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When I stop, even with no other cars around me, I have a rich smell of exhaust in the cabin of the car. I don't smell it when driving down the road, but only when I stop. Could there be a leaky exhaust seal? Though...
The brake pedal goes to the floor
stays in one place all time. any recalls on this? cost of repairing or replacing?
I have a 2006 manuel but its getting so hard to change gears. Also makes a loud grinding sound putting it into 1st? Its gotten so hard that i cant drive it no more
Lately my car has been making a grinding noise when I put it into 1st gear, an it's been getting really hard to put into 1st an 2nd gear. It's gotten so hard that I can't drive it no more. Can anyone tell me what's go...
Also trunk lid goes up hard and it can fall fast. The hydraulic lifts don't work
I had the bolt replced 3 times, my mechanic put a grade 8 bolt the last time and it broke again.
Saw leak, took to dealership under warranty, tech patched small leak in underbody without testing.
Also around what will this cost to repair if no recall. The engine light just came on this evening upon starting the car.
SEE 2 Leaks located RF n RC, HEAR clunk every time I pull into the garage or backup into the garage. FEEL Transmission hesitation finding higher gear. I have a DTC printout; codes P07AE (Friction causing control arms...
I told my dealer about this problem when I took it in for it’s first service in August. The mechanic in charge said they could not find any reason for the mirrors doing that.
they were making a loud grinding noise until i changed the pads and rotors. now, while driving and shifting to neutral, it stops on its own
How can I verify the vehicle built date? TBS 11-11-3. 11/10/11?. Rearward Front Lower Control Arms High Friction-Instrument Cluster Light Illuminated. Is this the noise I hear when I park? Thunk. Is it my transmission...
I am mechanically inclined. I actually am a Ford credentialed technician but I have been out of the bizz for a while so what kinda tools would i need/bench tests etc.?
The transmission is sometimes in what seems like a default mode and shifts 1-3 only using those 2 gears than sometimes doesnt shift outta high gear or just slips out of gear. I tried the re-learn process as it almost ...
engine revs high sometimes when problems after initial start-up and run a little bit
shifting problem occurs not often,but is aproblem i want repair. will local shop be able to diagnose this tranny and repair.
Have driven Fords for 40 years and never replaced wheel bearings! Most of them over 100k miles. Anyone else having this problem?
I replaced a failed OEM diverter valve Motorcraft part number 6S43-9F491-AA (Dealer cost $180.00) with an inexpensive universal exhaust system check valve, and plugged the vacuum hose that attached to the diverter val...