I have a 2005 Altima and I reeeaaallly want a Mustang. I can't drive a stick so it would have to be an automatic. I'm looking at the 2001-2005 body styles. Are they good? My fiance has had mustangs all his life and I have seen how hard it is to fix a Cobra but he has a 2005 GT now. Every time I ask someone their opinion about them , they always tell me that it will be high insurance and repair records. I have been paying 279 for full coverage every three months and he pays 117 a month so its about the same. I have had no accidents and no tickets and im 23f.

What can i look for? Engine seems fine.

What can I do to fix this ?

I recently bought a 2001 ford mustang from craigslist and it seems to have an engine knock, we have changed to oil and it seems to be even louder... We are starting to believe its the lifter valve but not sure..

I bought this mustang a while back and loved how heavy the clutch was at first. Now after drivin for awhile its starting to get really annoying, especially in the city. I cant find another v6 manual for sale to just drive to compare. Is it supposed to be really heavy or is it some sort of funky aftermarket clutch in it?

I was driving my car today when all of a sudden i lost power, i lost power to the radio, the lights, my blinkers and everything. I then got an alert that the oil pressure was low, the parking break was on, the coolant level was low, and a cycle of other problems but the car did not loose any performance power it drove like normal. It would kick back on and i would get all the power back for a second and it would kick back off telling me all those errors again. I should also point out that it rained HARD the previous night and when i got into my car this morning to make a turn water came in under my glove box. Someone please help me... im stranded at work until i get an answer.
Thanks in advance

fluid level normal only engaged for a minute or so we stopped then they seemed to b normal but went out completely few miles later

Drove it to the store , then when I tried to start it again white smoke came out the hood then it wouldnt accelerate forward but drove fine in reverse ?

Sometimes will not accelerate at start up, recently when I started it up , it would not drive forward , white smoke came out from hood but it drives fine in reverse

when I hit the brakes I can hear a weird grinding noise, but I also checked to see if you i can still hear the noise when the car it turned off and I hit the brakes,you sure can hear it. its coming from the the front passengers side wheel. what can it be

The problem is worse in the cold. I have to pull the pedal back with my foot to get the cruise to engage. Could this be a pedal return spring issue? Could it be a hydraulic fluid issue? There are no leaks in the clutch hydraulic system and the reservoir is full. I'm thinking I will have to replace the pedal assembly (expensive). Any ideas?

It cranks but wont stay on

When putting the convertible top down all three windows roll except for the small back window on passengers side can hear motor running but doesn't move at all…??

I have replaced my alternator, battery, and alternator voltage regulator plug. I cleaned the connections to my starter as well. when I turn it to the on position the battery needle is in the red zone. I can still start the car but the needle stays in red. Please help the problem seems to be geting worse

It literally has only been driven maybe 5 miles since then, i was attempting to get it fixed for the smog test...but now im reading that they cant test it if the battery was recently unhooked

i already know the common noises a car makes when u need your brakes replaced and its none of those. but every time I hit the brakes I get a this weird noise, like the sound when you sit on a old bed with springs. its weird noise. it feels like all the weight moves forward and i shouldn't. i already changed the brakes and it wasn't that, when i took it to get checked they said it was the shocks n struts, i also replaced them but the noise is still there. can anyone help me figure this out please?

My dipstick needs to be resealed into my engine. And my car shakes really bad when I'm idle and when I put little pressure on the gas. My car squeaks when I turn a lot but it'll will like do it for a while then it won't do it at all for a while. And I also have a flomaster i want put on my car

it only does it when i am comming to a stop.