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ford fusion 2008
Do the caliburs need to be replaced or can they be loosed up.
It seemed to stop working while I was changing the air conditioning settings.
while i was driving, turned on headlights, they were on high beams, so i clicked high beams off and all my lights on dash came on, headlights went off, car died, but car started right up again. this happened twice. an...
2006 ford fusion makes a click sound when in drive and gas pedal is pressed
I was replacing my front pads and rotors and had to give the rotor a few whacks with a hammer to knock the rust loose. I forgot to take the precautionary step of putting the lug nuts on the studs beforehand though an...
the cigarette lighter on the dash works, but the cigarette lighter and audio input jack located in center console stopped working??????
Last year I reported my seat being loose, It is on the passenger side manual recline with side air bag, no electronics. It doesn't lock into place, I can move it into position but there is "play" it still moves about ...
I get 26.8 miles to the galn. at best and in the city 22.6 that is not what is was led to beliee I would geet.
The light came on when I had a brake light changed
Dealer replaced battery, fuel filler neck and now says purge valve repairs needed
The lighted console for radio, heat/cool and the drive control went blank
I went through some water which came over my hood a d now I have no power steering and it has a warning saying power steering default assist what is the problem?
The vent on the driver side is popping out and the pad is coming unglued, the button to the center bin has pooped out, the fins in the center left vent broke, and the pad below the passenger airbag is coming ung...
Hello I have a 2006 FORD FUSION 4 CYLINDER starting yesterday it has been slipping/jerking when accelerating and changing gears also when idling for a good amount of time starts shaking as if wants to turn off? I have...
I thought it might be the CD, but it's playing fine on my computer player. I have a Fusion SE 2014. Only has 3680 miles on it so far.
how do we do it ourselves??? belt needs to be replaced is it safe to drive?
Does not seem to work. Is there a way to check it.
when going up a hill not taking gas bogging down
Guys, I am having re-occuring issues with the idler pulley. At about 65000 miles, pulley bolt was severely bent down and sheered 3/4 of the way, causing serpentine belt to fly off. At that time pulley was replaced. Sa...
It's located just forward of the alternator and is a fixed unit bolt is broken of
I have a 3.0 2006 Ford fusion and 08 supercharger off Grand Prix 3.8 will it work
I've had the strut replaced three times at Dobbs? What part failing could be causing this?