I have water damage on my dashboard and half the buttons do not work. Ex. Tune, Volume, A/C. What needs to be replaced and what would it generally cost me.

Would it be the actual radiator or ac condenser?

i was driving and noticed i was losing speed and kept losing speed until it died. lifted the hood cuz it was hot and a small fire started from fluid that had spewed, now my car wont start? im lost and need help

What do you think I should do

Everything wonderful but it runs hotter than any car ive had the radiator seems fine but daily small-medium leak (bright green) liquid on right hand side of car under car where door situated, now water kinda pouring out as well, heater core issues? Radiator??? Or hoses in heating and air conditioning system on a very fixed budget so I need to narrow down or at least pin point area needs work. I am 64 older help here! I bought it late feb. With 140,000 miles car good shape too

My daughters car will move into reverse and drive, but won't move. she drove it to the store and it was fine. she went to leave about 30 minutes later and this happened. what do you think it could be?

1992 ford taurus gl

I have a 2002 Taurus SE. I started having problem with the Theft light coming on for a second and then off; which kills the speed for that moment. I have made a new key and programmed at Ford, changed thenTranceiver in the steering column. checked all fuses, checked all relays, had Autozone check my battery, starter and issues. All fluid levels are good including transmission. Recently changed the belt, fuel pump and all the relays associated with the fuel line. Any idea what could be going on? The problems happens random... city, highway, etc... rough road or smooth road... HELP...

Also under the left front passenger side where you put your feet at is like Condensating and it's leaking water from the evaporator housing. Does any one know anything please!

My car won't but after I ran out of gas

car runs fine from 0 to 35 mi.per hr on long trip on the frway. at 60 to 70 mi.per hr running for 2hrs it over heats and i have to stop

The lock mechanism for the tailgate itself works, but the rear glass lock doesn't. Also the courtesy light when opening the door stopped working at the same time as when the rear glass stopped locking.

It is a 2008 ford Taurus SELL all wheel drive I can't find the code to get in car it is keyless on door can't find comp module

We just purchased this car, it has a major coolant leak. The dealer is repairing the leak but now I am very worried about keeping the car. It is the 3.5 liter v-6, which I now know can have problems with the water pump around this time. Is this a car I should waste my time on or run? Thank you!

still no spark. Was running fine when it was shut off. Is getting fuel. Crank sensor?

Everything but the turn signals and reverse lamps work I can't even find where the wires are ran from or find any info on this matter

Hosed from engine coolant to radiator to engine?

it would usually say "aux line not in" but now it says "no aux" there a reset code? (I can't find my owners manual, wondered if there would be one listed in the car)

Was running fine, went to start then it would not. Need ideas, anyone.

Does not want Togo into any gears but does start, help.

vehicle makes a a chirping sound under the engine blows hot air.

I brought another start for my car still want start.. Don't hear anything when I turn the key dashboard lights and window are out.. Engine won't crank or start..

Just wondering ifbits even worth fixing.

wont start lights turn on but car wont crank or fuel pump wont go on all steering column is broken

I have replaced both the battery and the alternator. System stays charged for maybe 1 or 2 days, I go out to start it and it's dead. Both alternator and battery tested good, fuses are good as well. Could this be a bad ecc?

It just reves the engine. I have to turn car off then back on again to make it go. Maybe twice a month if I were to guess.

I put a 32oz. of power steering fluid in one day already and still there is none in it, I'm guessing a hole or leak somewhere. Still the wheel is turning but with alot of force.

Car recently had head gaskets changed, but ended up having a miss after that. One day driving down the highway it started to decelerate and wouldnt pick up speed when i pressed the accelerator, but once i pulled over n popped the hood it had smoke coming from around the engine n smelled like burned rubber. I turned the car off and it wouldnt start but it would turn over freely. My diagnostic tool showed i had a misfire in 2 cyclinders and bank 1 was too lean. I was told i should get another motor, but i want to know if thats what i should really do because i need to get my car fixed asap.

My drivers seat drifts up and down, will not go forward or backwards. What can I do to fix it?

what is the approxximate cost of replacing 2008 ford taurus transmission speed sensor?