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Stutters hard taking off at first , usually eases right up. Slight whistle when u barely push pedal. No gaskets or hoses leak at all.

the gas gage goes down to zero when actually almost half full, car will not run if no gas added. also the gas pumps will keep shutting off and car will not take gas when on a long trip, takes forever to get any gas it it and cannot fill it up.

My battery light came on awhile ago, so I replaced the battery. It now will come on every and now and then. Just randomly I will be driving and it will come on and then a minute later go off. I have got alternator tested at Autozone and they said it was good. I have also tested it myself. Even pulled over on side of road to test it with voltmeter, when the battery light was on. Alternator was charging at 14.48 volts when car was idling. And resting battery when car was off was 12.71. Why is the light coming on?

pads and rotors

temp guage goes up while car is still, at red light etc., and goes down to normal when moving. wiring hookup at the fan motor itself has a lot of play in it

or how much should it cost to have it done?

I've driven to Oxnard, Carp twice & Gavitoa / Lompoc turn off and back to SB to try and reset OBD on alternator, it's still not ready.

hello, thanks for offering to help. my 07 mustang has 58535 miles. I am very diligent about the maintenance. I have had one semi-serious issue while driving on the freeway! It wasn't pretty, I assure you! Yesterday, while returning home after an approximate 40 mile round trip, the engine block light came on. It is not flashing, but stayed on steady til I got home. Normally I would drop everything and have it taken care of. Problem is I have a very serious doctor appointment, approximately 20-25 miles round trip. Can/should I attempt it? A little too late to make other arrangements, hope you are able to reply without too much delay. The appointment is for another chemo treatment...I am currently treating for breast cancer. Not so you'll feel any different, only so you understand the reason(s) regarding not rescheduling, etc. Thank you again, be well. Susan

It started doing this a couple of months ago but stopped when i installed a new battery. Two weeks ago it started again. It is a brief honk everytime i start the car but startles anyone that happens to be standing nearby.

The 4th sensor shows a speed approximately 20 miles faster. The sensor was changed and the problem remained. All tires are the same size, purchased as a set of 4. Any idea of what else could be causing this issue or where to start looking? thanks

I have a 2005 Altima and I reeeaaallly want a Mustang. I can't drive a stick so it would have to be an automatic. I'm looking at the 2001-2005 body styles. Are they good? My fiance has had mustangs all his life and I have seen how hard it is to fix a Cobra but he has a 2005 GT now. Every time I ask someone their opinion about them , they always tell me that it will be high insurance and repair records. I have been paying 279 for full coverage every three months and he pays 117 a month so its about the same. I have had no accidents and no tickets and im 23f.

What can i look for? Engine seems fine.

What can I do to fix this ?

I recently bought a 2001 ford mustang from craigslist and it seems to have an engine knock, we have changed to oil and it seems to be even louder... We are starting to believe its the lifter valve but not sure..

I bought this mustang a while back and loved how heavy the clutch was at first. Now after drivin for awhile its starting to get really annoying, especially in the city. I cant find another v6 manual for sale to just drive to compare. Is it supposed to be really heavy or is it some sort of funky aftermarket clutch in it?

I was driving my car today when all of a sudden i lost power, i lost power to the radio, the lights, my blinkers and everything. I then got an alert that the oil pressure was low, the parking break was on, the coolant level was low, and a cycle of other problems but the car did not loose any performance power it drove like normal. It would kick back on and i would get all the power back for a second and it would kick back off telling me all those errors again. I should also point out that it rained HARD the previous night and when i got into my car this morning to make a turn water came in under my glove box. Someone please help me... im stranded at work until i get an answer.
Thanks in advance

fluid level normal only engaged for a minute or so we stopped then they seemed to b normal but went out completely few miles later

Drove it to the store , then when I tried to start it again white smoke came out the hood then it wouldnt accelerate forward but drove fine in reverse ?

Sometimes will not accelerate at start up, recently when I started it up , it would not drive forward , white smoke came out from hood but it drives fine in reverse