I have a 1994 Ford Ranger with no spark. I have replaced the distributor, the
ignition module, and the ECM. I also replaced the under the hood relays. I
am out of ideas.

When gas is aplied boggs down an bucks but as i pick up speed it stops bucking an runs a little better..if i aplie gas slowly it want buck. An transmission want shift.i have to take off in low gear

But it will still only work on High. What is the solution?

starts and motor runs,check gauged light came on motor rattled and stoped

the truck ran and steam was coming out the driver side of the engine. When water was poured in it it went right out the bottom of the engine.

The tank is not coming out because of the rear axle is there a trick to it or what?

I have a set of 07 ford freestyle wheels that I want to put on my 98 2wd ranger but the hub center of my wheels are bigger so my question is will wheel spacers fix this issue

I replace the starter with another starter because it first one burned up is that in this is it in the starter switch or the the Tumblr

fuse for fuel pump keeps popping already replaced fuel pump and relay not sure what else the problem could this point when the key is turned over the fuse pops instantly..thinking bad panel or ignition problem

It comes out of that when I hit the brakes. Could this be the rear axel?

Can't get gas to pump into gas tank. Is there a recall on filler necks?

Once truck is cranked it ll crank easy after that just has no pier and bogs down when I give it gas

They both are Ford ranger but one a stick shift

I flushed it out 4 times. changed radiator and thermostat 2 times.overheats within 5 to 10 minutes. it ends up filling overflow and boiling to a hot enough temp to were it is boiling.

It's like the old shifting modules in the old cars is not working

Has been doing it for awhile

The heater is not working as well

For tailgate

what step should I take next?

Slipping from high gear to low slow to shift and at times it'll hard shift

Ac blowing hot air keep adjusting hot cold knob then finally a good rap on top of dash then I get cold air

sounds like the seat belt isn't attach that kind of sound and wont stop doesnt matter if its a long trip or short trip

If u hold pedal to floor it stalls and pops and cracks till it dies

Only getting 6.7 volts

Left head just replaced

How to install brake master cylinder and properly bleed brake system for 1992 does rangerwith an automatic transmission 2 wheel drive 4.0 liter engine? Thank you.