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it wont start unless i hold the gas to the floor then it starts but chugs then soothes out and runs fine happens periodically not all the time new cap,rotor,wires,tps was going to replace the fuel filter but the only...
My probe is acting like the transmission went out but it still moves in drive and thats it. the car wont go backwards in neutral or in reverse.
I want to make sure the speed sensor is what I have to replace. Does the speed sensor control the speedometer.
went to start car and a red light started blinking and the headlights were flashing and the car would not start, we disconnected battery to stop lights from flashing,,what is going on?
Hi, 1991 ford probe here i need some help with. car turns over but wont start, new fuel pump,new relay,and inertia switch seems fine.pump works when jumped.found a couple blown fuses under dash -replaced,there was a w...
Ford Probe has Mazda GF4A-EL transmission. Transmission had problem with harsh shift from 1st to 2nd and I did TSB 9774 - 3 weeks later, OD began turning off with failsafe. VSS replaced 9-4-2009 along with MANY parts....
hi i have a 94 ford probe gt an its burning to much gas an wen i turn it on it smells like gas alot an it wont keep a steady idle an i changed the fuel filter an fuel injectors and the tps any idea what it could be
There is a knocking when the car is put into gear. wether its moving or not. any ideas?
ive had my od flash on before, shop guy said not to mess with it until it did it again. no surprise here: last time he said it was most likely a piece of garbage stuck in the system that got worked out because the lig...
I need to replace my fuel filter and I can't find it!! Any help??
I want to know how muc would it cost to fix my car transmission. I cant go faster than 55 miles ph. So what all i need to do to get my car back up an running again.
Engine is knocking. low on oil. is there anyway to fix this problem? I put oil stabilizer and oil in it and it is still knocking.
my 1992 ford probe 2.2 wont stay running. It starts fast but only runs for about 5 sec then dies. The check engine light is on.Any RPM's I give it, it will only stay running a few sec
no forward gears
no forward gears with man shift button off only low with man shift on man shift light flashes on forward gears at all man shift light is on not flashing low gear is solid acts like it low on fluid kic...
2.2L 5 speed my car will barely move in any of the forward gears, it will move some in reverse, but not like it should it's like the clutch is not engaging with the tranny
I am not missing anything... I just need an estimate on re-wiring it. The wires were cut when a new engine was put into it.
my battery is not holding a charge. It is not very old. my altinater I think is OK. is testing almost 13v. I think it might poss be some kind of elec short. Is there a way to check for shorts without testers, becaus...
My engain is not running smoth. It idel go up and down and will stall out. The plugs are new and burning fine. Is this in the timing or poss vaccum leak
my shoulder seatbelts are not retracting. Its making noise as if its trying to lock in. Is this a easy repair
I need a bold specs so i can replace my tensioner bolt that is gone and i have high pitch squeals most of the time especially when i first start the auto.
After making hard turns it dosen't repond to the excelerater. I want to use the car for SOLO compititions and I can't get it to accelerate out of the corners Thank You Cowboy
The heater blows out cold air instead of hot air. I've changed the thermostat. My car also overheats. What could it be?
keeps breaking water pump and alt. belt
How to fix, dont know if it is gauge, wiring or what?
I have a 93 ford probe that intermittently starts.when it dont start it doesnt even crank,but all the accessories work so i would have to push start it to start.Now even when i push start it it wont start.The fuel cut...
Every tune-up part (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter) has been replaced (as well as 3 distributors within the past 5,000 miles, yikes!), yet the vehicle has recently begun stalling at red lights when it's time to...
just within the last 4 days my airbag light has been flashing 5 times then does it again.. i took it on the highway and it didn't do it at all