after driving 15 min straight when I come to a stop truck starts making knocking noise and shakes

when in reverse going backwards truck starts to shake

In March I had the plug replaced by a mechanic. It had approx. 60,000 miles. Recently we took a trip upstate. The truck ran fine all the way. But when we started back it started to misfire and loose power when going up hills. Finally the engine light came on. Took it back to the mechanic and it showed a misfire on cylinder 7, replaced the plug which had a crack. Took it out on the road and it stared to miss again. It happens in overdrive and when the engine is put under load at around 2000 rpms or 65 to 70 mph. This time it did not set a code. I'm looking for a direction to go in order to solve this issue.

Radiator draining and cleaning raditator and engine block adding new anti

I have changed it out 3 times in less than a year..also put in a new computer.

a/c compressor went out and tension pully broke. the tension pully rubbed hole in timing cover. Replaced a/c compressor and pully. Drove about 3 miles and then noticed that the oil light came on pressure was 0 then went to normal back and forth turned around and it started making noise and loss of power

Should I replace crankshaft sensor

Its an '84 (not '90) F150. OK on short drives but beyond 20 mi. it begins pulling very hard to the left, shudders hard & won't go above 35-40mph; very hard to keep it steering straight. After stopping the front left wheel is very hot to the touch, a metallic smell from the wheel well and a loud, fast metallic 'tinging' sound that slows down as it cools. After a 1-2 hour stop its usually OK, not pulling left or shuddering for short drives home but comes back if needing to drive another +20 miles. The problem might be brought on by having to brake hard at higher speeds, but lately its happening even when I drive slower, downshift into stop lights, stay off freeways etc.

They have been rotated approx. every 7000 miles. Good Year Destination

Plugs and plug wires
EGR valve
Fuel filter and fuel pump
Ignition coils
MAF sensor cleaned and diagnostics says ok
O2 sensors - Banks 1+2, sensor(s) 1

Have had codes p0133, p0171, and p0174 appear in the past. As they appear, mechanics clear codes and replace parts

Still lacks power and high gas consumption (9-10mpg). Conditions are daily - day & night

When new fuel pump was installed, saw a decrease in gas consumption.

When I plug it in it stumbles and cuts off new sensor has been installed same problem. No codes

It has two fuel tanks. The rear one works but when I flip to the front tank it sputters and dies. Any help or advice? Thanks
I also think a tune-up would help it run better. I've put around 2,000 miles on it since getting it. Like for it to have a little more get up and go.

When driven on the highway at 60mph it acts like it want to shut off..now it won't start..I put in New spark plugs and it still won't start...and I need to replace the muffler...what else could be the problem of the diagnostic code read a 708...please help