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I had recently gotten my fuel pump replaced not even a week after it was fixed I was driving and it just shut off on me while driving. I replaced the crankshaft sensor and still nothing I don't know what could be wrong I have had it little over a year when i try to crank it the truck makes a funny sound

I'm replacing the accumulator and orifice tube.

When the vacuum leaks cause a Ford

Went to Crest Lincoln sterling heights, MI. Got run around from service mananger and my sales person sean johnson. 2002 ford explorer auto shift fell off 7-20-16. Want to make complaint to Ford Motor Company. Had car 1 month when happened.

The O\D light keeps blinging and Service Engine lights. Though the Transmission was changed fully.

Explorer will not start....just has a "clicking" sound when key is put in & turned to start. Also, brake cannot be depressed (automatic transmission).

Put in new fuel pump but it will pump. All wires connected.

Its only been a little over a month since the last one was replaced

What is wrong when my car is knocking when you crank it up

The car is full of coolant, no leaks, coolant flowing properly, let run for 2 hrs, but never over heated, temp Gage is stuck. WHAT DO I DO? It started when I stepped on the Excell orator to get onto the freeway.

The other day I was driving and it just died for no reason I pulled off had to turn the key back and forth several times before the fuel pump would start working again also it starts working right after the locks cycle (PATS) is the only thing I can think I mite drive 2 miles before it happens again. Also the same night alarm started going off at 3:30am and continued doing so until I finally just got up and disconnected the batterie what my issue be ?? Thanks in advance

was taking a long time to start before low fuel pressure replaced the pump now fuel is good

As of now i have no AC or Heat. The arrows you push to adjust temp or select setting light up with lights on but nothing else. Doesnt show temp either..Nothing..Read a few other places where people said its a relay and to turn key all the way back a few times and it will work. didnt work.(no surprise) after being off for a month or so my wife had to disconnect the battery and once she did IT WORKED. Tried doing it again and noting. Ive checked both fuse boxes. The booklet on the fuse box wasnt very detailed as to which fuse it could be so maybe i missed it? checked the relay fuse..blower motor and much more..please help!!

It has a tapping or rattling sound when i start it up. I have replaced the lifters. The rocker arms are not loose. Im teying to see if the push rods are bad.

when air temp gets above 105 the car will all of a sudden not go. The engine stays running, no engine lights come on, radio works but push the gas pedal to the floor and it won't go. Sometimes if you push the gas pedal a few times it might keep going but weak. The engine does not shut off. It definitely seems like car is not getting fuel. It has a new fuel pump, radiator flush, new plugs/wires, dry gas, fuel injector cleaner.

Yesterday i put a can of EZ-Chill in my a/c and the compressor was working , now today it is not working and i checked the fuse inside the door and it is good. What else could be the problem?

it starts and idles for couple seconds then bogs down. Giving any gas causes it to cut off. I've changed the EGR valve, spark plugs, idle air control, checked fuel pressure, cleaned MAF sensor.

Ford Explore Class action lawsuit for radiator plastic to engine.

Vehicle was running perfect at 55 miles an hour and just turned off like somebody turned off the switch

3.5L V6 FFV 6-speed Automatic AWD

why would die after the squeal

Truck starts fine. After start, you can feel truck hiccuping slightly. When accelerating from abt 10-20 mph, truck revs rpm up to 3 and doesn't come down. Can't really accelerate past 30-40mph. When turning left or right with steering wheel, car hiccups and jumps and slows down and will eventually cut off.

interior lamp fuse location on diagram. fuse panel diagram in handbook does not show.

my truck is making a loud rattling noise ,sounds like the exhaust system,then again sounds like its coming from the engine,every time i turn my heater on antifreeze leaks out,but when the a
\c i s on it doesn't leak