After running the vehicle for about 10 minutes it started to pop and knock the white smoke coming from the engine compartment and knocking made me shut vehicle down following morning while it was cold I started it up and it ran fantastic for approximately 10 15 minutes the same scenario occurred knocking white Smoke stalling out pressure gauge bouncing all over the place I'm wondering if adding seafoam to an old vehicle like that push the problem along a lot faster than expected.I did add seafoam due to the trucks rough running.I've used seafoam 100 X never had this problame.I changed oil thinking I thinned it out with S.F but no such luck..

Can anyone give me an idea on what may be wrong?

stuck in 4 by 4 hi need to fix a transfer case how to

was driven by a friend in 4x4 high on the highway now its stuck now what do I do

friend drove on highway in 4x4 and now it runs like crap how can I fix it

And what do I do if my rear windows are stuck up position doing nothing

I'm looking at buying a friends explorer. She said these lights flash but unsure why and gears change fine. If its gear box/trans, for $800, could it be a worth while investment??

apparently my timing chain has broken and estimated 20 hoiurs in labour to remove the engine to fix the small and easy part. alternative another engine. you would think this would be cheaper since there would be no replacing of parts?

The suv in question has over 211k miles. Owed by retired military vet so pretty much highway miles. Runs perfectly (no noise, no smell, no lights on) looks perfect inside and out.

I am wondering if it will go past 300k miles if I kept up with all the maintenance.

I just bought my SUV at the beginning of January 2016 its now the 4th of Feb. One week after purchase driving back & forth to work I have noticed a raddling noise when I crank up & drive. It shakes often when driving, but if i loosen off gas then push down on gas pedal its will go away for a few seconds maybe a minute or so. Also sometimes the car skips on its own. Like the SUV is accelerating on its own. I do know car needs top & bottom ball joints on left side (driver side of door) and a oil change. I don't believe ball joints is the problem under the hood. Help me please understand what's going on with my family (ONLY) transportation.

Is it a blown rod

The truck was running fine then just shut off. No sputter no nothing just died. Has a new fuel pump but still won't kick over.

It may start fine for several times or even a whole day but somewhere it is going to not start. Runs smooth when it starts again like nothing happened. Recently changed the plugs. Old plugs looked fairly good. Haven't done anything else because I didn't want to start changing a lot of things

And I thought it was because ready old code's from where drove other one till wouldn't move in any gear but cleared all them but soon as you start it o/d light starts flashing again and nothing but drive and takes off in drive never shifts down to any other gear. Anybody got any suggestions on what the heck is going on.

What is the timing chain labor on a 2005 ford explorer 4.0L SOHC

When I reverse or turn I hear a loud sound like I hit something

Why would battery car go dead real fast

It's been sitting for a year other than starting it now and then. I noticed heavy white exhaust.

My wife is driving to work and says her car is making alot of noise, she said oil pressure light and battery light came on then a green clock ?

haven't had any other problem with it no other lights around just can't turn the overdrive back on again I pushed the button but it doesn't do anything