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Have installed 4 different brands of fuel pumps in the last 3 weeks trying to find one that doesn't spray gas out of the port the fuel line plugs into. We've double checked the port, line, gaskets, lock piece, but not...
the shops could not get a reading on the OBD so I could no get my car Inspected what could be the problem there is no bad codes no engine light on Its a 2001 ford focus
I'm on fuel pump number 4, I've also installed a new fuel pressure regulator,new spark plugs,new plug wire set,new ignition coil. It's hard to start and idles rough with a strong smell of fuel coming from the exhaust....
to start.I also replaced plugs, wires and ign. coil.Rough idle and fuel smell at tail pipe. Check engine light goes on and off... I'm out of ideas.Anything you can think of?
Everything worked well for a week after replacing the battery and the alternator.
I am not sure of which service exactly I am in need of. My car is a 2000 Ford Focus SE DOHC. Battery light would go on then off. Last time it was driven battery light stayed on. Then started to smell like eggs-opened...
It did not fix the car,they put a new computer n it still didn't fix,engine light still stays on they dont know what to try next,i lost!
My car indicates the number of miles to empty on the dash. It changes too quickly. It's indicating that I have traveled more and I am losing gas.
Every time the car is in idle, the engine makes a consistent rattling noise. I also hear this while driving. I'm not sure if it's the muffler or two separate issues.
Car Fails to start from a dead stop. No apparent Rhyme or Reason. No clicks, whirs, moans or groans. Just silence when the key is turned. This is the 4th time it has failed. Not in Cold weather. Might get out at a...
I replaced fuel pump, enjectors and filter. The car still doesnt have any fuel delivery to the cylinders. I can start the car on starter spray so the ignition works fine. My computer says there is good presure in the ...
the pump has been replaced. when the car is started the pump groans and the fluid level drops out of sight in the tank. when the car is turned off the fluid level returns in the tank foamed and overflowing, could ther...
The frost warning light comes on all the time despite what the weather is doing, and there is no warning sound
My cd player always worked, then husband used car.... wouldn't play cd's so a cleaner disc was pushed in. Now it won't eject the cd, keeps saying Load Error. Radio works fine but I love my cd's!!
i have a focus station wagon the rear hatch doesnt work with remote or button also cruise control doesnt work is there a fuse and if so where and what # is it thanks
also it only blows thru defroster
I have a peugoet 307 hdi , not a ford couldn't fond peugoet in listing ,, I bought the car and after a few days , the car stalled and came up with warning oil pressure low , the oil level indicator inside was fine , b...
before I buy new coil pack is there a vacuum line to individual cyl? I cannot see any but want to be sure
When the eject button is pressed it starts making a clicking sound but won't eject the cd.
On acceleration when the engine is warm it has a got a misfire. My engine is a 1.8 ltr.
checked selector knob and cables ok. removed sector mechanism and still could not adjust manually. door mechanism jammed inside duct work.