New starter, new battery, new computer still not starting.

The battery died on the vehicle and I attempted to have it charged and used the remote to start, the lights started flickering like crazy and did not start. Attempted to charge it again and it will not charge or start and the battery wires are getting hot? Any ideas?

At first when I push the gas it use to sound like air then it started to jerk and shutting off

I replaced the 02 sensor and the light still comes on

The fan runs constantly for my heater and a/c. Doesn't matter if its on auto or manual.

System normal until placed in reverse, then "off" warning illuminates and stays on until ignition is turned off. I've seen elsewhere that I should listen for "ticking at the sensor, but won't they be de-energized if the switch indicates that the system is off?

When I come to a stop my care won't go or the gear switch by it self

I used the OBD II / EOBD CODE READER and found the following code (4 error codes)
P0171 System too lean Bank 1
P0374 Timing Reference Hig n Resolution Signal A No Pulses
P0171 System too lean Bank 1
P0374 Timing Reference Hig n Resolution Signal A No Pulses

The same code reader gave me RPM(rpm): 705.50 while the engine was running but the gear was in Parked position

I don’t feel anything while driving the 2006 Ford Five hundred SEL (I don’t have much knowledge about vehicles), It accelerates well and goes easily to 40miles per hour when given the acceleration (I have not tried beyond 40 miles/hr in order to avoid any damage, as I bought it recently and want to repair it before use) the odometer reads about 200,000 miles, I showed to a local mechanic he said the gear is either in 2nd or 3rd (limp mode) after a short test drive, which made me little worried, what can be the possible reasons of this errors and what should I do to make it a smooth running vehicle?

I had the AWD light come on the dash. Took my car to a reputable shop to have put on the computer. The tech was unable to find a code and sent me on my way not knowing why the light was on. Now almost a week later I now have a wrench light on and my car lunges when almost to a stop. If I dont have my foot on the brake it would forcefully slam forward. Very dangerous and I see several people have the same issue. Why doesnt Ford stand behind their product. Yes it is a 2005 but I also paid 38,000.00 10 years ago brand new!! I am not happy

Same problem as everyone else. Failsafe, lunges sporadically. And just had throttlebody changed less than 2wks ago. Help,...have not contacted ford,..yet?..I leafher iding while in store. Came back dang wrench and "failsafe",....????

Looking for "parts replaced" info from owners w/similar problem.

It runs fine if I am going 50 miles an hour.

Fuel pump not getting power

The question is simple.

can i take a pcm from another ford 500 to put in mine which has a bad one?

Some months back I got this same error Traction Control Error. I noticed the car was slowing down but I was able to reach my destination. While leaving the error reappeared and the car wouldn't start. I checked the battery ect... everything worked. Even had someone to give me a jump thinking the battery need more juice ... but the car still wouldn't start. So I went online and read up on it the guy in the video who mentioned it could be a connection in the Differential Electronic Module and the fuse would have to be changed as well. So I changed the fuse and the car started ... it was fine for about 5 months the oil light showed and it was at 20% which was on a Wednesday. Sunday the traction control error reappeared and car was sluggish ... I looked for a place to pull over and parked. Once I parked it ... it wouldn't start again. I thought if I replace the blown fuse it would start but it fuse would blow each time I try to start the car. I read where the Haldex needed to be changed or cleaned. Which could be right the clogged filter might be draining the amperage and blowing the fuse. Any advice?

car is at a car lot . Price is low , not sure why but im thinking because of milage. i hear ford is not a good car put im in need of one. VIN # 1FAFP251X5G202769
Engine 3.0L V6 EFI

I had my Ford 500 3mos, at first all dash board lights would go outand maybe come back on the same day. Now it cuts off while driving and reverse light on while dash is out

Hard shift when braking only at around 25-30 mph. Had the software updated
and trans fluid flushed. It helped a little as car is only shifting hard now ofter
30-45 min of driving

It's idling low when I drive cuts off at Red light the rench light was coming on I knew it was the throttle body now that I've gotten the throttle body and sensor came with the throttle body replaced I'm having the same issues

Abs, check engine, rpm, mph instrument not working

all the doors and trunk are closed

Car idles by itself and when you put it in gear it lunges forwards/backwards on its own. Is there a recall on these cars for this issue.

I need to know how much it cost to repair the Trac Control on my 2005 Ford 500. Driving to church I hit a pot whole the error popped up ... so while leaving it wouldn't start. The lights work ect ... I'm thinking something might have come loose which caused the error. Is it a bad oil filter which recently I had an oil change or the connection sensor between the filter and the car? Or both? How much will it cost?

The RMP goes beyond 4 and the car is limited to the speed 40 and the car if stopped in signal will not pick up speed until the RPM reached 4. Once car is turned off for an hour then it is ok for 50 miles and then its the same problem again. There will be a burning smell from the AC vents.

Ford needs to ReCall! Must someone get HURT/Other ! Ford knows this existence ! WHAT DO I DO? Try trading this one in with this kind of PROFILE ! FORD NEEDS TO FIX as this is dangerous !