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How do u change the orifice and expansion valve
I'm the original owner and at 91k I had my Alternator fixed, now my throttle I being fixed, should I get my drive train computer updated?
Does not cool at idle, but cools well while driving.
I am a tech and have a 2005 ford five hundred at the shop with a brake pedal to the floor the first initial push of the pedal and then second push is regular braking. This happens every time you go to stop. I inspecte...
New sensor new wheel bearing/ hub abs & traction control light is still on does it have to be rest with a scanner? Or will it reset by self
Not sure if we should replace or just scrap the car...That is how much we paid for the care 5 or 6 years ago but it was a company care so we paid below market for it. It only has a 100K and it is my sons car. I am j...
when put on diagnostic nothing comes up. have changed fuel filter,fuel pump after about 5 to 10mins it will start back up. happens about two to three times a week.
When i add gas the engine light goes out
Turned car off and saw smoke coming out of passenger side mirror. Now the power window, dome light and radio does not work. Any suggestions on a fix or estimated cost.
on. Car rides smoothly, however jerks when you let off the gas. just replace MAF sensor and throttle pedal sensor. Still showing low intake when diagnostic check,
I have looked at many sites but can't find ! Any other options, year make model ! Or good leads on other sites I looked at strut master , moog and others ! Can't keep driving with wheel at angle !!! Tearing up my tire...
Tail light bulb seems to go in and out while driving but the bulb is still lit and has been happening for the past month. What should I do???
The colder it gets out - the harder it steers Its fine all summer and when its in the garage in the winter [heated] If you wait for the engine to heat it up under the hood it slowly gets back to normal
The Check Transmission light and Wrench will come on when I put gas in my car. Once it gets to around 40 miles to E does it stop. It runs just fine until the Wrench kicks on then it does the hard shifting and idles li...
I need to replace the throttle body on it and the shops asking if its water cooled or not. How can i tell? Symptoms are a rough start at times and a jerking when giving it gas. Also has a delay in responding to the g...
the tires i put on the front are 215/55/17 and the back has 215/65/17 would that make it do it
EVERYTIME I hit a bump in the road, both front and back dome lights come on. I have to pull off the side of the road, open and shut my drivers side door to make the lights go off.
Engine won't crank. has new battery and starter.
It blows on high. So none of my functions are working except the temp control will adjust slightly