The only thing works is the headlights, and you see the theft blinking. No radio no interior lights basicly nothing works.

I have recently baught a Ford Ranger and the sales person said it had a slight misfire in the 4th cylinder and it is fixable and they replaced the spark plugs and coils and it still is missing and vibrating. what could this be that's causing the misfiring and vibrations?

I pull the fuse out when driving but the fuse also operates the windshield wipers and speedmeter

it has set out of gas for some time. could it have air in the lines/ stuck injectors? some sensor? i checked inertia valve.

Check engine light came on it kept stalling but after letting it warm up it would drive fine. After 2 weeks it just seized when I put it in drive bought this truck and there is brand new transmission fluid in it has 180000 miles do you think I need a rebuilt granny and if so how much an I looking at thanks

2007 ford ranger. I was in 4 hi and then went back 2wd and indicator will not go off. and i cant get into 4lo. Control module, Maybe?

flush coolient,new themost

I replaced the factory bulbs with leds in my instrument cluster and climate control panel. They are all 194 bulbs. The leds work fine in the cluster but not at all in the control panel. I reversed the bulb 180 degrees to make sure I had the right polarity. Still nothing. I had to put the factory bulbs back in the control panel. Any suggestions?

Does anyone know how to reset the check engine light?

Any ideas on what could be the problem with my 99 ford ranger??

Does anyone know what size bulb is used for the check engine light? It's smaller than the instrument panel light.

I was driving and when i stopped and put the vehicle in park, and tried to put it in drive again to leave but the truck wouldn't drive. The truck had only the reverse gear. what are some causes and possible solutions?
it is an automatic transmission.

Is there any additives I can add to my power steering pump to quieten it. I heard lubegard might help. Any expert opinions?

Its leaking antifreeze near the thermostat housing and its puddling up behind it what's wrong?

How do you restore the compression and increase my power of motor need to know what is recommended whether I to overhaul need a rebuild kit or what any suggestions accepted

When put in gear and you release the clutch you hear a clanking noise as you're going down the road and you shift gears you hear aclanking noise it only does that when 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and reverse

When on highway I have a whining noise in fifth gear only 5th gear more I accelerate louder it gets

4.0 5speed 4wheel drive