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I NEED one that I can trust!!! A mechanic that knows the car inside and out. Is successful with what he does...Also, I need him to be in near Chicago Suburbs. My '97 Cobra has some sort of knocking coming from th...
Need some engine work, hasn't been started in 5 months, and a new top and seats. Need a good place to have it repaired and will have it towed in.
Runs and shifts fine, just making a noise when up shifting and coming back down shift. ?
Not at idle, all the time if rpm at 2300 or more, not overheating, no loss of power or oil pressure
When I shift down as I am coming to a stop it makes a tin/rattling noise.
I changed the plugs and the plug wires it ran a little better, but still sluggish in all gears but worse in 5th what could it be
it doesnt overheat idling untill i drive it down the road
this problem is getting worse. at first the check engine light would come on and car would run rough then it would clear up. i replaced disterbter, cap, cole. now getting to the point it will fire up and then shut off...
1997 mustang fan inside only works on high - if you turn the dial to any other setting - nothing happens
The upholstery on my rear window has become unattached all the way around and leaks when it rains. Is there a glue to use to fix it? How would an auto upholstery shop fix it?
My cobra will die sometimes after pushing the clutch in to stop at a light. It will restart after sitting for about 10 minutes. It cut out twice going down the road the other day. It has a fuel cell on it. Any ideas...
Went to take off and it wouldn't sounds like something is spinning underneath but isn't catching to make the car go. What could be wrong? Rear end? Transmission?
I store my Mustang an a heated garage from November until may and usually do not start it up during those months. The last 2 years it has been hard to start and this year would not start at all. It turned over but wou...
brakes go to floor when pressed before stopping....already installed new master cylinder and bleed the MC and all brakes...what are signs of a bad hydro booster and when i bleed the hydro booster there was lots of air...
How do you replace the valve cover gaskets on a '99 Mustang Cobra SVT?
What is the average price I should price to replace a head gasket on a 2004 Mustang Mach 1 DOHC engine.
abs light comes on for a while then goes off for a while what is the cause ?
where do I find a replacement wiring harness that is mounted on the side of the transmission?
The supercharger coolant reservoir sometimes empties into the engine and comes out the exhaust. I replaced the supercharger intercooler but the problem persists and it is not running well. Burning coolant/water smell ...
electric cooling fan will not come on and ac compressor will not kick on
where is the abs brake sensor located
the abs warning light is on at the dashboard.ive changed the worn brake pads and the light is still on
leaks powerstreeing fuld already replaced powerstreeing pump been having to ad fuild avery morning.
Fuel pump relay to replace Ford Mustang Cobra 1995