Could this be my tire axle? if so whats a good estimate of getting it fixed?

they also changed ccrm programed a new key....nothin now there saying it could b a crank sensor or cam sensor i forget ....what do u think?

cylinder 1 ignition coil shorts out and busts open and starts smoking.. never done this before.. tested input from connector putting out 13.7.. smoked 4 coils in a row... connector and wires do not get hot only coils seam to malfunction, tested several times same results... Any ideas?

my car fuel pump will not turn on

Check engine light fuel pressure system

Iam hearing a noise from the rear of my vehicle while driving

Car stopped and wldnt start until I replaced the GPS now it won't ideal correctly nor receive gas when I mash on the peddle

The rpm's run so low that the car dies when I stop and it is at just an idle. Even on the highway going 70 to 75 MPH the rpm's do not go ever 2. I have cleaned all the air sensors air filter and now I'm at a total loss on what it could be. I have had some family issues and really don't have the finances to put it in the shop. Please help

I have my 06 mustang at a local dealership they told me it needed a tune up and that all the spark plugs had snapped and are trying to charge me 1300 to replace I find this to be a very high price or am I over exaderating?

Recently my engine began to shake and the engine light turned on. I soon discovered 6 of the 8 spark plug coils had gone bad. I replaced all eight but still the car shakes a bit while parked or stopped. I took it back and they suggested fuel cleaner.For the most part it has helped. My engine sounds good, moves great, and getting better gas mileage, but still there is a slight "kick" and shake when I am stopped and feel it more in park. I'm not sure what could be wrong.

Side view mirror needs replacing, replace belt, and new tire

It makes a very load whinnying noise when ever I turn it sounds like I am low or out of power steering fluid when it I perfectly full. I have a loud and proud 95 v8 mustang and this noise drowns out the engine.


dealer service rep said it was a common problem- suggested jiggling the plastic funnel on flap - did no good?

dealer service rep said it is a common problem, suggested to jiggle plastic factory funnel to get rid of sand or dirt blocking silver flap from closing - did no good. check engine lite always on probably for above problem and custom wheels without sensors hooked up - just bought this car in COLO, came from TX with their emission passed - has boss 302 intake manifold and Roush axle back exhaust and lowered springs and wide wheels with 45 profile front, 40 rear - runs like a clock, so their tune on the new manifold must be correct. even if the exhaust emission test comes out passed, can COLO fail the car because of the check engine light? would you recommend iridium plugs down the road, has new standard plugs now. has new regular oil now, would you recommend synthetic down the road? has manual tranny.

Need to find out the cost to replace the positive battery cable

like smeling gas and drinking toomuche

It happens between 2000-2200 RPMs after it gets passed those RPMs it goes away it mostly happens In 5th gear

.Occurs when cold. Almost like gurgle sound when the gas pedal is pressed.

I have issue on my automatic gear when I change the gear from P to D or from N to D I feel the car is Jumping or

I originally replaced the brake pads but not the rotor on the rear passenger side. After hearing squeaking I decided to replace the rotor as well. When I replaced the rotor, I also changed the previous pads I had installed with another pair of new pads but the squeaking/dragging sound is still happening when at a slow roll. When I apply the brakes the noise is not heard. And the rotor disc seems to be getting extremely hot compared to the opposite side. Also, on the replaced pads/rotor side brake dust is heavy after driving a several miles, whereas I never had a brake dust problem, even when the woren pads were on. Please advise.

front left wheel is rubbing against hub when turning left. Power steering and brake fluid leak