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I first cleaned the battery cables and the cd changer quit. Then i had to replace the battery, now the radio stopped working. All fuses are good! Theres no power to the radio what so ever!
We just bought the van & this light just came on & stays on at all times. Thanks for the help!
I have been using 5w-30 oil and changing the oil every 3,000 miles. I drive approximately 13,000 miles every year. Am I changing the oil too often?
When I'm pumping gas sometimes it stops like if it has a full tank of gas. If I'm not holding the gas pump it will sometimes splash out. what could this be? I have not had it check out yet.
The wires, spark plugs and coil have all been replaced and the cylinder is still not working. Need to know what to do next. Getting diag code P0304.
I have a 2006 ford freestar (4.2). Emissions light came on and I thought it was fuel related so I changed the fuel filter (150,000 miles and it was the original part :-O ) Didn't fix the problem. I figured if it wa...
A system check showed that the sensors are plugged up.
often feels like no power steering when making turns
I add antifreeze at least once a month and now its overheating.
Had to jump start my freestar, did fine for several days then the same problem. I cleaned the terminals ( batt. checked fine). after reconnecting, starts good but the radio wont come on. Replaced the battery a while ...
Van wont go into gear. Was thankful as dealer says the new recall might be the issue. When they checked it, they have not pulled the trans yet, they said the fluid looks like pink milkshake? GOing by tomororw as I did...
I have changed the plugs, wires and coil and the van still runs horrible. when you are accelerating it runs very slugish and has a miss to it. once you get up to speed it runs pretty good at constant speed but if you ...
My Van is trying to stall out or backfire when I am trying to drive or put in reverse, but when I put it in neutral it idels fine. I thought I had water in the fuel so I put fuel addative in for that and now it is sti...
Machined front and rear rotors and replaced rear pads but no change. Front caliper guide pins were a bit sticky so replaced and greased but no change. New tires on front. No shimmy otherwise
I replaced the EGR and am still experiencing the problem. Any ideas on what is causing this. The engine also sounds throaty when idled and hesitates at 3000rpm when revved in park.
I recently had my transmission rebuilt, is is the transmission or the engine itself? A reputable mechanic put it on the diagnostic computer. the codes showed transmission and or bad computer.
does backup sensor switch have a fuse, if so where is it locaTED
I have replaced the thermostat and coolant sensor. Disassembled the water pump and it was fine inside. Its strange that ist goes back belowe 1/2 way on the temp gauge after a little bit while still driving. later th...
82600 miles in good condition/check engine light on
The problem just recently showed up about two weeks ago. Best way to describe it is it sounds like I'm flooring the gas and letting off then repeating over again but the pressure on the gas pedal is constant. Sounds a...
i am swaping engine in my 2004 Ford FReestar
Was working fine tell one day just stopped working. Removal of driverside rear panel there is what appears to be to fuses and valve. When you touch the round like aluminum valve it is hot? All fuses in engine compa...
unable to read odometer ... light out
My cv joints were making noise only when I was backing up, a friend told me if I don't replace them soon it could damage my tranmission
when driving about 40mph a loud humming noise is comming from the rear pasanger tire what could be causing it?
how do I change the wheel bearings on the rear driver side.