i had the head gaskets replaced and about 200 miles later i lost oil pressure and stopped when i tried to restart the engine had froze up
i had oil but had lost water

i had the head gaskets replaced and about 200 miles later it lost oil pressure, i stopped and when i tried to restart the motor had froze up
there was no water in the oil but it had lost water

1992 Ranger Ext cab 2wd. We are 2nd owners. 176K mi. ~ out of nowhere, my son was driving to work, he called to say the "rear end" sounded odd? I had driven it all wk, no prob? Then later, after parked for 8hrs, it RATTLES & CLANKS@any acceleration. Driving it vibrates & sounds like noise is coming from the rear. Outside it sounds like LOUD BB's & clanking metal?

location of, test to determine if the sensor is defective. crank but no start. getting gas

Estimate of 1 hour to replace cruise control switch on 2000 Ranger but 30 minuted on Explorer - Same switch used for both cars.

Ok, he we go, i have my girlfriends 2005 ford ranger, 3.0 v6. I took it my friends shop where we changed the sparkplugs, wireset, and fuel filter. When we cranked it back on, all hell just broke loose. What's happening right now is that it's cranking on, it idles well, but when put into drive and driven, starts shaking and I hear popping noises, and clicking sounds, i accelerate to about 40, then the check engine starts flashing and it begins to slow it's self down. I've put the pedal all the way to the floor but it just won't go.. at a stop light, the engine is misfiring bad. When we placed a scanner on it, we got random misfires at start, misfire in cylinder 1 and 3, and something about system too lean bank one. We have changed the spark plugs again, the wireset again, the fuel filter again, we have replaced the throttle positioning sensor, we cleaned out the idle control valve, replaced injectors one and three, and 5 and 6, we have replaced intake manifold gasket, we have checked compression I believe, and I honestly don't know what else to do, spark plugs one and three had to be changed again because they were all black and burned, i mean, don't get me wrong, it turns on amazing now, with a misfire or two, but once it's placed into drive, and speeds of 30-45 are met, check engine blinks and popping and clicking begin until I let go of the pedal, then I press on again slowly, and the same will occur. Someone please help me. I don't have much money left to keep trying to figure this out.

replaced the thermostat and blower is working fine

power steering pump went out so i want to bypass it for, auto zone sold a belt that's 60" but it won't fit

I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 V6 flex fuel, and the engine was just replaced and that is working fine, but now the engine light turned on and i keep getting Solenoid Circuit Malfunction codes for Solenoid 1,2,and 3. Does that mean that my trans is gone (because it was working perfectly fine before the engine swap) or could it be something else?

Somebody told me it was either my actuator or my heater control valve. I located the valve and whoever had the truck before I did, zip tied the plunger closed. I took the zip tie off and the heat started working but my temperature gauge would fluctuate from normal to hot no matter what I done. Can anyone tell me if I need to replace the control valve or what?

Added STP and replaced the filter. Any suggestions?

I have the 3.0 motor, after motor is warmed up i get a rattle noise at 2500 rpm,s . this happens when i shift gears, after the rpms increase the rattle goes away. when i downshift when rpms are high their is no noise. other than that engine runs fine. 129000 on engine.

Just got tune up, change gas filter, new electronic distributor. ... now truck pings when it warms up. Any suggestions.

Usually happens after turning a corner. Brake light sometimes also come on briefly.

I have a 97 Ford ranger and can't seem to get rid of the noisy power steering pump. I've changed the fluid and also added some Lucas power steering stop leak. I have no leaks. I don't believe there is any air in the system because there's no bubbles in the reservoir. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Checked fuel pump and fuel filter cleaned gas tank

ok it will sit and idle but when i start to move it it will die and i have changed the fuel pump and the fuel filter

Just replaced my fuel pump and injector nozzles on Ford Ranger 2003 2.5TDI. My vehicle now revs to 2000rpm on startup. If I turn the engine off and start again, then it revs normally. This has happened twice in about 10 cold starts. What can it be ?

Stuck between 4th and 5th gear.