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Replaced entire A/C unit. There is a door open under dash allowing hot exhaust air to come in and compete with the cold air. Rear air works fine.

when i first start my car in the morning every day specialy if the wether is cool both the throttle control/transmission light and the traction control turns on. i have to warm up the car then turn it of and then turn it on again and the lights of throttle control/transmission light and the traction control going off. while the lights are on the car no run more than 20 miles/hr after the light going off the car runs perfect. i don't know where o what is the problem i hope you can help me. thank you

replaced fuel filter, clean throttle body.

I am sole owner. Two weeks after changing faulty water pump car began over heating. Then changed thermostat. Still over heating. Fail safe came on so I am not driving the car. Nothing is leaking. Both fans work. Everything flushed and coolant replaced. I heard about a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor but all the sensors on this car are unreliable because of that "Instrument Panel" issue that Freestyles have. Help?

My car still will not crank had test run and no codes come up checked keys and they were find conclusion was it got to be the remote starter i had installed when I purchased it in 2005. We have tried every trick to start the car with no luck. Can anyone help.

As subjected took battery to be tested need battery brought it home put it into the car the horn will not stop blowing and it will not turn over or crank. Someone said it may be in theft mode. We have tried using the control to stop the horn also tried use the key to lock and unlock the door but nothing works other than unpluging the battery to stop the horn. How can I get it out of theft mode?

Try to crank my car all lights blinked the odometer numbers changed to ************* then would not do anything. Horn sound sick lights worked Cleaned battery cables. Battery is five yrs old. Tried jumping still would not turn over. Horn sound normal now, all dash lights come on just want start or make a sound. Has 173133 miles.

It only run hot whn its sitting still but long as iM DRIVING IT DONT RUN HOT MY BROTHER HOOK up something so the fan can come on so wats causing the fan not to come on

Problem is constant at all hours of the day.

My car was running earlier. The belt side was making noises for about a week. After many trips to auto shops and stores i was given a list of possibilities from a bad timing belt, loose timing chain, bad a/c compressor, bad tensioner and bad camshaft. about 5 or six hours after parking my car, it will not start. It has battery. It is very very weak on turning over and then that stopped as well.


Just had oil changed and brakes inspected. Could this be a sensor going bad or fuse. When this happens the turn signal indicator won't light but works on the outside of car.

When stopped at a light, I have to increase pressure on brake pedal to keep it from moving. Usually while trying to park in a space in a parking lot, it does the same thing in reverse as in drive. Getting very scary. Mind you, this is without using the gas pedal.

car heats up during a trip then dash lite comes on n you cant drive more then 20 mph. tac revs 4000 rpm,s any common problems with this other then replacing tans cvt 2wd. ???

This is the first time this has happened

vehicle serves to right when going around corner and transmission sounds like it is not shifting right and vehicle will not go anywhere in the snow and slides all over place in rainy weather

How much to replace the rear bumper?

rpms go up when in drive and wont shift gears either only in cold

AC is blowing hot air when car is not moving in hot weather (above 90). However, AC is blowing cold air when driving (especially above 60 miles/hour). When temperature is below 90, the AC is blowing cold air, even when it's not moving.

At first I thought the whole car was stalling out and coming back on but actually the gas pedal is still responsive and when this happens the system even gets a little boost of gas and slightly increases speed for a second.
It happened a few times in the fall on hotter days but now that we are over 70 degrees pretty regularly it happens multiple times while driving every day under all conditions (Wet, dry, hot, slow, fast, during acceleration, driving at a steady speed, highway and back roads.) On the way to work it turned off and on 5 times in a row in rapid succession.

Both the dealer and another chain repair shop tested the electrical system. The voltage and battery were "fine." They could not find a problem. The one place drove the car and did not replicate the issue.

I get regular maintenance I am due for my 100,000 mile tune up because I just hit 103,00 this am. I have a new battery and don't want to just start replacing things because no one can figure it out.

Other issues with the car:
Driver seat heater not working
Cooling dash component does not light
Left rear tail light and housing replaced in the last 2 years due to the housing being cracked (water did get into the housinging at that time)

Any help is welcome I do not want to be taken to the cleaners.

dose not happen all the time,