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V6 Auto runs and drives good , just wont shift
No power, rough idle, replaced plugs wires, plugs, distributor .
Intermittent but not Random. No misfire under load or while driving. It idles and run rough while stopped after 15 minutes of driving in temperatures above 50 degrees. Runs smoother in temperatures under 50 degrees an...
It runs perfect for about 10 mins or less until temp gauge is mid-range, then starts mis-firing.
bottom hose isnt hot too the wont come on until you unplug it....whats wrong...need help quickley
took plugs out turned it over and there was coolent coming out were the plugs go
If I have built in RPM Limiter on my 2.0 Ford Probe can I disable it.
I changed the calipers and the brakes and the hoses and the brakes still continue to lock up can only drive maybe 2 blocks. also changed the paportion valve but was from salvage yard
ok it has lose of power and ever now an then it back fires in the intake
previous owner had the whole console taken apart and shifter too
not sure if there is a way to reset the idle sensor in this car or if the problem is more major and i can fix it before it gets worse please help!
I noticed it on my way to work. it is like this all the time
just replaced battery, now car does not want to accelerate and backfires.....only happens sometimes. Replaced o2 sensor yesterday, but still happens (not as much though). Check engine light blinking as stated above.....
Trying to find windshield wiper linkage for a 95 ford probe as mine is broken on my project car. I have found 94 and 96 probes that i can pull parts from, but will they work on my 95? Thanks
Both the radio and climate control work fine, however the radio's display does not work and the back lighting for the climate control panel doesn't work either. The radio display went out first, and now the climate co...
it eventually stops making that noise when i start going
I want to change the passenger taillight myself but can't figure out how to get to it. I couldn't see a way from inside the trunk (even after taking the back panel off)or from the outside of the car. Can anyone help?
What's the easiest way to rep. pass. side restraint? It's stuck in halfway pos. and I don't know where or how to start. Any suggestions? Stick the car where?? In the shop? No thanx!
I have a 1991 Probe GL with 253 K miles ( LOVE my car) and the seat belt finally got stuck for good, on passenger side . Am I still eligible for the recall repair that I noted on your website, or is it a bit late? Wou...
Sincei have a short the car will not turn on. I blew a fuse, the main one to turn the ar on, and sine then i have not been able to find the short. The alternator does not have anything to do with the problem becausewh...
i have a ford probe thats runs but fifth gear sometimes wont engage its a five speed trans is it sfe to drive it withut fifth gear
when you floor the gas the car hesitates put on new mass air flow sensor and cold air intake and got less but it still hesitates , change the plugs to split fires still a little hesitation when you floor it. Starts gr...
Wont start in the morn. After 5 to 35 minutes will start. Often drags down battery.