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I believe Ford needs to consider a recall with the bearing issues of the 2007 Ford Fusion. My husband and I have 51,000 on our car and are excellent with maintaining its service. We recently replaced both left and f...
Have had to add 3 liters of oil since October 2013.
Car sat for about 12 hours, before my husband was able to replace battery. the next day I noticed my multi CD player doesn't work. has CDs in it, but says its empty and shows a load error when load is pushed. Any ideas?
We have tried changing the fuses but that doesn't help. My radio works but not the lights
My transmission is shifting harsh and I would like to know the cost to upgrade my powertrain control module and my transmission control module.
would like to if the air box kit are the same for the Ford Fusion from 2005-2008
I have never had problems with my ford fusion...well that I can tell. I was curious if anyone has had a problem accelerating? Like when I go to take off it is slow and takes awhile? is that problems of a transmission?...
When I put my car in reverse and step on the gas in makes two knocking noises. Sounds like they are coming from the front. What could this be? I had it looked at and the dealer did not know what it was.
Do you have any ideas of why there's no power at all and the batteries new. When you turn the key nothing happens like there's a power supply problem. Why would this happen and do you have any idea what may be causing...
i have a 07 ford fusion i was wondering if anyone else had this problem. one day my windshield wiper fluid wouldnt come out (it was full) so i was trying a few things, come to find out it works when i have my right tu...
How dangerous is it to drive with bab motor mounts..was told need min 2 repaired or switched...
it has happen twice already. any other day it run's fine
Lost power runs slugish obd 2 said it was the air pump secondary air injection change it but the problem still procedes. The timing is at 4 is that the right degree? Is there any other suggestions thank you I rather w...
alarm went off said service accutrac can I reset this
I will start the car and it starts making a chirp. Accelerate and it gets louder. I apply my brakes and it gets quiet. If warmer weather it wont do it at all? What needs to be fixed or replaced now?
owned car 44 months had to replace battery today and the mechanic tells me the alternator is shot...seems pretty soon for THAT to happen.. is there a recall on this...please advise. Thank you
Bought car last month from trade centre, taken back and they tell me there are no issues with the car. Zetec engines sometimes are noisey ? Ford Fusion Zetec 1.4 petrol. Is this common or am I worrying about nothing?
This occurs on both RH & LH turns but significant cold air blown on RH turn. Notice this significantly in the winter. No information from dealers on this issue. HELP! I'm freezing in Winnipeg!
how to remove VCT solenoid does valve cover need to be removed
how to remove VCT solenoid does valve cover need to be removed
Car won't start. Have already replaced alternator and battery is OK. What else can be wrong?
replace canister light came back on replace fill pipe again light came back on there is no gas cap
Please recommend me best engine oil for ford fusio petrol plus 1.6
I have purchased resale ford fusion plus petrol 2006 1.6 duratec which I have runed about 30km without power steering oil due to leakage please let me know the effect on power steering assembly (damage)Which part...
It works fine with the key used manually, but when I use the car or key buttons it makes an awful sound.
It has a car and a lock on the picture, How do I get it to stop blinking.
casing is opening -- talk to dealership they said probably whole new panel would be needed for this defect -- WHY and why is this something that FORD should not cover instead of putting on owner -- also they said it w...