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heat gauge goes all the way up fan electric fan doesn't go on . checked fuse under hood got continuity when touching both prongs. turn heat on after this and cool air blows .can I have athermostat prob and a fan prob ...
I know it,under the passenger dash but is it the long box mounted or one of the three modules ontop of this long box?And if I buy a used one does it have to be programmed to my car?
Ive noticed that just before it goes the odometer reading gets real bright then flickers and usually happens while driving but doesn't happen right away?
i heard a noise when turning then got hard to turn after that i checked my fluid and it was empty so i put some in and its still very hard to turn.
Soon as I start engine there's vibration and continues while driving
Bought a doesnt have a dpfe on it...I bought one...but cannot find the wire connector that plugs into the dpfe
my '01 v6 is intermittently misfiring on number 3. I have replaced everything I can imagine that might cause that except the ignition coil pack and the cam sensors.......any help would be great!
switches are good goes down fine. But wont go up right away. have to keep pushing switch on either door until it finally goes up. it happens each time it goes down
not enough pedal
hot days overheat occasionally tick started at low speed got louder with acceleration abiout a week or so it got loud so i parked it. any ideas what i could do besides new engine
1. Check and all fuse are good. 2. Open dasboard and replaced new bulb. Still not on. 3. Bought circuit board from junk yrad and use new bulb. All other ligt go on except check engine light. What is wrong?
I have a 2011 Ford Mustang My car starts fine but while driving my throttle sensor comes on and my slips into limited power mode while the car is moving I am able to place my car in neutral and restart the car and pla...
Please supply source of answer. The 2005 Mustang service manual says it's a problem with the drivers side pretensioner. Is it the same for 2006????? Please tell me your source of knowledge.
My car has had been of the road for a year, and when I got the car, the person who sold us the car gave us a new gas cap because the old one was gone. The gas cap isn't attached to the car, but is screwed in the car t...
The engine surges and wants to move eventhough my foot is on the brake. Nothing touching the accelerator. Happens when coming off the freeway.
It make an squeak noise like if were a loose pulley, any idea about what could be wrong? Thank you!
Idle pulley, tensioner? I read some other sites and they mention some like cramshaft. Could be that possible?
The car will stop accelerating at about 35mph, although the rpms continue to climb. The check engine light is not on. The transmission fluid is fine.
started having chemical smell when AC was on when it got real hot out, then it got real bad cut air off still smell it, i know my air compressor is going bad but idk, it makes awful groan noise when AC is on and i saw...
What could be the problem the Check engine light is on and the over drive button flashes but if I turn it off it drives fine the rpms are just a bit higher between. 2 and 3. What are possible things wrong with it.
as I read on the site. that the clutch plate can cause a knocking. I have a knocking problem specially when I go high RPM. usually I hear a little grinding sound if the engine work while the car stop. and when I press...
the car is running slightly rough not the smooth purr it use to have kind of like a bbb rough idle not to rough but notacable
I can crank it up an let it run and it just go to the hot line
It shutters more when it is warmed up or really hot out.