Car stalls and cuts off but cranks right back up

i want to put the 94 front clip on the 1967 mustang how many head aches am i looking at?

Is this going to cause a inspection rejection.

Only when it rains I tried hosing it from inside the hood under the car. Anyone else having this problem

I recently had my Mustang's clutch replaced and when you start out in 1st gear, the car is slow to accelerate. Even when you try to floor it just slowly climbs to a higher RPM. When I originally bought it, you could floor it and the tires would spin. Is it possible I got a bad clutch installed?

It's been a problem for a few years. Everytime it rains, I see a puddle of water in the back seat of my car and the floorboard is wet. The top has no visible holes or cracks and it still looks new.

My overdrive has a hard time getting over even slight inclinations but my drive seems perfectly fine.

My door keeps not shutting and it takes me a good minute to get it to shut.

My car shakes when I slow down, but only at a very specific speed.

my car leaks really badly from somewhere around the hood and it comes in through the bottom. I wrecked it and they didn't fix it correctly. now it won't start and I just put a new battery in it do you have any ideas on what the water could have damaged I have been driving it like this for about a year and it always starts it just has a lot of water inside

im getting a p050e code

code P050E how to fix

Cleaned Mass Air Flow
Trying to find how & clean Idle Air Control
New Alternator
100,000 miles

has 145000 miles ,
things to watch out for ?

When I pull the alternator fuse to troubleshoot a little. my car starts right up but when I put the alternator fuse back in it turns over and will not start...
any suggestions?

A few days later after some investigation was pulling alternator to get tested. Noticed cable on ground under car and found it to be the long starter to starter relay cable and believe it was torn off by tow truck equipment. Am almost done replacing that cable and am taking the alternator in to get tested tomorrow. The two people who have been nice enough to listen to me at parts stores however tell me probably not the alternator causing the problem. Does any one have another idea what else to look at? Thanks everyone!

I put synthetic oil in my brand new Mustang, and used synthetic oil for the last 3 oil changes. I found out I'm not supposed to in the GT. Can I switch back to regular oil or a blend without harming the engine?

Keep reading about Can-Bus computer system which would reject LED bulbs.

Either replace the motor, or sell the car as is. I have a mechanic friend that is going to replace it with a crate motor for $3,500-$4,000 its a new motor so it comes with a 100,000 mile/3-year warranty. Is this worth it? I'm $7k deep into this money pit due to unneeded suspension replacement trying to chase down a squeak that I never found, and also from rebuilding the transmission...

Engine tick, thought it was timing chain tensioners. Then the tick jumped to the opposite side of the engine(it was on passenger front, now it's on driver rear, yes I can feel the tick with my hand). I did an oil change, and it has tons of metal flake in the oil.
The motor only has 110,000 miles which is aggravating because these motors are supposed to be bulletproof.

SO! idk what the tick is, but the metal in the oil shows that I need a new motor... or a whole rebuild.... Is this car worth another $4,000? (just to repeat, I've already replaced the transmission. So almost all of the major components of the car have been replaced.) I know I'll never even break even at this point with this car, but I don't know if it is worth keeping this car alive.

2003 mustang 4.6 smokes when start and clears up a little bit and smells like raw gas fumes it does the smoking all the time it clears up and comes back all the time, no codes are stored

And the temp and oil gauges show higher readings when I turn headlights on, I put HIDs headlights in, ABS light also came on when I installed them, but headlights work but high beam light stays on then when you hit the dimmer the headlights go off, is that normal?? Help plz