I have the 3.0 motor, after motor is warmed up i get a rattle noise at 2500 rpm,s . this happens when i shift gears, after the rpms increase the rattle goes away. when i downshift when rpms are high their is no noise. other than that engine runs fine. 129000 on engine.

Just got tune up, change gas filter, new electronic distributor. ... now truck pings when it warms up. Any suggestions.

Usually happens after turning a corner. Brake light sometimes also come on briefly.

I have a 97 Ford ranger and can't seem to get rid of the noisy power steering pump. I've changed the fluid and also added some Lucas power steering stop leak. I have no leaks. I don't believe there is any air in the system because there's no bubbles in the reservoir. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Checked fuel pump and fuel filter cleaned gas tank

ok it will sit and idle but when i start to move it it will die and i have changed the fuel pump and the fuel filter

Just replaced my fuel pump and injector nozzles on Ford Ranger 2003 2.5TDI. My vehicle now revs to 2000rpm on startup. If I turn the engine off and start again, then it revs normally. This has happened twice in about 10 cold starts. What can it be ?

Stuck between 4th and 5th gear.

I was driving down the road today and I started ran out of gas. When I pulled over my radio went out along with my flashers and blinkers. I've checked all my fused and they are ok.

My brakes tend to lock up when i press hard on brake. Now my abs light stays on

the transmission fluid is also leaking into the radiator and filling the overflow tank

This leak was causing antifreeze to get into the automatic transmission and the transmission fluid to get into the radiator and fill the collection tank. He is replacing the radiator and flushing the transmission. he told me the bill would be around $1200.00. is that a fair price?

The problem seemed to start all of a sudden. I have to keep the nozzle mostly out of the neck and hold it so it is centered in the hole. I can only pump the gas in at a trickle. I have had this problem every gas station I go to.

Diagnostic code said misfire # 4. Can't afford the repairs so I was going to use the head gasket sealer but don't know which one to buy.

bad and I need a new engine $5,749.00. I took it back to the dealer who I bought it from and they said it doesn't need a new engine, (OF COURSE THEY DON'T WANT TO SPEND ANY OF THEIR OWN MONEY). I really don't know who to believe or what to do next. With this type of problem do you think a new engine is necessary?

shimmy in the front end especially noticeable over 60 mph

Dome light only works when I open the pass.door.doesn't come on when I open the driver door.cannot find any jam switch .what tells the light to come on when I open door.

I replaced the thermostat, flushed coolant, and drained the heater core. I know the unit reader for temperature gauge that displays on the dash does not work. It stays below C all the time. The coolant system is functioning correctly. I have found out by investigating that the hot and cold air both blow out air temperature equal to that of outside the truck. I believe I need to unclog the switch fan from behind the dash and replace temp reader guage