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661 blocked passage 662 filed EGR valve663 EGR solenoid faulty 664 failed EGR pressure sensor 665 failed EGR position sensor
4.o motor is a junkyard unit w/t 135K. Will starter swap as well? 98 Ranger has auto trans/ 2 wheel drive
occasionally will not shift out of first
apply brakes. Also putting foot on rear tire and pushing and pulling on bed feels like axle has play.
What would cause these two codes to appear, and where are these sensors located?
I get a P0704 code, (clutch switch input malfunction), Where is this located on the Ranger?
howdo i trouble shoot or repair a transmission code p0734 for a ford
PO 743,750,755,760,765,and PO 1747,1451,PO135,PO141. The small time dealer says it is not Trany problem ! This truck will not move in drive, it only has reverse,and my son didn't even get to drive it to get an inspe...
it runs good when it is cold but when it warms up i have a hard time putting it in gear... does it need gear oil?
The engine light came on and its running really rough. What's would be the problem.
The Brake Light Switch has to be removed so I can install the new one! I have unplugged the wires. But, a short shaft goes through the two holes, and something has to be removed. It is holding the old part on, Ut ...
can not seem to find vacume leak truck has 240000 2 wheel dr and 5 speed 2.3 enginge