking in the steering wheel and in the brake pedal I have to let off the brake and depress the brake again and do this a couple times so I can get the car to slow down without the shaking

moon roof on my ford Taurus is stuck in the open position how to close it

my moon roof is stuck in the open position. the buttons to open it are not working. is there a manual way to close the moon roof

Mostly while driving but also when in park, you can slam the doors or put car in gear and sometimes they will come back on. When driving if u hit a bump it will trigger it but sometimes you hear a repetitive clicking sound and dash lights flicker on and off.

I got into a wreck and my car slid sideway over a curb and over a pole from passenger side. I can't drive it over 40 mph without losing control of the wheel. It doesn't make any noises and everything seems fine.

Fan is connected directly to fuse box

Has oil ,changed sparkplugs, put gas treatment in, and blew out the fuil filter

I no. . Have. T . Replac . The idle air
Contro . Valve an . The. Pcv. Valve
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