How long does it take to fix. And what is a throttle.

Installed new (rebuilt) PCM programmed to VIN due to melted coil packs. All new coils and plugs. Locksmith reprogrammed original keys. System says 2 keys programmed. Car won't start, theft light on. Any suggestions? Is PATS separate or within PCM?

and for the last 2months when i gas up it does not start right up.????

Whjile my 2010 fision was under warranty I complained about lack of a?c and no rear defrost. Ford garage said it was working when checked; said only intermeittenly. Fast forward 2 years,I finally have a/c after1500.00. Replaced entire rear window because terminals were melted. 2 mechanics stated it was getting too much voltage. Why and how to correct? New window rear defroster worked for about 9mo. Terminals again are melted. Was told too much voltage was problem with a/c also. How can I afford to replace rear window every year? Totally ridiculous. Also, these costs should have not been my problem, since they started while car was under warranty. I discourage everyone from buying a Ford proiduct. Also, replaced tires rated for 45,000 mi. at under 25,00mi. ; new battery, headlight and taillight. Still have a hazy front headlamp cover that lets in moisture which is probably reason for lights to keep blowing. Can't list all minor probs which were aa early warning...

This "thump" sound usually occurs when the vehicle shifts suddenly, such as resuming the cruise control, or when the car automatically shifts gears in the Drive gear at speeds over 60mph. It has happened at very slow speeds when the transmission shifts gears automatically. This is an intermittent occurrence, not happening all the time. It is not a metallic sound, just a "thump" moderate sound.

car ran hoy on very hat las vegas day added coolant because coolant started boing out. added more coolant when cooled off. Drove less than one mile with air on strarted to overheat check engine light still on

I've never been told this on any other car I've owned. Are they just trying to get more money out of me?

Just happened

The light come on when I turn sometimes and when I mash the gas a little to hard then the light comes on but the car still b on but it don't have any power to go

The bar was broken in and accident repair shop didnt replace it.

Same goes for going uphill. It just started doing this recently.

My breaks are grabbing and my transmission is changing gears hard. I took it into Ford and they said my breaks are fine. My transmission they said they reset the computer.

Pretty much I'm crazy! I haven't owned a Ford in 15 years but this stuff shouldn't me happening.

Anyone else have.this problem?

What do I do.

I pulled into a Shell stattion to take a little break from work. I drive the Fusion approx. 330 miles per week over a two day period from Michigan to Illinois and back. 90% of the time the vehicle stays in my garage on my off days.

Anyway, I pared in the Shell's parking lot, took a mind and body break to prepare for an important meeting. About 40 mins. later my car would not start! The battery wore down quickly to the point where it only clicked when I turned the key. Eventually, I had to get a jump - made me late for my meeting to boot. First time this has happened in the 18 months I have owned the car.

only in hot wheather and i greased everything and still no luck

The bluetooth and also all media will not work radio display is showing only the tempture and "Ford Fusion" will not respond to buttons on the wheel or on the radio itself.

All nobes work inside car. But the heat stays on the hot and cold side. I checked the compressor and it works fine. It happend a few months ago and I turned the nobe to hot and back to cold and it started working again. Now it blows heat all the time

No recalls what kind of crap is that ford needs to man up ill never own another