What should I change now? Tourque or Gearbox or both of them? Thank you

Car was running rough , then quit . unable to start . Ran a scan codes P1000 and B1318 came up . Took battery to store , had 0ne bad cell . Replaced still won't start . Check engine light , battery light remain on when key is in position II . In addition fuse 18 was blown , replaced , did not blow after replaced

The fluid is fine, however, ive also been dealt an issue with leaking antifreeze...a lil confused about the transmission though...its a 2004 Ford Focus

Overheating put residtor with wires still no juice from box to coolant fan

When the exterior temp is below 70 degrees my fuel pump won't come.

just put on snow tires with rims without tire pressure moniters

But will die

I recently purchased a 2015 Focus hatchback. The one I bought did not have fog lights. I didn't want to pay for the extra package, when fog lights is all I was interested in. (Plus, I really liked the color of this one better.) Anyway ... I'm wondering how much it would cost to add fog lights. The wiring harness might already be there ... I'd need to replace the front skirts and the light switch, as well as adding the lights themselves. Can anyone tell me what sort of expense I'd incur to get fog lights added?

Door hinge they said isnt aligned but i didnt have accident. And no one near my car. Said not under lease warrenty, as it isnt a defect. How much to replace?

was told I could eliminate light on dash showing fuel cap by replacing this.

Hey, the fuse keeps blowing everytime i put in a new one and start the a/c in the car, any idea what causes this?

Car when you get a certain speed it acts like it want to cut off. Like its not getting enough gas flow or air flow to engine.

Hits hard on bumps, sounds like wheels are going to fall off.

Have already tuned up(new fuel filter and plugs), installed iacv and throttle position sensor

I was told it was the cam shaft then the compression from the timing had jumped what can i do when i bought it they had replaced it with a used engine ive had to get the keys and ignition replaced cause they were getting stuck where the key goes in and wouldnt come out then after the keys started getting stuck it stopped running and not really trying to start but after i replaced them it fixed the issue of them getting stuck please help i dont know how to gwt it running or what the issue could be and dont have money to take it to a shop cause im on a fixed income with four kids and im still paying 190.00 a month on the loan i got to get it???

I called Pep Boys and said they did not know if it was a rubber hanger or needed to welded and they don't do welding. I don't want to drive it in case it causes more damage.

Lights on dash board go off and on sporadically