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The left front turn signal works, but it flashes faster than usual. The rear turn signal light comes on, but does not blink.
I changed air compressor and is blowing 10 amp fuse change relay too
I was driving and it did like a jump or stutter and then stalled on me. I thought maybe I need gas but after filling up I nearly got out of the gas station finally got to drive it a bit but when slowing down or stopin...
The handle came off and we tied zap straps around the inner cable, the cable wore down and snapped now we cannot open the tail gate. Can I get the parts from a retailer and have a mech install or ford?? Prices would...
trunk latch broken and wont open. Turn signal out and cant get to it!
It cranks up just fine. It won't go forward nor reverse.
My van sounds like it has a very loud spark knock when I am accelerating especially uphill. It runs ok I just can't stand teh noise and keep waiting on something to blow. It has had a recent oil change, new spark plug...
I've tried outside the van and inside the van. Can the inside panel be removed while the tailgate is closed?
It appears to be ceased and I've used P B Blaster
Is there a tab or lever that is at the wiper shaft?
How can i replace the DPFE sensor. Can't afford to go service repair so have to do it my own. Please help. Thanks in advance.
I just got this van a few weeks ago and the previous owner said his son would put his lawn mower in the back with the seat up and folded for some reason. Well when he got the lawn mower out, it broke the strap and pan...
Would they have disonnected a power source to do repair
My 2004 freestar runs pretty good and seem to have no problem except the check engine light kept on. How can i fix this? Thank you.
Driver side half shaft replaced. Transaxle light now comes on and off after 10-30 mins of driving it comes on, when car is shut down it goes off the repeats when driving again. Some times shifts hard n loud into rev...
all the guages come on.When you turn the van off and then back on it runs for a while then the RPMs jump up and down and runs ruff.The only diagnostic code is P0193, fuel rail pressure sensor circuit high input.
Do getting a tune up had anything to do with it
The belt broke and I need to see the diagram of what pulley's it goes around
My 2004 Ford freestar goes into gear but when I come to a stop it won't move unless I put the van in park and restart the van.
engine light is on.. please tell me the meaning of error code P01MI thanks
Brand new coil still miss firing
Noise seems to come from front and it's intermittent..
I have to really push the gear shift from drive to park or park to other gears. No lights come on - what could it be?
was going slow around the corner when heard the clunk.
i had the intake gasket replaced and when i got my van back my check engine litewas on
removing pan and replacing filter and pan gskt. not the total amount it holds just replacing filter. I do not have a problem with transmission