Plugs and plug wires
EGR valve
Fuel filter and fuel pump
Ignition coils
MAF sensor cleaned and diagnostics says ok
O2 sensors - Banks 1+2, sensor(s) 1

Have had codes p0133, p0171, and p0174 appear in the past. As they appear, mechanics clear codes and replace parts

Still lacks power and high gas consumption (9-10mpg). Conditions are daily - day & night

When new fuel pump was installed, saw a decrease in gas consumption.

When I plug it in it stumbles and cuts off new sensor has been installed same problem. No codes

It has two fuel tanks. The rear one works but when I flip to the front tank it sputters and dies. Any help or advice? Thanks
I also think a tune-up would help it run better. I've put around 2,000 miles on it since getting it. Like for it to have a little more get up and go.

When driven on the highway at 60mph it acts like it want to shut off..now it won't start..I put in New spark plugs and it still won't start...and I need to replace the muffler...what else could be the problem of the diagnostic code read a 708...please help

The problem has only occurred 4 time over the past month.
Turning the key on does nothing except turning on the lights, radio, etc. After 2 - 10 tries of turning the key off and on, it starts perfectly. Anyone know why this happens?

The truck has 128,000 miles, have checked fuel pressure and is in range, EGR checks out ok. Sparkplugs are motorcraft and have 28,000 Miles and are the right number for the truck. The check engine light is not on. It does not ping if the engine has not reached normal temperature. If I use premium it does not improve at all. any suggestions as to what else I may check to diagnose and fix? Thanks

This is the first time this has happened. A couple times in the morning when starting the truck. It's like the battery is misfiring or something. Please help me.

Had a 1405 code replaced, (DFPE Differential Pressure Feedback Sensor upstream hose off or plugged! ) Then a po301 appeared and replaced plugs . Crank and ran rough added TECHRON CONCETRATED PLUS Injector cleaner on the way home codes po300 & po308 came up. what now EGR or fuel injectors clogged? Runs a little rough but when you speeding no hesitation. Rough when cranking and starting off.

It said something about when it gets wet truck looses power because injectors short out. Is this true and besides harness change.what else can be done.

engine lite still on what else could it be

Were would i start ,
New 02 not going into closed loop,
Bad ground?