el ford f150 tiene un golpe de viela y daño el cigueñal ,que puedo hacer ?se puede arreglar o tengo que cambiar el motor del camion?

The sound only occurs when there is body lean for the vehicle. If the truck body stays level, no sound. any ideas?

What might cause the overdrive light blink off and on constantly?

I think my mechanic is pulling my leg when he says there are three possibilities.
He is using the truck and if I get it fixed he will not get to use it.

After driving about 15 minutes when stopping with a/c on the oil pressure drops and rpm drop. When a/c cycles off, rpm goes up and oil pressure returns to normal on gauge. what controls the idle speed as a/c cycles on and off>

it is leaking from the right rear side

And inside the truck the radio and mileage light goes off

It wants to slip into neutral,it won't shift

I've either replaced or changed around parts. I've put a meter on everthing and everything seems to be working. However, I'm still only getting a misfire code in #2. I don't know What else to do. There is no spark. I've even changef the fuel injectors around. I need some help. Now my truck has no power unless I the pedal to the floor until it changes gear then it keeps going back and forth.

water in combustion chamber. changed engine 2 times.. it messes up the rods

My as accumulator has a broken valve stuck in it. We cannot remove the valve

My as accumulator has a broken valve stuck in it. We cannot remove the valve

I have a 99 4.6 8 cyl. ford F150 truck, the starter runs even after you start it and still runs after you turn the truck off. I have changed the starter, top solenoid. What else should we check.

It does not turn on

After installing new plugs/wires I still have a rough running engine. I've checked everything and all installation looks correct.

I'm wondering about disconnecting the battery to see if it helps to reset things.

What are the downsides of doing the disconnect ?

I'm using the sp-504 spark plugs. They come preset at .044.

The service manual says use .054, but refers to an extinct plug agsf-34EE .

Which gap should I use, .044 or .054 ?

started happening while I was driving home on expressway it was raining to make it stop I had to pull fuse

after driving 15 min straight when I come to a stop truck starts making knocking noise and shakes

when in reverse going backwards truck starts to shake

In March I had the plug replaced by a mechanic. It had approx. 60,000 miles. Recently we took a trip upstate. The truck ran fine all the way. But when we started back it started to misfire and loose power when going up hills. Finally the engine light came on. Took it back to the mechanic and it showed a misfire on cylinder 7, replaced the plug which had a crack. Took it out on the road and it stared to miss again. It happens in overdrive and when the engine is put under load at around 2000 rpms or 65 to 70 mph. This time it did not set a code. I'm looking for a direction to go in order to solve this issue.

Radiator draining and cleaning raditator and engine block adding new anti