The truck was running fine then just shut off. No sputter no nothing just died. Has a new fuel pump but still won't kick over.

It may start fine for several times or even a whole day but somewhere it is going to not start. Runs smooth when it starts again like nothing happened. Recently changed the plugs. Old plugs looked fairly good. Haven't done anything else because I didn't want to start changing a lot of things

And I thought it was because ready old code's from where drove other one till wouldn't move in any gear but cleared all them but soon as you start it o/d light starts flashing again and nothing but drive and takes off in drive never shifts down to any other gear. Anybody got any suggestions on what the heck is going on.

What is the timing chain labor on a 2005 ford explorer 4.0L SOHC

When I reverse or turn I hear a loud sound like I hit something

Why would battery car go dead real fast

It's been sitting for a year other than starting it now and then. I noticed heavy white exhaust.

My wife is driving to work and says her car is making alot of noise, she said oil pressure light and battery light came on then a green clock ?

haven't had any other problem with it no other lights around just can't turn the overdrive back on again I pushed the button but it doesn't do anything

Can the hood shocks be repaired or do they have to be replaced?

It drove fine for 2 weeks I hit a pot hole in the street now truck just rolls it want. Go in park drive are reverse I push the gas and the motor raises but truck just rolls backwards I had to put bricks in front and back of tiers so that it want roll away can't find any answers about what's going on anyone had this problem are should I just go to the shop

right seat

the other day I reported that there may have been ice inside my engine block and when I turned over the ignition the car started. the following day I tried to start the truck and nothing. I have power from the battery because the interior and exterior lights and the dashboard came on...but no turn over or crank over. what may have caused this and can it be remedied without possibly having to replace the engine. I was thinking it was the starter but that was just installed brand new last year...was also thinking it could be the alternator. can anyone confirm this?

My explorer will start when the weather warms up but when it gets cold it will turn over hood but will not start.

Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 2006....when I put my key in the ignition, my seat and pedals are supposed to get in memorized position but won`t. Then when I try to adjust my seat and pedals with the switches, I get nothing but little ticks heard from under the seat...the passenger seat works just fine...memory module? Please help...Thanks

I was adding water to the coolant reservoir and I think ice may have built up inside engine block. there is a knocking inside the engine block now whenever you press on the accelerator and this morning now the engine doesn't crank over.

It is showing codes P0171 & P0174. Would these codes keep it from starting or should I check elsewhere

There is an antifreeze leak and after the engine is turned off there is a clunk, clunk, clunk, sound like a cog in a clock. I've had freeze out plugs replaced and the gauge barely moves and the heat is lukewarm to warm.

Please let me know sum thing cause its winter time right now and i dont have any heat