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I usually turn it off. Anyone else. Of course this has to happen ever time I start this junker clunker. Wish I'd take the cash for clunkers on this piece

The temp gauge for the oil stays in the middle for the most part, good I know but past few days I start hearing a whistling sound it goes up to hot the check guage light sometimes comes on at that point then I hear a gurgling sound and it goes back down.

wheel barings,tie rod ends,wheel barings(with a 2 peice control arm w/sealed baring)all done on both sides.and since I've had the ball joint-cntr arms replaced it has made this noise.when I push my breaks to stop I hear one clunck and when I start moveing clank,clank,clank.but it doesn't do it right away when I first start driveing it.about 3 miles it dies it but not all of the time.I've put $900.00 bucks into this car and that's to much to recoupe my money by selling it my dead husband and I bought it together before he past so I have sentimental attachments to it please help it is giveing me such a headache and heartache

How much cost

My 2000 ford explorer with 4.0 engine and 194,000 miles will not start. A few weeks ago I had this same problem they thought it was the timing chain and took motor apart and it wasn't the problem. It was a censor. It would turn over but would not crank. Now it's doing same thing no out of the ordinary noises it will turn over but will not crank. I have replaced the censor a second time and still nothing. Someone told me could be timing chain on back of motor. How do I know.

has happened mostly when vehicle has been drive for 20 minor more

I ran out of gas and now it won't start

Bought the ford explorer 2001 used , runs fine , after a few days got in car turned key , nothing happened . Jumped across the solenoid and it starts and runs fine . Still can't start it with the key.

O/D was working, after it stopped engaging noticed the squeaking noise. If fluid is low where would it go? Is it something I can do myself or have a mechanic do?

2000 Ford explorer
V-8 engine. Heater was blowing cold about 2 weeks. I took it to my usual mechanic he thought it may be a bubble in the line. told me to fill it wit antifreeze and drive it- revving it to see if that would take care of the bubble. I drove it for almost a week back and forth to work. On Thurs April 7th I noticed the heat gauge was going up to hot. So I went and got more antifreeze and a new radiator top (thinking that that it may have been old) and drove it home. Husband took it out on the highway next day and it was smoking ans antifreeze spilling out. Took it to mechanic 4/10 and he thought it was the water pump. On 4/12 he let me know it was the timing cover that was leaking and he didn't have the tools to fix it.

After 1 hour. Of driving the truck the transmission stops working

Runs good over drive light blinks then stops blinking runs great happens sometime

It starts and drive but these warning lights are on