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the suspension feels fine at speed. road reflectors and other objects can be really felt like on a rough highway
This causes mold and mildew in the carpets, etc. Is there a fix other than to park my car downhill on rainy days?
The engine mount is cracked, broken. It is possibly called the "dog bone" nt.
Cleaned the corroded sensor for code 42
Did you every find out what the problem was I have the exact same problem and there telling me it is my strut.
Part#6F97-9A299-A & 6F97-9275-A no diagnosis code given. Had 2 problems Wrench and passenger air bag came on first then went off. Then Engine pic came on and stayed. Got book out of glove comp. to see what pics were a...
after changin my oil how do i reset the oil tracking light
I have recently replaced the brakes and tires. The car is serviced every 5000 miles. The only problem I am aware of is the sway bar is rattling.
cools good when on highway but not when in town at lower speeds
car overheats at low speeds. The fan works.
I live in Tennessee and was driving in Dallas, Texas on a hot day and the fail-safe mode and engine light appeared on my dash. I pulled over and stopped the car and waited for 10 minutes. When I started it, everythin...
My rear left light is out. I bought the new bulb and would like to know how to change it myself.
I was told the electronic throttle body was not covered under the powertrain warranty.
Am replacing a leaking water pump. The replacement looks FFF identical BUT it leaks in the same spot as the old one. The installer I'm using is getting another pump but before it's installed I would like to know if th...
battery checked ok charging system says ok but alternator reads doides pass but low reg, .
How difficult is it to replace the theromstat in the 2005 Ford Freestyle?
I would like to know where I can get the Fords recommended maintenance?
can you have the transmission on a 2006 ford freestyle rebuild or should I have it replaced what is the price differance
my car makes a tapping sound when it is in park when I put it in drive the sound goes away what could this be
When I'm driving my 2005 freestyle and turn to the right it makes a whining noise. Could it be the tires?
vehicle stopped moving forward or backward abrubtly. if transmission isthe problem how much would it cost to repair/rebuild
Should there be any cost savings by doing both front and rear brake pads at the same time?
where is the alternator located and how do you get to it? also how can you get it off?
Vibration occurs in gas peddle, when get to 20 or 30 miles an hour shaking occurs then when you get to 60 shaking occurs, and when you turn the will around a curve left or right it shaks, What is this please help.
My Freestyle is also lurching forward when I am in the fast food drive up, or parking, or even backing up - as if the idle is too fast, and I have to practically stand on the brakes to keep it from hitting something.
wrench icon on dash, computer says new throttle assby, but on nat'l b/o, then$750.00 to fix? Seems a lot to me. Why on B/O, is this happening to all Fords, it just lunges foward when you least expect it to.
Air conditioner does not put out cold air at idle. works good, not excellent at higher rpm. Had ford dealer look at it they say it's ok. At idle in hot 90+ days only puts out warm to cool air.