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2008 ford taurus X SEL , where is the cranckshaft position sensor located ?
It tops out at45:mph in a mile and a half
when we are driving, it shifts hard at 32 and 50 mph but after 50 it rides great. We have had the fuel pump replaced, and several other parts as the engine light wouldn't go off and after 1500 dollars, still shifts h...
car had been running fine. Went to town earlier no problems. Went out a couple hours later to return to town and was backing out of drive. backed up a couple feet and then just stopped moving. No reverse or forward.
I have bypassed ac as it seized up last summer. Just changed the battery, alternator and starter.
I have tried to find a blown fuse either in the box under the dash or the one under the hood. This has never happened to me in this car nor in the 2 previous Taurus', a 2001 and a 2004, I have owned. It does not have ...
Car lost power last night, dashlights went out,& had to pull over the road. The car started with a jump start. Never happened before with this car.
Give list of shops in Camillus, NY region.
I recently bought a car and before i could take it to have the emissions test done the check engine light came on! P0113, P0340, P0707, P0743, and P1451 are my trouble codes. Ive asked around and some say get rid of c...
My brother was recently in an accident & the cast iron mount that holds the ball joint & wheel bearing has broken but I don't know what its called & only find info on the bearings please help me identify this part!?
it is coming up through the back of car into the passenger compartment where the back speakers are
During this time engine dies nothing else while this is happening if u press gas it jumps and won't do anything does it like like once every couple miles shifts fine can shift thru all gears over and over and nothing ...
We bought this car new in 1996 and have taken great care of it. The heater has never put out good warm air. What could be the problem?
fan nt working
It makes a loud noise, it comes from the back side of the car, left hand side. Its everytime I go over a bump. It sounds like if I had something heavy in the trunk.
At first I thought, Shift Modulator, but the reset cleared all of that up once I drove the car to allow the ECU to learn the shift patterns, and idle speeds. Now it is just the engine vibrates hard at an idle. It run...