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First time starting my car in the morning it does not like to start. I have to "flutter" the gas pedal to get it to start and then keep revving the engine until it levels out and runs smooth. After the initial morni...
where is the cam shaft sensor located on 2001 ford taurus
Replaced everything possible, from o2 sensors, to idle control..... you name it. When I unhooked the vacum line going to the air breather, it brought the idle down and I noticed the brakes worked better.But when put b...
after removal of 4 bolts surrounding cluster on all corners and removing both hex pinns bottom center cluster why won't it come out??
No turn over, no sound when I try to start car
the valve/ distribution assy is located on the driver side above the front tire wheel well.
When swithching to cd or turning car on with cd on. Random times
The problem is intermittent. It usually works fine at first but after about 20 minutes of driving the steering becomes very heavy. Sometimes it stays that way but often the power steering will kick in and out several ...
I had to remove the fuse. is there a shorted switch in the ignition causing this?
want to charge my AC with DIY canister--can not locate where the valve(s) are in the engine. It's a 1995 Ford Taures
I changed out the relay, did not work. My dad said maybe a vaccum hose might be disconnected
On 87 I am down 2 mpgs (I was at 22 mpg before accident now Im at 19). I put in 91+ and I would get 24+ (using factory air filter, I have performance now). Now I am at 17 mpg. I am at a loss. They took off the air...
2008 ford taurus X SEL , where is the cranckshaft position sensor located ?
It tops out at45:mph in a mile and a half
when we are driving, it shifts hard at 32 and 50 mph but after 50 it rides great. We have had the fuel pump replaced, and several other parts as the engine light wouldn't go off and after 1500 dollars, still shifts h...
car had been running fine. Went to town earlier no problems. Went out a couple hours later to return to town and was backing out of drive. backed up a couple feet and then just stopped moving. No reverse or forward.
I have bypassed ac as it seized up last summer. Just changed the battery, alternator and starter.
I have tried to find a blown fuse either in the box under the dash or the one under the hood. This has never happened to me in this car nor in the 2 previous Taurus', a 2001 and a 2004, I have owned. It does not have ...