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Idle pulley, tensioner? I read some other sites and they mention some like cramshaft. Could be that possible?
The car will stop accelerating at about 35mph, although the rpms continue to climb. The check engine light is not on. The transmission fluid is fine.
started having chemical smell when AC was on when it got real hot out, then it got real bad cut air off still smell it, i know my air compressor is going bad but idk, it makes awful groan noise when AC is on and i saw...
What could be the problem the Check engine light is on and the over drive button flashes but if I turn it off it drives fine the rpms are just a bit higher between. 2 and 3. What are possible things wrong with it.
as I read on the site. that the clutch plate can cause a knocking. I have a knocking problem specially when I go high RPM. usually I hear a little grinding sound if the engine work while the car stop. and when I press...
the car is running slightly rough not the smooth purr it use to have kind of like a bbb rough idle not to rough but notacable
I can crank it up an let it run and it just go to the hot line
It shutters more when it is warmed up or really hot out.
problem just started, on defrost all the time now. my mustang is a v-6
Hello, rear squeak when causing in my mustang its a 2009 with 50k miles..great condition bought CPO. anyway recently when going 20-50 i hear a squeak from the rear of the car..but it goes away when i hit the brakes o...
what and where is the wiring and the connector for this feature??
once engine reaches operating temp. the code indicates that misfire nos. 5 cylinder. once engine cools down and cold again, will start and run fine until it reaches op temp again.
I tried using AC coolant but didn't work.
i unlocked the steering wheel and went to turn the tires to get a better grip on this pesky bolt when every thing froze the steering wheel the key wont move move it just froze what do i do help
can i replace just that or do i need the whole calaper and how do i do that
My car has started to intermittently Squeal... it is definitely something that changes as the car accelerates. Fluids are good, belt is dressed and good. listening to the various parts, it "seems" to be coming from ...
clicking noise every time you start the car, not coming from the starter but from the middle of the dashboard
When they put the Pump in it read fine . Know all of a sudden it only goes up to 3/4 full when the tank is full. Is this something that can be corrected by Ford with a computer?
I replaced the gas cap, cleared the code, however it returns after a few minutes. What else could it be?
I've replaced the MAF sensor and the purge valve and IAT sensor and 2 O2 sensors, and a filler gasket. I've been running premium fuel and checked my vacuum hoses. but my car says I could have vacuum leak, and check fu...
I guess they made both kind of engines that year so is there a way to tell without taking everything apart
going to change the clutch and want to change the flywheel while im at it but there are 2 kinds of flywheels internal and external
just want to know what common problems occur with this car.