running 128mph. Had moisture in pcm and connector. Replaced pcm and reprogrammed at the dealer. Engine cuts out at 1100rpm's and cuts off. Will restart very hard, problems going into reverse, and drive. Manually shift to 1st gear no problem, drive is like shift solenoids stuck in between. Torque converter was replaced under recall 7 miles ago.

puddle of oil shop said to drive it for awhile bring it back in a week isn't that bad to drive

It happens when i try to accelerate and it wont let me go over fifty til she warms up good .

2005 ford free star 4.2 eng. It looks like I can disconnect motor mounts and exhaust and jack up, being that i only need to raise one side should I leave the trans mount connected or will I damage it?

Digital, speed display ok

I think it is an Idler pulley not sure trying to locate a view of the serpentine belt and components

As long as u dont push it or pull out fast its ok

How do I replace the wheel studs on the passenger side of my 05 freestar?

THe driver side wiper only clears about 2/3 of teh vision spot. Each time I turn them on they seem to swipe a more narrow space. THE passenger side works fine. Is this a motor? I'm afraid they are going to quit and it is rainy season

I just got my van in febuary of this year and things have gone wrong. I smell antifreeze coming through the vents when i turned on my heat, but no antifreeze is disappearing and there is no leakage in my van underdashboard at all and i have had this problem since i got the van. also my electrical system is messed up i have no high beams no winshield washer fluid pump ( no fluid comes through) tail lights come on at random and wont turn off sometimes i have to hold my window button down and slam my door multiple times hard to get it to come down driver side only. and the berrings in my water pump pully have gone. what can i do i can not afford another vehicle and i need these problems fixed asap. and i need a repair shop that will do a payment plan.

My buddy noticed my brake lights were not working the same day. Coincidence?

My van runs rough first thing in the morning I can start driving and then it stops running rough it has thrown no codes until today the check engine light started flashing as i was driving i pulled over turned off the engine started it back up and it stopped flashing and no check engine light so i cant put it on a scanner to find thrown codes

I'm driving down the road and it sputters, the check engine light keeps coming on. When I come to a red light or go to park in a parking spot the van will die before I get done parking, or before the light changes green. don't know if I really want to trust taking it to a mechanic before I know specifically what's wrong? can anyone help can anyone?

When van stalls it will start again but will die upon deceleration

The left front turn signal works, but it flashes faster than usual. The rear turn signal light comes on, but does not blink.