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The ebrake cable that is attached to the handle between the front seats is seized. The cables to the rear wheels are fine. is it possible to remove the seized cable and repair it or does it need to be replaced?
car temp gage stays at cold no fluctuation at all then suddenly shoots to hot, car quits. preventive measure I think. have replaced temp sensor, water pump, thermostat, pressure tested radiator, used temp sensor on wa...
Replaced the wiper motor and it was working fine and now it has stopped working again, just a day after replacing it. Hoping that this problem did not short out this new motor? Wondering how hard it is to replace the ...
What is obd code p1450
The wheels were balanced and was told that all 4 wheels were bent! No rough roads, potholes or damage otherwise to vehicle. Help.
The comp gave me code p0401, it reads insufficient flow detected can the valve be clean or is better change it ?
I have changed the brake pads, caliper and hub on the passenger side where the noise is coming from.
engine light came on. test it .frp code and imrc code. price cost 1390.00. plus parts and labor. such i ask for second opion.
Brake lights come on when my 2004 ford freestar is not running, parked and unattended. It happens fairly often and drains the battery.
2004 Ford Freestar, Driver Door won't open from either inside or outside handle. Locks move up and down with both remote and key but door won't open. In a desperate situation and need help how to open this door ...
lately when driving it chugs like water is in the gas tank. lost my owners manual and a light keeps comming on and off. it looks like a engine or the water pump.
When I drive around town its ok but on highway it goes up and down quite regularly. Also when I reverse I hear a grinding sound coming from rear passenger side wheel. Please help
my van has 150,000 miles and needs 3000 worth of work is it worth it or should i get a new car
I will change this out with a new coil purchased at Auto Zone
vibrates when accelerating
With key in start position, no power to small wire on starter solenoid.
normal driving it is fine. plugs,wires ,fuel filter and flow are fine.cleaned intake,injecters and vavles. no codes under globalobd2 or manufature specic. looking for suggestions possibily missing something.
There is 135,000 mi on the van. I located a repair description on you tube for a 2007 Freestar. Is the repair the same as fir the 2006? The person said that the resisters need to be resoldered and the corrosion cleane...
my car started to sputter then died. i thought it was a fuel pump but the dealer sys its two valves and its $2400-$3000 to fix. i only owe $6000 /16 pymnts. does this sound right and would you fix it?
I want replace the orifice tube also
how to get into the bulb
My blue indicator light is on once I turn the low beams(LB) on, the switch for high beams(HB) won't do the "click into place" action. I have to hold it to get the HB to work. Not to mention my left light shines on the...
Could someone please tell me where it located.Thanks..
Need to clean it without lots of work.Will carb spray clean it up?
Can i spray carb cleaner into air intake area
I never received an answer in regard as to how to repair this problem. My son in law is looking in to buying the new part but at an outrageous price from dealer. But I still need instructions on how to repair if that ...
My son in law opened the tailgate from the inside hole but needs instruction on how to reattach the tailgate handle, please?
it overheated and the hoses are fine, i noticed the fan not coming on.