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Several months ago I drove somewhere and didn't drive my car for a week on the way home, all of a sudden the vehicle started having a very slight acceleration problem then after I got home the fuel pump went out, we r...
My power steering is making a loud squeal noise and I have been told the power steering motor should be replace. Squeals constantly.
have replaced iac code reads egr when diagnosing code light flashes 332 motor surged so bad broke hydraulic motor mount a/c manifold power steering draws down when the motor starts idling up happens with foot on brake...
Changed master cylinder but brakes still hissing
The car will not stop brake pedal goes all the way to the floor and it makes a hissing noise when I press on brake pedal
Okay I tried starting it up 3 different times and when I did it the 4th time it act like it wanted to start but instead alot of white smoke came from the Hood of the car and throw the vents the smell smelt like burnin...
I would like to get an estimate on repairs for Fuel System Service, Tune up and shocks..oh and possibly brakes. I've been experiencing problems with acceleration. Thank you.
the battery will not recharge the battery light comes on after about 10 seconds put a meter on the altenator no amps registering
It dies shortly after its started, and will start up around 30 seconds later. I've change the plugs, o2 sensors, crank shaft postion sensor, and the camshaft position sensor.
My AC works in the morning and if the car sits for off for a time "ICE CUBES" but only for 30-60 min... Even if i don't use the ac and then try later i don't see it working... Everything works like it needs to but whe...
It loosed power and then catches up. it occurs often
Where can I take this car to fix airbag passanger? How much is cost?