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I have a 2001 v6 mustang and the exhaust system by the catalytic converters shake violently. It also has a loss of power when accelerating and there is a ticking noise when accelerating. Also when I come to a complete stop there I sort of a pull and only happens when going to a complete stop. I also have scanned it for codes and nothing appeared. What could it be?


Makes a clicking noise coming from the rear end when I downshift shift and slow down

I have a problem my mustang only has reverse and I noticed my car brake warning indicator light staying on can one be related to the other?

I have a 96 v6 mustang with only reverse no forward gears unless I rev the motor up to 4000 rpms I feel like it is something real simple and noticed shortly before the tranny going out the brake warning indicator light was lit up and stayed on. Could the brake warning indicator light staying on be a reason there is no forward gears, maybe like some sort of safety feature?

No a/c fuses seem to be in good condition. What should I be looking to fix

I stopped using car about four months ago .my wife used it everyday for work before that .its been sitting in driveway and I have noticed a oil stain on concrete and continues to get larger and larger. pu a tray underneath to see if I can determine what color it is. I believe its tranny fluid. does it mean its the tranny seal or sometimes I here they can leak from a modulator. it didn't leak when used every day but sitting there it seems to leak more each day. any suggestions are appreciated

After adding the stop leak problem solved for three days. Than... Steam from under the hood! All water boiled off . I have pulled the top of the engine less the heads. I wanted to see if a freeze plug spung a leak, nope no signs of that. So where is this leak coming from??? Help anyone???

I changed the driver side bearing and hub, but the roar is still there..any help would be greatly appreciated

center knob seems to turn to easy, just bought car got home and found this.

Looks like the problem starts at the tee where two pipes join into one exhaust pipe.

Even when I push gas it stalls it's an automatic didn't do this Entill it was replaced it does it now every time I start it

I have a 2006 Ford Mustang V6 4.0. My battery light came on, then my check engine light, then my a/c started blowing warm air. Occasionally the battery light and check engine light turn on then off but don't stay on for more than a day. Any ideas on what's going on with the lights and A/C? I've take it to get tested and the battery is full charged and there is enough liquid for tee A/C. Took it to the shop and they said it will either be the alternator or the pcm board. Help!

Whenever I get into the gas and go over 4k the gages peg and reboot, it will do it every time. I have recently found out that the alternator (which checks out fine under idle, 14.6 dc and 23 ac) is ac/dc and the ac sometimes can cause havoc if that ac number gets higher with ecu. My question is should the ac number at idle stay the same at 4k, this is just a idea, after I read about alternator rippling. The alternator was replaced, but I'm not positive that this problem didn't happen before it was replaced. It's my wifes car and she does not like to drive it hard.

just got the car, and the heat is coming out of the vent by the floor o the passagener side only, when then the heat isn't on, the air conditioner isn't work we know its the motor is shot.

could it be a recal that I read about?

These problems all seemed to occur at once. about a week ago, I had thought it was the misfiring that my spark plugs were causing so i replaces them and the wires but the light stayed on. Today I had bought a ODB2 device and used it. It told me the codes, I looked them up on this site and I just need to know how to fix them without going to a shop.

I was told that my 04 Mustang 3.9 had a bad PS pump because it whines. I have no difficulty steering or turning as it turns both ways freely. I changed the PS fluid and it still whines. Any suggestions ? a belt maybe?

It sounds like the motor is hitting the hood IT does this noise until you get your speed up to 60 then it stops What could be causing this

Would it be something with the acceleration or a sensor I turned it off and back on and it ran fine home had a terrible sound starting up though I prefer not to drive it til the problem is clear

Every time I drive i can hear the squeak even on a road with no bumps. I hear it also when the engine settles. During harsh bumps I hear it. I kick the tire and the car shakes and squeaks. When I close the trunk it squeaks. It sounds like it could be the catalytic converter but I'm not sure. Thank you for your suggestions.

It appears that the belt idler pulley on a used mustang that I'm looking at buying is not in contact with the belt. The belt just runs right over it. The car seems to runs
fine though. Why is that? Can a car run alright with out that pulley connected, or should I expect problems? Should I attempt to re-connect it? There doesn't appear to be any damage.